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Jeff Holiday
Jeff on holiday.
Jeff on holiday.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Professional shitlord
  • Living mem

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Portland, Oregon; United States


Three Buck Theater

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Jeff Holiday



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Nordic God worthy

What happens when someone decides your valid criticism, your intellectual breaking down of something that they said into a coherent argument that you then tear apart cuz you think it's a bad idea. "Well I think that's an insult. I don't think that's valid criticism."

Who gets to judge? Do you get to judge? Do they get to judge? Whoever? Who gets to fucking judge and are you comfortable with somebody being able to then decide whether or not your valid criticism is an insult or valid criticism? Are you comfortable with that?

I don't know about you, but I'm fucking not. I'm not fucking comfortable with that at all! That's why insults are important.

— Jeff Holiday during Why Insults Are Important.[1]
Jeff Holiday is a YouTuber, living mem, and a professional shitlord operating a channel under the same name. His videos revolve around science and skepticism, and he is able to discuss and rebuke the bullshit of Social Justice Warriors while often offering a unique and actually entertaining perspective (unlike some less original YouTubers). He is a close friend of Wizard of Cause, with whom he hosts the podcast entitled YouTube Saints. Holiday has rightfully been described as "The Kevin Bacon of YouTube".[2] He has also appeared as a well-recieved in-studio guest on the Drunken Peasants, visiting their studio in Washington.

On Drunken Peasants

Jeff made his debut during episode 357, where he appeared as an in-studio guest. Ben talked about how TJ has totally watched all his videos and they properly introduced his channel and buttery, smooth voice to the fans. He was then present to watch TJ use the grapefruit technique to blow TJ live on the podcast, using a grapefruit donated by who else by Jeff himself.[3] TJ mentioned that Jeff also brought a huge suitcase full of booze, which proved to him that Jeff was a good man.[4] He was shown a video of some skinheads fighting over who the superior skinheads were, which made Jeff miss the 80's. They moved into DP Action News and Jeff expressed that Trump must at least be intelligent enough to hire smart people after watching a video about government leaks, suggesting that Trump be given a ballgag.

They played a video of Tucker Carlson talking about how terrible the separation of church and state is, which Jeff described as the cuckolding of the religious right. He was made instantly uncomfortable by hearing a soundboard filled with Brett's manatee noises. He talked about WeedTubers, which he finds to be pretty weird. They later moved into Crazy People and encountered a crazy bitch who gave her whole life story and discussed her molestation after an airline gave her an answer she didn't like. It is revealed that Jeff is actually a historian of Gail Chord Schuler, knowing almost her entire backstory and having bought most of her writings. Jeff then had each of the peasants sign his Gail book that he brought with him.


Holy Jesus Fuckoff Christ!

— Jeff Holiday during Behind the scenes of my trip to Drunken Peasants.[5]

I love Mexicans... I just do.

— Jeff Holiday during Burritos, Appropriation and Bizarre Outrage.[6]

TJ, you're the best kind of edgelord because you're also a successful edgelord.

— Jeff Holiday during episode 357.[7]

Drunken Peasants gone sexual!

— Jeff Holiday during episode 357.[8]

Excuse me sir. Would you like to have some bacon-wrapped filet mignon?

— Jeff's last words, shown during Behind the scenes of my trip to Drunken Peasants.[9]


  • He is a big fan of the podcast and Gail Chord Schuler.
  • He was present at the Portland meetup alongside national treasures like MundaneMatt.[10]
  • He was invited to join a special edition of Highpothesis.[11]
  • He once got into a conversation with a talking beer bottle.[12]
  • He is the only white man alive that can pull off dreadlocks.[13]
  • He hates the word cummies so people always spam it at him, at any opportunity.[14]
  • He has his own subreddit.[15]
  • He is known under the handle of RottingLepha in some places, including Twitch and Reddit.[16]
  • He has chronicled his visit to Seattle to meet the peasants.[17]
  • He's the sugar to Paul's salt.[18]
  • He is a fan of James Rolfe.[19]
  • He kept subtlety placing a talking penis in front of his camera.
  • Shirt Guy thinks he is the best male guest.