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The Big Tron in the flesh.
The Big Tron in the flesh.
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March 24, 1990

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Los Angeles, California




New York, New York


Working on the next season of JonTron.

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I'm atheist. Or agnostic, whatever. One of those. But yeah, I saw this. It's just stupid and sensationalist, I don't think most Christians would even agree with this article, lol.
— JonTron's opinion of his DP wiki article.
Jonathan Aryan "JonTron" Jafari (born 24 March 1990) is a popular YouTuber most well known for his satirical gaming/movie review channel, JonTronShow. He is also notable as the former co-host of the popular Let's Play channel, Game Grumps.


Unlike his mainstream contemporaries of YouTube, Jontron can actually be very funny and creative in his videos. Jon is an oddity in that he makes gaming-related videos that have always favored quality well over quantity. JonTron has been applauded as an inspiration for many other YouTubers. Up until recently, Jon rarely expressed any of his political opinions publicly and almost never in his videos. During January of 2017, Jon appeared on a controversial stream alongside Sargon of Akkad and several others where he gave his take on the current political climate including Islam and Social Justice Warriors.[1] The most political discussion he had ever been involved in prior was the occasional quip on Game Grumps, though he also took on the anti-Gamer Gate crowd in an episode of some inferior podcast called The Co-Optional Podcast; starring an unfunny version of TJ, just your average British bloke, and a talking cat.[2]

On Amazing Atheist

Jon was mentioned by TJ in February of 2017 during his video Defending PewDiePie From JK Rowling, where TJ described him as one of the few big YouTubers worth a shit that" could probably make you laugh at your mother's funeral, he's so funny." [3] This proves that TJ began watching Jon's content himself at some point following becoming a host on the show, as back in 2014 he was entirely unfamiliar.

On Drunken Peasants

It became a mem among idiots in the Drunken Peasants' YouTube Chat for the fans to ask the peasants about getting Jon on the podcast, to which they eventually responded was unlikely being that JonTron is a much bigger channel who pretty much only makes videos about gaming, though has more recently shown his political stances. He remains one of the most requested dream guests for the podcast, especially in the eyes of PaulsEgo, who is a huge fan of his work. Following his political drama in early 2017, he was formally invited by Ben onto the show to discuss the recent bullshit.[4]


  • Jon does self-identify as an agnostic/atheist as stated on his Facebook account in November 2011.
  • JonTron is half Hungarian and half Iranian.[5]
  • TJ once claimed that JonTron sucked his cock.
  • JonTron and the Drunken Peasants both have the compulsion to shove down our throats like the worthless shills that they are.
  • JonTron is married to KaceyTron.
  • JonTron is the 2nd sexiest man alive, only being outmatched by TJ.
  • During 2016, he revamped his channel to have an insanely high production value, including live goats as guests.