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This article contains NSFW (Not Safe for Work) material, such as nudity, pornography, etc.
Juniper Gin
Personal Details
  • Sex worker
  • Mistress of Pimpmunk, Paul's Ego & Mr. Repzion


Social Networking


Political and anti-SJW. I like making your pants feel funny.
— Her Twitter description.[1]
Wow, I would love Naked Ape to be the next contestant on Wheel Of Misfortune... He can accept my reality.
— Juniper Gin over Twitter following episode 338.[2]

Mistress Juniper Gin is a well-armed dominatrix, cam model, sexter, and woman. She is a fan of the Drunken Peasants that was commissioned for her specialized talents.

On Drunken Peasants

Pimpmunk should be in our studio and we can have someone beating his balls or some shit. Like, we can have a dominatrix to beat his ass.
— Kaiser Scotty's command as first mentioned on episode 270.[3]
Ben eluded to her appearance on episode 284.[4] She was first introduced during episode 287, during which the peasants briefly shilled her work and discussed the then-upcoming trivia game show set for episode 300, during which she dominated Pimpmunk, PaulsEgo's and especially Mr. Repzion's ass as part of a special segment called Wheel Of Torture (Wheel of Misfortune as of episode 296). The peasants mentioned they had to iron out the details and that she would be brought on in the future again to discuss the upcoming segment. The peasants were genuinely impressed by her desire to inflict pain on Paul's Ego and Pimpmunk, believing that the both of them are literally fucked.The peasants had her on a second time during episode 294 to go further in detail for their upcoming plans, such as the inclusion of Repzion. The was on a few more times between episode 300 to discuss more details about their plans and have her talk about her work a bit more.

Wheel of Misfortune I

She appeared in-studio during episode 300 to deliver the Wheel's selected tortures onto each of her little "piggies" as was promised. In addition to the tortures featured on the wheel (primarily involving spankings with the switch, a paddle, and a flogger), she also administered the bonus challenges, including rubbing Icy Hot onto Pimpmunk's three testicles. When all of the piggies answered a question wrong, the Mistress was given the choice to select the next category. She issued a total of 380 spankings. Pimpmunk - 88 Repzion - 131 Paul - 151 (+10 from TJ).


The idea that self-employed people, especially entertainers, have no 'right' to complain about their jobs is ridiculous. It's still a job.
— Juniper over Twitter.[5]


  • She was one of the female fans that submitted "Tits for DP" all the way back during episode 170. How's that for continuity?
  • The marking on her face is a piercing.[6]
  • Her favorite type of sexual torture is chastity devices and teasing.[6]
  • She adds to a spank-counter whenever one of the peasants misbehaves.
  • Paul claimed he will have AshleysEgo beat his ass every night to prepare for the event.
  • Being that she is a female and a guest, the YouTube Chat went wild over her introduction.
  • The majority of her Twitter feed is either sensual or political commentary.
  • She owns a dick-ballgag and intends to use it on Pimpmunk.
  • She has sent butts to Paul.[7]
  • She is a fan of Kyle Kulinski.
  • She is blocked by Franchesca Ramsey.[8]
  • She is a supporter of Bernie Sanders.[9]
  • TJ suggested that she spank Rybi Jenkins.
  • Juniper has expressed interest in beating Jim Ass' ass.[10]
  • She smokes pan, but not as much as she would like.[11]
  • She likes dancing, singing, cooking, and being indecisive.[12] This implies she has some type of musical background. This was later confirmed through one of Paul's Periscopes, where she mentioned having a background in theater.[13]
  • TJ has attempted to ask her tits a question.
  • She was present in the guest quarters for episode 301, though this was not acknowledged directly on the episode.



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