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IRC Chat
A snapshot of the IRC Chat during the UnFunny Comedian age.
A snapshot of the IRC Chat during the UnFunny Comedian age.
  • IRC chatroom
  • Former fan community

The UnFunny Comedian


Intention: A central hub for live discussion in the Drunken Peasants community.
In Reality: Cancer.

Social Networking


The IRC Chat was a chat room that was formerly supported by the Drunken Peasants, before being officially replaced by the Discord Server. It was once a relevant part of the fan community and linked within the description of every show, though these days it is mostly deserted and only about fifteen people at best continue to frequent the IRC for reasons unknown. They've also gone through a shit ton of different owners, each being a bigger cunt than the last (up until the last, who was supposedly okay). If you feel like giving yourself twelve brands of cancer, you can find it here.


Initially entirely fan-run, the peasants began to give their support and shout it out on the show as an alternative to the cancerous YouTube Chat. It was first announced live be the peasants during episode 113. For whatever reason, the two mods the chat were also allowed to be guests on on episode 119,[1] one of which was the infamous creator of Random Discussions of the Inebriated Variety, The UnFunny Comedian. Months after he was allowed to be in charge of the chat, his minimal power went entirely to his head despite his only claim to fame being his moderation of a dying chat system for a YouTube podcast.

UnFunny frequently banned dissenters because he believed himself to be a God, a trend which was followed by nearly everyone who took up his position after he was eventually ousted. Following the drama with UnFunny, the peasants lost any hope with trying to shout of the chat and pretty much left it to be it's own shit for a while, with less and less people giving a fuck over time. The IRC continued to change hands many times until it became frequented less and less due to people fed up with the chat's long history and constant drama. Many people began to switch over to Discord, with the IRC's fate being sealed shortly after the Discord was made official, a fate delivered to the owner by Drunken Fancy.