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Jenny is a victim of constant online harassment. We know because she tells us at any given opportunity and it's stated on her Patreon account. This includes but is not limited to: mildly rude comments, disliking her videos, doodling on pictures of her on livestreams she doesn't even have to see, calling her silly names, looking at her funny, whatever's convenient etc.
P.S. If Jenny harasses/doxxes/false flags/writes to your employer/falsely accuses you of rape, it's okay because it was satire.
The Attention Horse
Does this look like a happy person to you? Me neither.
Does this look like a happy person to you? Me neither.
Personal Details
  • Walking tumor
  • Heartless banshee
  • AIDS-riddled crone
  • Vision terrorist
  • Not YouTube
Political philosophy

Everything she does is justified because it's satire. Everything you do that mildly inconveniences her is harassment.



Birth date

June 6th, 1983

Birth place



Sandy Eggo, California


Perpetually being and seeking attention and harassment.

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Jennifer McDermott


Jenny McDermott


Jenny Mcdermott

Physical attributes
Eye colour

Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When she leers at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'... until she bitches at ya.

Hair colour

Whatever is left of it is drenched in various chemicals


3 Ibs smaller than the average emaciated crackhead, because she has no brain.

Body build

Average for Reptilians

I've never wished death on people before, but since this shit went down with Laughing Witch. Like, Thunderf00t. All of you. I hope you all fucking rot. Every last one of you. I hate you.

— Straight from the horse's mouth.[1]

Jennifer Kelly "Squirtshit" McDermott is a wannabe professional victim who is known on the internet - the most dangerous place in the world - as a histrionic fuckwit that attacks popular atheist YouTubers in a desperate bid to get noticed. She often accuses them of being Men's Rights Activists who use their large subscriber bases to attack women, while deeming most criticism against Anita Sarkeesian as mere conspiracy theory. She currently lives totally divorced from reality in the coast of San Diego with nobody but her birds, her dog and the voices in her head. She calls herself "peeweeburger" which means "little vagina". Ironic when you consider that she's such a giant cunt that probably smells like a McDonald's dumpster.

She has four YouTube channels, half of which were shut down due to doxxing, false flagging, false DMCAing, bullying and other immoral behaviour that usually occurs in response to the internet forgetting her for too long. Like a way uglier feminist Freddy Kruger, only instead of fear and memories, her life force is powered by hatred and attention. She's known for posting videos as enjoyable as smashing a light bulb against your face and rubbing the shards deep into your eyeballs. She also use to anchor the The Infidel on Atheism TV, and had a three week stint on SecularTv which ended following the DMCA incident (the first one).


...and I say that because any time I've been dog-piled by anti-feminists and male and female feminists who are jealous as fuck of me... and women, because- just because they're feminists, doesn't mean they don't suffer from internalized misogyny, which leads them to feel anger and jealousy towards me, because one, I'm gorgeous, two, I'm very talented and my videos are awesome, and they take an opportunity of me being dog-piled to jump on the bandwagon and attack me.

— Her modest opinion about herself.[2]
Roald Dahl perfectly explaining McDermott's visage.

You know those used-up department store mannequins you find discarded in trash heaps? Give one the ability to speak and you get Jenny McDermott. She is the accumulation of everything wrong and foul in the world, encased within the body of an emaciated swamp hag. Jenny doesn't really speak in sentences, but rather a cacophony of shrieks and moans that make you feel dead inside.

Jenny is a talentless fraud who struggles to form sentences without using the word "harassment" which she claims she gets for being an outspoken woman, and has zero to do with the fact that she's a rancid shitpiss who depends on e-drama to validate her existence. She is narcissistic to the point that she even calls others hillbillies, despite being dumber than the pounds of makeup she uses to hide the years of substance abuse and broken dreams. She defends her behavior as "just disagreeing"; such disagreements include threatening to DMCA the Drunken Peasants[3], using Thunderf00t's dying father to score points[4], accusing the Armoured Skeptic of trying to fuck her[5] and being a pedophile/rapist [6], backing a letter-writing campaign to have Thunderf00t silenced/fired/arrested/deported[7], and flagging/harassing/doxxing anyone she hates. She even pleaded with the mainstream media to make herself a voice for women [8], posted a half-naked selfie of herself to 8Chan while bull-baiting them with insults and "accidentally" showing them her IP address[9], and even said herself that YouTube can be improved by stirring up more drama.[10] Anyway, she's totally not an attention whore.

She desperately tries to be a professional victim, but comes off more as an unprofessional clown. One of her most prominent traits is that she will tell you that she gets harassed online ad nauseum. This includes anything mildly insulting or rude that any other adult would ignore. For instance, joking about the football stadium she calls a forehead is harassment. Posting "stfu" is harassment. This page probably counts as some massively dire form of harassment. She also gets rape threats, but we all know that'll never be an issue. She does this on Twitter, on comment sections and regularly on her own channel which is really fun to watch and in no way boring or repetitious. The extent in which she cries harassment is comparable to someone whipping their dick out and waving it in people's faces. She will find any excuse to feel sorry for herself. She is definitive proof that the most dangerous place for a woman isn't a dark alleyway or a third-world country, but a YouTube comment section.

She actually has the gal to call othe people bad role models, but she's actually the worst person to take life lessons from due to her glaring incompetence. She's the Wile E. Coyote of feminism. She persistently does her little stunts to take someone down a peg, but it only ends making herself look bad and increase the negative attention she constantly bitches about. She never learns and is always in the right, sustaining a cycle of stupidity. If this woman had a self-help book about her, it would be called How to Fuck Yourself Over. Over and Over'

She says that people that live on Youtube videos and Patreon are unemployed losers while she herself not only has a delusional Patreon goal of "going professional", but also bitched in the exact same video on this topic about how all the self-incited negative attention harassment keeps her from making a living off of Youtube. Fish swim, birds fly, Jenny has absolutely no sense of self awareness.


At one of her cocaine orgy parties

Early Life

Jenny was raised in a dirt-poor family in the Mojave desert (possibly with all the other ghouls). She suffered from anxiety as a child, and often changed schools where she didn't have many friends and was often bullied by kids who instigated fights on the playground (kinda like how she instigates online feuds that are just as petty and pointless). Her father was an absent drunk who didn't give her the adequate love or care she needed, distorting her view of relationships. She also had a step-dad; he wasn't much better either. Jenny was sexually abused from the ages 5-8 which resulted in her forming a drinking habit from the age of 14 and doing marijuana on a daily basis.

The Makeover

Jenny moved to the coast as an adult and made several alterations to herself to be more like "normal people". She changed her hair, no longer wore glasses and started doing her own makeup (a process she's clearly still working on). She spent most of her 20's waiting tables by day and partying hard by night. This included heavy drinking, smoking, sleeping around and some cocaine usage here and there. In fact, many of her boyfriends were drug-dealers. She then met her boyfriend Nick; a Harley-riding engineer-to-be who was in the Navy. He helped her quit drinking and she's been sober since the age of 28. They eventually broke up in 2015 when her sanity took a permanent holiday.

Transparent as oxygen.


Jenny originally wanted to join the atheist YouTube community in 2014, trying to pass herself off as a low-rent Jaclyn Glenn; older and much less attractive. It was through her experiences with Thunderf00t and Drunken Peasants Fans that Jenny came to the conclusion that the big names in YouTube atheism (notably TJ, Thunderf00t, Sargon of Akkad) are intentionally forming anti-feminist hate groups within their fan bases by making anti-feminist videos propaganda. The truth is Jenny didn't possess the intelligence nor charisma to make it.

Jenny then become a member of a group of small SJW YouTube bottom-feeders who hold the idea that unfavorably criticizing Anita Sarkeesian is akin to hate speech and is really an attempt to fearmonger and indoctrinate impressionable minds into becoming misogynist automatons that are the cause of Anita's death and rape threats, while creating a stigma of gender studies to keep them uneducated. Also, THUNDERF00T=SATAN. Jenny has fought such abusive behaviour by creating alternate Twitter accounts to dox, harass and false flag anti-feminists in an attempted "fight fire with fire" tactic; which comes off more as fighting an alleged grill lighter with a flamethrower. Because she is a spiteful snake even by SJW standards, most of this group no longer wants anything to do with her. They didn't even let her join in their "Reasonable Questions for Anti-SJWs" video which had losers like Steve Shives and Kristi "I have a PHD, do you? Didn't think so." Winters .

Being exposed as forming a group to harass and silence dissenters

Because of the anti-feminist sentiment expressed by numerous members of the atheist community, Jenny no longer identifies as an atheist despite not believing in any deity. However, she will occasionally still refer to herself as an atheist.


Vs Drunken Peasants

The Horse is Born

Before she started creating horcruxes out of her parrot, dildo and copy of Scum Manifesto.
Jenny first appeared in episode 47 when she made a response to TJ's criticism of Anita Sarkeesian for cancelling her speech in Utah State University after receiving a death threat. In TJ's video, he claimed that Anita shouldn't let baseless threats stop her from spreading her message. In Jenny's video, she presumed that the threat was indeed credible and asserted that TJ wanted Anita to risk her life, going as far to use his smoking habit as evidence of his lack of safety. To reiterate, TJ did not deem the threat as credible. How she made the asinine conclusion that he wanted Anita to incur a school shooting, we'll never know. The video was such a rage-inducing mess that TJ proclaimed "I hate this bitch".

Jenny responded to DP through a comment, which was read aloud by TJ in his Feminist Voice the following podcast. After discussing her inane bullshit, Ben showed an old video of Jenny's congratulating TJ on gaining 500,000 subscribers as the TAA. TJ commented on how nice and likeable Jenny was in the video, theorizing that this was prior to her feminism.

Suffering from a serious case of butthurt, Jenny did the most respectable and mature thing and posted a video where she dressed up as TJ and proceeded to debate herself. She made a living strawman. To further validate her argument, Jenny's strawman of TJ made herself wear a bikini and be repeatedly flogged by a rubber glove. The video ended with her sticking her ass at the camera lens and farting into it. This is probably the closest thing she has gotten to an actual debate.

TJ powning Jenny on DP

DMCAGate 2015

Main article: DMCAGate 2015

Jenny's rise to infamy began in Episode 81 when DP viewed a video of hers calling Thunderf00t's fans a terrorist group. The peasants skipped through her insipid whine-and-bitchfest and she filed a DMCA for not playing the end where she revealed the "satire" behind the video. The threat only caused some alert with DP and she predictably removed the claim days later.


Jenny Threatens DMCA!

In July, 2016, Jenny got triggered by TJ's recent video on Steve Shives wherein he briefly mentions her status as a fraudulent cunt. In order to regain any relevance she throught she had, Jenny went on an insane Twitter rant (like she always does) saying she called her lawyer about being called mean things online, and also threatened to DMCA all of TJ's videos with her in it (Do these people ever learn?). TJ soon after uploaded a video responding to Jenny's impotent twitter tantrum, and implied that if she DMCAs him, he'll hire a lawyer to fuck her ass, and make Jenny humble, so to speak. She has joined the idiotic ranks of Tommy Sotomayor, Brett Keane and Joseph Martelli in the camp of narcissistic retards that think fair use doesn't apply to DP, because it isn't fair. Though as of note, she is probably lying her horse-ass off about the DMCA's, because she quickly withdrew the last DMCA once the heat was on and lied several other times about DMCA's that never happened.

Even people at the RNC know what's up

Instead, she has taken to DMCAing a small-time up and coming youtube anti-feminist that don't have the funds to legally defend themselves against her. All while taunting to sue her because she got legal advise from Daddy Derek and Brett Keane. Only with the added stipulation that because she's a woman, she says fair use doesn't count if the video using her clips is considered harassment. So considering she thinks sneezing in her general direction is harassment, nothing is fair use to her paranoid, coke-addled, histrionic-personality-disordered mind. Because she is always right and nothing is her fault and any judge that so much as hears a word of her eloquent defense will instantly slam down his gavel and blow her opposition into smithereens, because that's totally how lawsuits work.

Meanwhile in reality, Jenny got another visit from her worst enemy Karma when her second major account was terminated for terms of service violations. The moment this happened, she jumped ship to her third backup channel and went into an incredibly pissed off tirade on a Google hangout, where - of course - she says this wasn't her fault. The punchline: she says people false flagged her accounts!

Jenny for prison. Make Youtube great again.

Third Channel's The Charm (no it isn't)

Of course by charm, we mean the most annoying, most attention seeking she has ever been in years. On her third channel after jumping ship twice, she has made it seemingly her full time job - even though she claims she has a *real* job. However, most of these vids are just re-uploads from her terminated channels and her just rambling incoherently in front of a camera without the shitty green screen and photoshop we've come to love. She also made a two-parter stream where she claims Blaire White is an attention whore for being actually-harassed for criticizing BLM and Onision. That's right, she thinks Onision is cool. Onision - the popular atheist youtuber who commands his fans to silence people. I guess it's ok when a feminists does it then. This channel was terminated once PlutoCoffins got his videos back from her false DMCA. As usual, she claims that is isn't her fault, big surprise. After a while, it was reinstated and instead of quitting YouTube like she said she would, she's gone right back to catty character assassination videos, taking advantage of the recent calling out of Devon Tracey.

Vs Thunderf00t

Cancer Controversy

This is how Jenny plans to stop online harassment #JennyLogic
Jenny and Bewildered Ape devised a satire targeted at Thunderf00t that accused him of faking his father's terminal cancer in order to con people out of sympathy and patreon dollars. They didn't really believe he was lying about his dad's sickness, they just assumed he was using it to cash in despite not monetizing the unplugged videos about it nor posting them on patreon (wow, Thunderf00t makes a shit scam artist). The intention was to show Thunderf00t it's wrong to contribute to women's harassment by making videos that criticize them (aka conspiracy theory). This ingenious idea was life-changing and finally put Thunderf00t in his place, convincing him what peaceful and kind people feminists are. If you haven't realized it yet, we are of course fucking with you. This satire predictably disgusted a lot of people and only gave Thunderf00t more reasons to harp on feminists. Good one, Jenny!

Stupidasshit Jenny failed to anticipate that using someone's hardships to make a point that's already been done to death by SJWs (to no avail) was kinda douchy. Upon realizing the obvious, Jenny explained her master plan in a video (played in episode 123) which consisted of her trying to make Phil look as horrible as possible to justify her actions, claiming he has no right to object to her exploitation of his emotionally-draining personal life event, because he had the gall to actually discuss the implications of killing Hitler during Ray Comfort's loaded question session rather than opting for some off-the-cuff answer. She even accused Thunderf00t of playing the victim because he likes it when fans send him comforting words, but whines about all the petty insults he gets in the same video. Gee, I wonder if there's a connection between Jenny getting harassed and her an awful person?

Jenny responded by accusing DP and a bunch of others of using "abusive speech", coming from the bitch who harassed a guy using his dying father. She talked about how she didn't like the show anymore due to their Cartman voices and low-brow humor. Yes, because constantly bitching and moaning on a weekly basis like Jenny does is so much better, amirite?

Following the death of Thunderf00t's father, Jenny apologized after his video on it touched her icy cold heart. She explained her actions as a result of her poor relationship with her own father. Because she never had the close bond with her father that Thunderf00t had with his, she assumed his was a piece of shit too and didn't care about him dying. She then started talking shit again a month or so later in a video that didn't even have anything to do with him (as seen below). Old habits die hard.

And there's this.
more hilarious satire!

In an effort to really bolster her unlikability, Jenny decided to just make a video outright mocking the death of Thunderf00t's father a year after. You'd say this is a new low for Jenny, but after the letter-writing campaign, the workplace scam and the false rape accusation, this is pretty much standard fare for Jenny. Seriously, Jenny. Admit it. You've lost your thunder. Joseph Martelli is all the rage now. You've had your 15 minutes.

Jenny started a Kiwifarms thread on Thunderf00t that is two pages long. Jenny also has a thread on herself which has over two hundred pages.

Laughing Witch Incident

Watch out, Brianna!

Jenny was a proponent of Laughing Witch's campaign to silence Thunderf00t by attacking his job, and predictably acted all self-righteous and appalled when the plan backfired. But don't worry, folks. Jenny is on the case and will take any opportunity to help out her closest and dearest friend - herself.

This came to its most shinning moment in episode 169 when Jenny pleaded with several major media outlets (including The Colbert Report which hasn't been on since 2014) to deal with her dumb e-dramas. Jenny decided to just be herself, so she complained about her harassment like she always does while conveniently leaving out any heinous shit she did to instigate it.

To sum up a 3 minute video (but still 3 minutes too long), she basically asked them to make her a feminist spokeswoman so she can finally take down Thunderf00t and give a shrill nagging voice to the peaceful movement. Well fuck me dry, she's sunken so low that she's now begging people to make her famous because she's incapable of making decent content. I'm also certain that Jenny "I hope you all fucking rot" McDermott is probably the last person someone would look to for "peaceful feminism".

Just in case you were wondering, Jenny never got called back. But why? Maybe it's because we already have enough victimized feminists who get paid to bitch and moan while doing their real jobs half-assedly?

Vs Armoured Skeptic

The Armoured Seducer

After Thunderf00t disclosed some of his personal life to keep his fans in the loop (which she took advantage of), Jenny decided to do the same with someone else's.
In Episode 146, Jenny shared some private Facebook conversations between her and Armoured Skeptic to make it look like he tried to fuck her to get back at him for being "MRA-lite". The real story was Jenny got inadvertently roped into a personal matter between Skeptic, his then-wife and another woman with a brain tumour who eventually killed herself; which Jenny has vindictively spewed on the internet to push a negative image of Skeptic by inserting herself as a victim using a fuckload of conjecture. Why you ask? Becoz of views of course!

Unsurprisingly, Jenny never demonstrates that he had the absence of standards to try to fuck her. She reads out a few messages where he acted too nice for her liking which she surmised was hinting at having a sexual interest in her, despite the fact that that would be bestiality. But here's the good bit: Jenny was suspicious the whole time and even felt guilty for talking to Skeptic because she currently had a boyfriend, but kept talking to him anyway because he had a higher subscriber count. Of course, she blames Skeptic for her not being a fucking adult and just telling him to stop. This is because he was exploiting the POWER DYNAMICS as Jenny was a poor, opportunistic woman who was new to the internet and used to date drug-dealers. It was due to Jenny's feminism that led her to the conclusion that she had no way of preventing his supposed advances, once again proving that feminism is a force that empowers women by resigning them of responsibility. A fine example of her bipolar narcissism is when she asked him to send her pictures... then shortly after getting them, immediately switched to taking offense to how "creepy" it was that a stranger she barely knew sent her pictures... that she requested from a stranger she barely knew.

Jenny starts airing out his dirty laundry before proceeding to wear it when she told us about how she was messaged by his jealous wife and concluded that he didn't tell her about her to up his chances of fucking her, even though Skeptic did make it known to Jenny that he was seeing someone so it's not as if he misled her into thinking he was available. Plus, she had boyfriend, so his relationship status still wouldn't mean a damn thing in the grand scheme to fuck her. She didn't think this one through, did she? Jenny had an uncharacteristic show of maturity when she took to messaging the wife and telling her that she wants no part in her drama between her husband and that it's "their business". NOT ANYMORE, IT'S NOT!

Jenny also accused him of driving the girl with a brain tumor to commit suicide, implying that his alleged courting of Jenny was the reason. I don't know. Maybe it was the brain tumor that did it?

Jenny refrained from doing anything that might dox him in her video, before shortly leaking pictures of him. This prompted him to unmask in the next episode where he clarified that he was just being friendly (the picture of his face being a token of trust and not just to get a cheap lay) which she construed as wanting the equivalent of sticking your dick in a hornet's nest.

A few days later, she released yet another video accusing another male atheist of wanting to fuck her using flimsy intangible evidence even more obtuse than the last video. Nope, she's totally not desperate, why do you ask?


So [Armoured Skeptic] can fuck off for all I care and for all of you who like him, it's because *fake mocking crying voice* he got a shout out from Richard -fuckin- Strokeface Dawkins, wuh~!

— Sociopathic Attention Horse caring for nobody but who she sees in the mirror

Early 2016, Jenny decided to try another attention grab at Skeptic after nobody rightfully bought that he wanted to have sex with her due to the fact that he has eyes. This time she accused of him being a pedophile rapist who did the Woody Allen on his girl Shoe, using her dox that allegedly claimed she was 17 years old. If Jenny did what she never does and conducted a shred of research, she would know that Shoe was already well into her 20's by then, and even if she were 17 she'd still pass the age of consent in both her and Skeptic's locations. Jenny's real source turned out to just be word of mouth from a talking potato where he admittedly says he was wrong, but Jenny still ran with it, because she's a gullible parrot of a human being.

She even topped off her actual slander (not manatee-perceived slander, mind you) by openly doxxing Skeptic's full name and hometown on the grounds that "we all agreed that doxing is OK to do against pedophiles" justifying so from Hannibalthevictor being doxed not long after the Laughing Witch controversy. Even though she and her cronies were the ones whiteknighting Hannibal before it was definitely proven he was busted Chris Hansen-style. Now she's claiming her friends were the ones that doxed one of her own and is proud of it.

This all originated from the most petty of triggers possible: Jenny was shitposting in one of Sargon of Akkad's videos when Skeptic shitposted her back; naturally she was incredibly pissed off, because - as with most SJWs - only she's allowed to do onto others. Her accusatory videos was topped off with an incredibly distasteful remark making fun of Richard "Strokeface" Dawkins for having the gall to like and give a shout out to the guy she's clearly still not over refusing her advances.

It appears that Skeptic was more than ready to sue this attention horse for liable. So get to polishing your lances and shields, white knights. Though now, it seems like she's chucking Kevin under the bus along with her staff from her former job, now that the heat is on. Brett Keane joined in on the antics by claiming Skeptic is a rapist and made a huge fit about Skeptic calling him the faggot he is. He has ignored Shoe0nHead because he doesn't "need to listen to kids". Several days later, she's already saying she was just kidding and this was all an elaborate and totally not-slanderous, totally legal satire on how Youtubers she genuinely hates and wants to ruin the lives of use arguments with no evidence; sounds as legit as the cancer satire.

For now, Skeptic has filed a Cease and Desist against her. But knowing how well she reacts to authority trying to tell her what to do - like her old boss telling her to take down her GoFundMe campaign, where she threw a fit and adamantly wanted to keep it up to the point of being fired - this might result in further tantrums and indignant attention seeking. When Kevin Logan and Brett Keane are no longer white knighting you, you know you're screwed.

In conclusion, every relationship with Jenny, whether it be as a friend or a loved one can be summarized with the fable of The Potato and the Viper:

"One winter a Potato found a Viper frozen and numb with cold, and out of pity picked it up and placed it in his bosom. The Viper was no sooner revived by the warmth than it turned upon its benefactor and inflicted a fatal bite upon him; and as the poor spud lay dying, he cried, 'I have only got what I deserved, for taking compassion on so villainous a creature.'
The Viper then replied 'Serves you right for trying to fuck me, you right wing MRA! I don't even believe you're dying from that satirical bite.' Then The Viper went back to gossip about the event to her friends; The Befuddled Ape, The Jovial Witch and The Fuzzy Manatee. They all came to the conclusion that The Potato was a pedophile rapist MRA Nazi."

Vs Atheist Roo

Seen post-shower; possibly to rinse off after a sweat-inducing day of attention-whoring.

If you were under the impression that Jenny was a colossal idiot, you'd be wrong. She's actually a behemoth of dumbfuckery. Failing to sample enough attention after the whole "he tried to fuck me becoz he called me pretty a few times" incident, Jenny stirred the pot with fellow twat Atheist Roo which ended with her reporting him to the FBI after he threatened to dox her. As expected, Jenny made a video about it for public record and views, which was featured in the Episode 160 post show.

Unlike Jenny's usual boring-as-shit complaining, we're treated to the hilarity of a self-obsessed hag attempting to replicate human emotions in order to garner sympathy. Putting aside her abysmal acting, there's some juicy idiocy to be uncovered here - as with every Jenny McDermott scenario. Jenny talked about getting constantly harassed by Roo and his fans and mentioned something about them making fun of her stomach. Why, you ask? Because she sent Roo a pic of her tum-tum with some insult written on it. So apparently, Jenny's solution to stopping someone that's been allegdely harassing her and stalking for some time is to send them a candid photo of herself rather than, ya know, blocking them. The only logical rationale for this is she was planning on making Roo spill his guts out to the sight of her body thus doing the world a favor for the first time in her sordid life, or that Jenny's just a drooling idiot. You decide. Oh, and good luck trying to get the FBI to book someone who lives all the way in Germany. They're definitely gonna go to all the trouble because of this bitch.

This is how Jenny plans to fight her harassers #JennyLogic

This is also the first in a probably huge folder of reports made to the FBI thanks to Jenny's unconvincing victim narrative.


Even Butt King doesn't want her.

Now that "back-stabber" has been added to Jenny's YouTube credentials, she made a natural ally in Brett Keane. Brett reached out to her when he realized she was getting more views than him and was currently the more successful drama whore, and Jenny bought into his shit because she's a water-headed idiot.

People immediately started calculating the inevitable back-stabbing which occurred exactly 3 days after their first encounter. Brett decided to break it off when he started getting attacked by Jenny's haters and "I told you so" became the right thing to say at the time. Even though Brett refused to comment on any more of her videos or let her pimp him out, he still made a number of videos about her and attended her appropriately-named "shit show". To be fair, getting dumped by Brett was definitely a step forward. Jenny was probably planning on killing him anyway and grinding his bones into powder to use as makeup.

The comment thread where the heartbreaking event took place was shown in episode 164.

A few months later, they were back together again as trolls and ironic-harassers of each other's detractors in comment sections. Then Skeptic's rape accusation happened and Brett was on board calling Shoe0nhead a child over and over and over until he realized she was being sued and quickly cut ties with her... again. Then once Brett smelled drama again in the form of Jenny bullshitting about DMCAing TJ again, he ran right back to her side, like the abusive companion he is.


Jenny doxed herself after she posted several pictures to the Baphomet boards on 8Chan which contained EXIF data of the GPS coordinates from where they were taken from. But wait, there's more. For some inexplicable reason that Jenny will never take responsibility for because she's Jenny, one of those pictures was of her exposing her shapeless body which resulted in her getting banned for "MAKING MY EYES BLEED" in their own words. She proceeded to screenshot the message banning her which showed her IP address and then posted it on her Twitter. Afterwards, she of course tried to spin this as Baphomet actively doxing her.

This was just after she was doxed when some people intercepted her yelp account and found the locations of her previous house. I guess it doesn't mean shit now since she's pretty much doing it for them. Unfortunately, she has recently also been swatted by users on Baphomet, which will only give her more fuel, attention, and a decades worth of life force to feed on. Though in reality, people barely cared or even talked about it, triggering her further.

8chan's reaction to Jenny

GoFundMe Scam

After a year of unforgivable bullshit, karma finally reared its ugly head at Jenny's even uglier mug when she pitched a gofundme after the bistro she worked at caught fire, putting everyone out of work. It was probably an MRA that did it, amirite? While she claimed the employees would have nothing to support them during the festive season, the company newsletter stated that they had insurance to back them up. Because she started a gofundme against their wishes which would look pretty bad on their insurance policy, they fired her.

Yes jump by 2992fuzi-d7tirc7.gif

But alas, Jenny is a repugnant banshee who has no heart. Instead, she has an imaginary friend who assures her that everything is always someone else's fault and that she never needs to take responsibility for or learn from her actions. She then updated her gofundme page where she claimed the owner stole the workers' tips, most of the food they served was microwaved, she was subject to constant sexual harassment during the 10 years she worked there, and that she was suing them for unfair dismissal. Why did she work there for so long? Why is she so keen on staying at such a horrible place? Why is she suing them on this and not the other stuff before this happened? Why am I trying to make sense out of anything she does? Interestingly, she described the staff as one big happy family in the now-deleted video she made advertising the gofundme and gave it a five star review on yelp.

Transgender Sesame Street Episode

Brett Keane's Satire

There is no difference between what I have done and what shitlords you love have done. Deal with it, mufukkas.

— Being a womanchild to the very sadly-not-end.

Due to the rape accusations towards Armoured Skeptic, she bowed out of responding to drama (for about ten days) and decided to announce her official departure from YouTube (again, for about ten days). Her threadbare excuse this time to absolve her of any and all fault is that we - as straight white atheist males - are the real bullies and she doesn't want to be part of this community. Also that her being an insufferable bully and harasser was just satire to show how people like TJ and Thunderf00t are insufferable bullies and harasser. But of course, this "exit" was a total sham and she came clip-clopping back days later to waste more people's time and not accomplish anything. Naturally, she only "quit" by her own narcissistic, nothing-is-ever-my-fault terms and totally not because she finally got Skeptic's cease and desist and could no longer make attack videos slandering him and shoe or face a "lolsuit".

The Youtube equivalent of flipping over the table after being in check in chess and screaming "You didn't win! I was playing bad as a satire! Fuck chess! Chess is such a toxic despicable game!!". Though considering her hobby was searching for her name on Youtube eight days a week to leave snarky comments on every new video she could find, this lasted all of about one or two weeks before she came right back under the name "Anita Watson" (subtle).

Some of the amazing new content include her bitching about her new job doing nails because she somehow impossibly managed to get employment after the scam. We can assume that she either made a deal with her good buddy Lucifer or her employer has yet to google her and know the full scope of her shinning internet reputation on reddit, Kiwi Farms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, this wiki and the countless response vids. She seems to have gotten some form of benign easily-removed skin cancer she milked as much attention as she could out of, as if she had terminal leukemia. She equated this to the "satire" of accusing Thunderf00t of lying about his dad having cancer for attention in a very obvious ploy to bait more negative comments and publicity. Also, she bitterly points out the cruel irony and amazing amounts of karma having to do with this particular individual situation, but fails to actually learn from it in any productive way. In case you're wondering, Jenny can't get cancer. Cancer gets Jenny.

The Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis-like transition into Brett Keane seems to have concluded with her trying feebly to join Brett's latest campaign of stalking TJ. This came in the form of accusing his fundraiser to help actual women as a scam. Well, takes one to know one I suppose. Her only ammo is that TJ blocked her (as you would do to people who make false rape accusations), ergo he's just like Steve Shives, even though Steve Shives is called out specifically because he has a block bot. Plus, if TJ really wanted to silence criticism by blocking her, he would have done so months earlier. She's clearly lost her A-game since her failed attempt at #ArmouredRapeGate.

'Very boring, Very culty Manly Hug-Box' Mirror: Jenny McDermott Says Au Revoir to YouTube

Kill All Male Babies

After almost a year of well-deserved obscurity, Jenny came back into the spotlight when she made another asinine video demanding the death of male children. Of course, it was just more hilarious satire which was only used as more ammo against feminists by the Right.



Check out her appearance on Philipinas Got Talent tho:


Jenny: I have a debilitating fear of public speaking, but I'm cool with making YouTube videos
TJ: I wish she had a debilitating fear of YouTube video-making. That would be better for all involved.
— TJ wants to silence Jenny
The reaction of the average viewer watching her content. And then there are the exceptions...
Her current channel in a nutshell.

Jenny originally made "cutesy atheist videos" alongside the odd beauty/DIY tutorial, having been partially inspired by Jalcyn Glenn who she found "too bitchy" and thought she could do the same in a "silly, fun way". You could say she was successful if you replace "silly" with "tacky" and "fun" with "cringeworthy". As B-movieish as her old videos were, they're way better than the garbage she inflicts on her viewers now.

Jenny currently makes videos leeching off users with infinitely higher subscriber counts than her own because well fuck it, you don't need looks, smarts, talent, editing skills, arguments or a conscience to get views. Mostly looking at the most current event - whether it be actual news, or internet drama, then make a super lazy narcissistic Keane-like video about it where no matter what, she makes the subject all about her.

One of the most egregious examples includes when Sargon did a livestream with Vee where they briefly discussed whether what Hitler did was wrong. Anyone with basic comprehension skills could conclude that the two were joking amongst themselves, but Jenny didn't appear to possess this as she posted that segment on her channel as to suggest they were supporting Nazism. Or another example includes the recent changes to YouTube's notification center where they finally notify you when a video has been demonetized. Much like the people saying this was a totally new thing and that YouTube was censoring people, she said that's exactly what's happening and that specifically her harassers will finally be put out of work. Even though that clearly wasn't the case.
An example of Jenny's amazing content.

The bulk of her content can be summed up with "this big YouTuber is contributing to the harassment of women online" and often cites the mean comments she gets as a reward after a hard day's attention-whoring. This is a point that is regurgitated on her channel to the point of tedium, because it's easier than making arguments. She's also not hesitant to stir shit with smaller YouTubers who still manage more followers than she does - call it "menial labour". You'd think that somebody who allegedly gets credible death and rape threats that it'd be in her best interest to stop provoking people, but Jenny's willing to risk her life to the make the same points over and over again while accomplishing fuck-all. Funnily enough, she initially used her channel as a way to express herself before degrading it into a cheap point-scoring exercise. It's sadder than a well-made Holocaust film. A common feature is for her videos to have god-awful thumbnail art which showcases her lack of Photoshop skills. Add in some piss-poor green screen and badly-applied jump cuts, and you have a video of both lackluster content and equally disagreeable presentation. It's also not unusual to hear her birds squawking over her in the background, sounding thoughtful and coherent in comparison to whatever the fuck she's spewing. You could probably shit better videos.

Because Jenny's videos are so thought-provoking and challenge the status quo, YouTube has deleted two of her channels (three before it was miraculously restored). It has nothing to do with the doxing, slandering or terms of service violations she commits daily.

Where Jenny concocts all of her ideas and satire.

Vs. The DP Wiki


Jenny The Tranny

Many people say that Jenny looks like a trans person. Well, lets compare her to an actual transgender person. Here is Blaire White, a semi-popular transgender YouTuber, on the left, and Jenny McDermott on the right:

It goes without saying that trans people look a million times better than Jenny.


How sweet. She's involving her mother in one of her online pissing matches.

Hey, gaming buttholes! Ready to eat some humble pie?

— ?[11]

When has anyone really made an attempt on Anita's life? Hello! It was all over the news when someone threatened to shoot and bomb her speech in Utah.

— Jenny can't differentiate between threats and attempts[12]

Durr, I'm a atheist 'cause I know God don't exist. Yeah, no. Russell's teapot. You can't know! Until we've been to the ends of the universe, there is no absolute way that any of you can know for certain that God doesn't exist.

— Misunderstanding Russell's teapot while insulting someone else's intelligence. No wonder she failed at being a YouTube atheist.[13]

I'm sorry your dad died and people wrote horrible things to you. Was that part of a long line of discrimination men have received as an oppressed group? I don't think so.

— Good ol' double standards[14]

I take complete joy in being part of the harassment of the super villain of the internet

— Harassment is okay when she does it.[15]

According to Wikipedia, which is the best source for this subject.

— Just like us![16]

Christina Hoff Summers, who works for AEI which is like a right wing think tank that's funded by the Koch Brothers... she's not a credible figure!

— "No troo feminist poots suga in 'er porridge!"

I'm a brick wall and can take any of the bullshit they these fucks wanna give out.

— And as anyone who's every had a conversation with her can attest, she is indeed a brick wall.[17]

I love the comment section of YouTube. I've had some of the most intelligent discussions of my life there. But if you intentionally come to my video to say I'm old or I look like a horse or you're gonna find where I live, I will shut my comments down immediately.

— What a sensible policy by an empowered woman and totally not contradicting the quote above.[18]

So now that that's out of the way, I'm going to go ahead and dox him! *months later in response to TJ* I never said that I doxxed Armoured Skeptic! I worded it in the form of a question!

— The Manatee Defense in action.


The only person she cares about.
  • She called TJ a "sad, fat fuckin' methhead" because he makes a decent income on YouTube. This is a woman who has worked the same waitress job for 10 years and used to do drugs herself.
  • She believes people only hate her because they're taught to by their YouTube masters, and has nothing to do with her being the human embodiment of nails on a chalkboard. Keep telling yourself that, Jenny.
  • She looks like the female-feminazi version of T.J. Her head is bald as shit, she tries to use big words she finds immediately off of, etc.
  • She doesn't hate men, as she is incapable of feeling human emotions.
  • She jams to the Eminem parody song "Mom's Spaghetti" unironically.[19][20]
  • She used to be a fan of TJ and even claimed he "spreads intelligence".[21] After first appearing on DP, she then said he's "miseducating mentally immature internet fucks everywhere".[22]
  • Ever since the events of DMCAGate, DP is now obligated to play her videos til the end whenever they're played on the show, just in case they miss the satire.
  • She's reported several people to the FBI.[23]
  • She did a porno once. It was called 2 Guys, 1 Horse.
  • She finds being called a "Sarkeesian supporter" to be dehumanizing.[24]
  • She thinks Anita Sarkeesian's work is "edgy".[25]
Behold Jenny's idea of a debate: you don't even need your opponent to be there, you just have to dress up as them and make their arguments for them. Totally not strawmanning, dudes.
  • She considers downvoting videos a form of harassment.[26][24][27]
  • She tried to sexually harass Thunderf00t several times on Twitter in order to prove that sexual harassment is wrong.[28]
  • She's a SWERF who likes to call sex workers "whores", but it's sexism when you call her a whore.[29]
  • Both of Jenny's eyebrows are sponsored by Nike.
  • She's is so ugly, two guys broke into her apartment. She yelled "Rape!" They yelled "NO!"
  • Teenagers often sneak into Jenny's forehead while she's asleep and have illegal rave parties.
  • Jenny has accused MrRepzion of contributing to Anita's death threats (a point illustrated by mixing a bunch of clips of him saying mean things about her while playing scary music).
  • Brianna Wu is a fan of her. [30]
  • Jenny used to pray to God to make her black as a child. She is, however, Mexican, Irish, Basque and Native American.[31]
  • Jenny doesn't eat or drink, subsisting on attention alone.
    Without makeup
  • Jenny has been sober for 4 years, yet still makes an ass out of herself more so than drunk people.
  • Some people find her sexually attractive. No, we don't fucking know why.
  • She is known for pleasuring herself by inserting a stick of dynamite/pipe bomb in her lady parts, claiming that the experience "blows her away".
  • When TJ accurately stated that Jenny had a "Horseface", PaulsEgo laughed harder than any other time on the show, calling TJ's statement "The meanest thing he's ever heard".
  • Galen believes that Jenny is mentally ill (and is probably right).
  • Jenny labels others as MRAs even if they don't identify as such because she defines MRAs as anybody who criticizes feminism or associates with known anti-feminists. Speaking about men's rights isn't even necessary to be a Men's Rights Activist in her eyes. If she stubs her toe on a table leg, that table is a MRA.
  • Jenny herself has confirmed the accuracy of her wiki page, but we did fuck up her birth date.[32] She also follows the DP Wiki on Twitter. Let's not forget that we are considered a hate group according to her. She may have also tried to vandalize Shoe0nHead's page's recently. Since an anonymous user tried to edit her age so say "17 Armoured Pedo confirmed!" about a day or less before Jenny started #Armouredrapegate.
  • The McDerminatrix
    After Jaclyn Glenn was exposed as a serial plagiarist, Jenny decided to #StandWithJaclyn because she believes Jaclyn's being persecuted for being a woman and that her plagiarism was simply an attempt at succeeding in the atheist manosphere. In reality, the scummyness of Glenn's actions strongly resonated with Jenny.
  • Jenny will get really bent out of shape if you comment on the asymmetry of her eyebrows and stalk your Google+ page.
  • She's so lonely that she trained her parrot to say "Uh-huh." while she's talking.
  • She has disabled ratings and sometimes comments on her videos, just like some other people.
  • She is neither a bitch or a cunt; there is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men to properly convey what she is.
  • She's fucked over 50 guys in her past. [33]
  • She's so narcissistic that despite the glaring evidence to the contrary, she says that she was at the top of her class in every class and grade she ever had.
  • She has been involved in several incidents concerning bestiality when she had intercourse with a human.
  • Check out her gaming channel, Jenny McGamesULove.
  • She used to post gaming videos called "A Feminist Plays" that began with her name in the style of the Marvel movie intros. This was added by her friend Aus before she falsely accused him of rape.
  • She falsely accused the Wooly Bumblebee (her arch nemesis who's still way hotter than her) of abusing her children.
  • She likes Joseph Martelli, even though he's every bit as sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic as she accuses us of being. But just like Brett, an enemy of DP is a friend of hers. She even said Joseph threatening the hangout was our just desserts for threatening Anita Sarkeesian.
  • It's gotten to the point where Brett Keane is literally the only person that will make videos about Jenny any more; now that she's lost her fangs after the rape accusation. Not even receiving a swatting or trying to incite an ironic harassment campaign towards the new Youtube anti-feminist Bearing for "silencing" small-time feminists is making people bat an eye her way. You know what that means? It means she's about to do something desperate and illegal/borderline-illegal to get another suckle of the shriveled up internet attention teat. So be on the lookout for the demon mare to ride again. UPDATE: Fucking called if, false DMCAs.
  • She claims to have a thick skin. Yet on at least two instances in livestreams, if somebody so much as insults her, she goes into a screaming ranting rage and ragequits the stream. Once for one of WoolyBumblebee's friends calling her a bitch and again in a Pimpmunk stream where she was bragging about her false DMCAing until Ben came in and called her things along the lines of "Jenny McDipShit". Naturally she plays it off once she cooled down as her being harasses and being the better horse by leaving.
  • Like Ryan Wiley, she will not shut the fuck up when she's in a stream; constantly interrupting people and filibustering until the host gets mad and yells at her. She then proceeds to cry and whine about being attacked for no reason.
  • If you have a high cholesterol do yourself a favour and don't visit her Twitter because she spews a shit-ton of salt there.
  • She has fourteen channels left to make and get banned in order to match her manatee senpai.
  • She is the liberal equivalent to Atheist Roo.
  • Her half-nude photos nearly led to civil war in Algeria.




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