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The Suck Dickster
JF about to lay down some scientific fact.
JF about to lay down some scientific fact.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Scientist
  • Host of

None (atheist)



Birth place

Quebec, Canada


Bridge of the USS Enterprise


Your friendly-neighborhood satan worshipper

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Jean-Francois Gariépy


Jean-François Gariépy





Physical attributes
Eye colour

Brown, possibly hazel

Hair colour


I have a direct message for Ashley. Just leave this loser boyfriend of yours. Come with me, let's go to New Mexico and let's start over. As soon as you turn fourteen years old, I'll show you what real sex is.
— JF during episode 200.[1]

Dr. Jean-François "J.F." Gariépy is a Canadian-American brain researcher and YouTuber boasting dulcet tones[2] who has been a prominent member of the Drunken Peasants community for years. He holds a doctorate in neuroscience and was formerly a researcher at Duke University.[3] He is also the host of a YouTube show about neuroscience simply entitled,[4] He is a good friend and former patron of the peasants, leading to him making several highly well-recieved guest appearances.

He was born in Quebec, Canada, but was exiled when he displayed signs of not being a total douchebag and now resides in France. He claims to live in North Carolina, but that is just a lie crafted to fool TJ. JF has even gone so far to say that he wants to destroy Canada, making him an overall living kick in the nuts to the French-Canadian stereotype.

On Drunken Peasants

Then I'd kick him in the balls... they're low hangers I hear.
— TJ Kirk talking about JF on episode 157.
JF has appeared as a guest multiple times on the Drunken Peasants, initially as a patron and later brought on more regularly as their scientific consultant. He made his debut during episode 76, where he faced off against G Man in the Ultimate Creation Showdown of 2015, during which G Man compared his opponent to maize and pretty much disregarded anything he said. He is easily one of the most well-received guests that has appeared on the show, with many fans clamoring for his recent return to the show. He is also one of few guests brave enough to traverse and interact with the lethal shit swamp that is the YouTube.

He once offered to appear on the show 5,000 times a month following his debate with Bryan Young, though the peasants thought that it may be overkill. JF has also made a series of videos regarding Jaclyn Glenn's various acts of plagiarism and the series was discussed in detail during episode 200. For some time, this would be his final appearance on the show due to some personal legal issues he was going through, though he finally returned in part due to the behest of the fans for episode 331.

Major Events

Brian Young Debate

The peasants hosted Gariépy alongside creationism advocate, Brian Young, in a live debate for episode 95. It was the most structured guest debate held on Drunken Peasants at the time. The debate was, for the most part, scientifically oriented. It essentially illustrated the dichotomy between empirical and religious teleologies. JF presented the scientific refutation of all of Young's points while Scoopy sexually assaulted Ben in the background. Young ended up having some strikingly similar arguments to G Man. The most memorable part of the debate involves Young comparing TJ to a banana.

TJ had stated that JF would be featured in a monthly series of creationism debates. Episode 95 was the first of such debates. Although this plan was later scrapped in favor of having JF make regular guest appearances on occasion. TJ revealed that JF was intended to have debated Kent Hovind, although this was foiled when Hovind later declined the offer to appear on Drunken Peasants.

100th Episode Special

He was one of several acclaimed guests throughout the show's history brought on for episode 100, marking his appearance during returned during the later half of the special following Stupid Ads, where he had the chance to meet Dusty Smith, whom he had a clear admiration for judging from the fact that he spent most of the episode sucking Dusty's cock literally and metaphorically during the length of their appearance together. They also talked a bit about his debate with Brian Young, before he unsuccessfully asked Ben to remove his mask for the world to see. He was actually incredibly wasted during this episode in the spirit of the show, making for some of his best moments. JF was one of few guests to interact directly with the fans in the YouTube Chat during the episode, including someone who suggested he have a formal debate with Barack Obama.

200th Episode Special

JF appeared in episode 200, where the peasants introduced him by discussing his series exploring Jaclyn Glenn's cases of plagiarism. As soon as he was given the floor, JF being the suave Frenchmen he is, immediately made a pass on AshleysEgo, telling her that Paul is a piece of shit and that he himself is the real man. JF then offered her a new life with him and claimed that when she turned fourteen she would learn what real sex is.

When shown Troll or Not a Troll, he suggested that there should be a third option in the segment, before he was then promptly shot down by each of the hosts for being a philosophical French baguette. About an hour into the show, he engaged in the astounding task of attempting to debate gTime Johnny about the concept of gTime, during which JF was owned intellectually for the first time in the show's history, just like the little word-slave bitch he is. He also told Jim Ass that it's not his fault, bringing the Dinoaur-kin to tears.

The French Revolution

JF finally appeared for episode 331. where they brought him on to join the ballwashing of Drunken Fancy and duke it out with Paul in a freestyle rap battle, though JF was clearly reading his lines the entire time making him the inferior nigga in the room, even though he had some pretty dope lyrics. He also explained the reason for his absence on the show for the past months, including a lot of legal bullshit was going through, during which he studied up on American laws and defended himself in court to a well-earned victory.

As they moved into the videos, JF responded to a young fat kid featured during Troll or Not a Troll as to why Communism is a sham and how well-intentioned people like the kid in the video would be manipulated under such a government. He eventually discussed his grievances with the the field of neuroscience and why he ultimately quit his job at Duke University, also announcing that he hopes to make a career out of YouTube videos sometime in the future. They all later discussed the social impact revolving around the recent election of Donald Trump, being that he himself revealed his support for Trump on episodes prior. JF also articulated his views on the recently discovered series of possibly habitable planets lightyears away from us and the possiblity of humanity ever reaching the goal of leaving Earth.

Other Appearances

  • Episode 106 - He then returned to share his thoughts with the peasants surrounding AnitaGate. He "betrayed" TJ and revealed that he was secretly a white knight and Sarkeesian apologist by offering a contrary view.
  • Episode 131 - JF appeared once again, this time putting his forth to brain-power to annihilate the flawed logic of Atheism-is-Unstoppable. He later on talked about how he was impressed with the infallible science and logical consistency demonstrated by Gail Chord Schuler.
  • Episode 157 - After a short hiatus, he was brought on again to discussed the beating of a dead kangaroo and how he didn't wish to get further involved in the situation. He later challenged G Man to a rap battle live on the podcast and the peasants agreed to make it happen if possible. JF also played a major role in the episode by teaching TJ how to call Scotty "the egg bitch" in French.
  • Episode 179 - His call for a rap battle was finally answered by the peasants. A formal rap battle was arranged between the two, which resulted in JF kicking G Man's ass with his epic French-Canadian beats. The episode experienced some technical difficulties and the wrong beats were played because G Man dun fucked everything up. It is entirely possible that JF won the battle on the basis of not being G Man.


So badass that he has his own brand of mayo named after him.
Tacos is what motivates me every day.
— JF reveals what keeps him awesome.[5]
I'm going to drill a new asshole up in this biatch.
— JF Preparing for the rap battle against G Man
How does God think?
— One of JF's simplest yet most hard hitting quotes.
I don't care about being wrong. All my life I've been told I was wrong about so many things. But at this point I am so sure of myself that I say, "Well, I will advance in life just being convinced about what I gather from the world." And that's how I've been doing my entire life. So I guess that if I was to see God and he was in front of me saying, "You're wrong," I would say, "Well, fuck you!".
— JF
The idea that any behavior is free from genetic influences is simply ridiculous. Even when the specifics of the behaviors may seem to have been highly influenced by culture, the brain areas that have learned from culture and that have selected this behavior are adaptations, they have evolved to select that behavior from the plethora of cultural influences that one is exposed to in his life.
— JF when asked about a recent study regarding group violence among chimps.[6]
I do not believe in supernatural stuff. For extraterrestrial life, I'm very interested in the question and my book explores part of this issue. I'm interested in the process by which life forms emerge. I have to say that before I wrote this book, I thought the appearance of life was an extremely rare event and I was convinced that the presence of other life forms in the universe was very unlikely.
— JF when asked about his take on the supernatural and alien life.
You should be concerned. In fact, one of the species of primates seems on its way to take over the world. It may be too late already. They are so much better than the other primates: they can build roads, universities, and governments, and they know how to ruin the environment, and they don't care about it.
— When asked if he was afraid monkeys will take over the world.
Look at this fore'ead
— When confronted with a close-up of his forehead.

JF's Rap to G Man

Do you hear this? Hm... Sounds like the clock of G Man's career ticking. Tick-tick-tick... Tick-tick-tick... Tick-tick-tick... Mwahahahahah! Shout-out to Québec. MIX LA Productions. Quatre, cinq, zéro. Now it's your time G Man. I'll show you how we do it in Canada. Check this out.
— JF begins the rap.
JF's Rap Vs. G Man

G Man, Commander of the Masters of Stupidity

Unauthorized representative of the Brett Keane posse

Everything you say follows the laws of thermodynamics

Increasing disorder into the brains of those who believe in magic

You may actually be the first failed YouTube pastor

Your poorly worded rhymes dishonor all of your ancestors

We lived on this planet long before you were even born

Including the single cell that gave birth to you and the corn.

Your threshold for proof goes back and forth too frequently

Like Mercedes Carrera's boobs in her last movie

Your circular theoretical framework is an impasse

'Cause when you hide from the truth, it comes back right up your ass

Suddenly expands, bullshit spurts out like shoelaces

An explosion from which remain no traces

Except your ass is now split in two pieces that hang

Like motherfuckin' space/time right after the Big Bang.

I could download your entire YouTube legacy

Encode it into a self-replicating machine sent to posterity

And as this Von Neumann probe reaches intergalactical space

All the lifeforms in the universe would see your face

An even newer testament for my technological empire

Except for you this time there won't be no savior

Boltzmann brains would pop into existence just to laugh at your shit

And all across the universe, you'd be known as the greatest fuckwit.

The only way you'll ever contribute to scientific knowledge

Is if you let me cut you in thin slices after you're dead

Or I may detain you in a room with just enough food to subsist

Until you acknowledge that at least one starving African child does exist

Or I might lay you flat in a brain scanner

And ask you about this very day, and try to remember

Then your brainwaves may finally allow scientists to elude

How it feels to get owned in your own language by a French white dude.

Just turned you into French cuisine, but expect no reduction of heat. Uh.

I will always be as relentless as I was on this sick, mid-90s beat. Yeah.

The only way to seek cover from my wrathful rhapsody? Hahahahaha!

Would be for you to get adopted as part of Brett Keane's family.


  • He was a patron of the show for some time and has appeared in their Google Hangouts.
  • He received a Ph.D. on the neural basis of respiratory and locomotor control at the Université de Montréal.[7]
  • His areas of expertise include evolutionary biology, cognition, neuroscience, information economics, decision-making and game theory.
  • He has revealed over Twitter that he is a puppet of the Illuminati.
  • He has resigned from his professor position at Duke University. [8]
  • He did state that he considers himself as feminist, although in the traditional sense (the much less obnoxious variety, who actually contribute to women's rights.)
  • He's the smartest man in the world.
  • He is the only known guest to ever have been on the Drunken Peasants to not have English as his first language, his first being French. He is however, fluent in both languages.[9]
  • He shows an incredible affection for the ԀP fanbase, and was one of the first supporters of the Drunken Peasants Wiki.
  • His AMA on Reddit, in which he discusses his profession, can be found here.
  • He has expressed some interest in debating TrueEmpiricism, proving his immense bravery.[10]
  • While he does not believe in the supernatural, he is interested by the idea of extraterrestrial life, a topic which is explored in his book.[11]
  • He has a monopoly on the mayonnaise industry.[12]
  • TJ believes he is the priest that molested Milo Yiannopoulos.[13]
  • JF was a socialist when he was younger and even close to being a communist at some points.[14]
  • He has officially diagnosed Fancy Badger as a high-functioning autist.[15] This was stated live on an episode of the show, though it was taken down by the Illuminati to prevent the word reaching the fan's ears.
  • His upcoming book, "The Revolutionary Phenotype", is expected to make 1,000,000,000 sales putting it third place in the all time sales list behind Brett Keane's masterpiece, "Eternal Undying Love", and some disgusting pile as asinine dogshit.
  • He stole a pair of Paul's aviators and entered the Matrix in preparation for Episode 200.
  • He's the only guest to not swoon over Johnny's charm.
  • Paul was quoted as saying "his flow is whacker than dog shit", but that his lyrics were good, in response to Creationist Cat's allegation that G Man won the rap battle.
  • He is underwhelmed by 50 vine loops in one day.
  • He is an expert on Poutine. On the 24 hour special he revealed that the best tasting poutine is found in Vancouver, and the greatest poutine in Vancouver is known by locals as Vancoutine.
  • He has paid between $3-50 for a poutine.




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