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Jewgo And Snake
Hugo (right) being sexy while Jake (left) being Jake.
Hugo (right) being sexy while Jake (left) being Jake.
Personal Details
  • YouTubers
  • Hugo: 21
  • Jake: 26
  • Currently: Unknown
  • Formerly: Michigan

Having a Bible Man marathon

Social Networking
Youtube channel

The Bible Reloaded


The Bible Reloaded

Physical attributes
Eye colour
  • Hugo: A heavenly color of divine quality
  • Jake: Shit
Hair colour
  • Hugo: Rich Milk-Chocolate Brown
  • Jake: Poop Brown
I would kill Scotty and wear him as a skin suit. I would then proceed to start infighting between the remaining members, them not knowing that the simple minded but trustworthy friend they call Scotty is actually the puppet master pulling the strings that are their destinies. They would split up after a heartfelt and soul-wrenching episode in which Scotty would be exiled to a tiny island with his contractually guaranteed YouTube millions. Years later, TJ would become a moderately successful door to door toilet brush salesman. He'd die surrounded by family and friends in a Denny's (the only one in the states he's not banned from) after eating way too many pancake balls.
— Jake's plan to take over DP.[1]

Hugo and Jake, also known as Hugo and The Lipstick Guy, are a duo of American conjoined fraternal twins from the garbage state of Michigan. They happen to run three YouTube channels. Their main is The Bible Reloaded, they also have an entertainment channel called Unpopular Culture, and a third channel has been made for the holy book of Islam entitled The Quran Reloaded. As acknowledged by TJ Kirk, Hugo is obviously the brains and the eye candy behind the project.[2] The two share a mutual respect with the Drunken Peasants and have appeared as guests serveral times on the podcast.

The Bible Reloaded is where Hugo and Jake do their Bible Study, read Chick Tracts, watch Christian movies, and other shit. On Unpopular Culture, they review normal movies, as well as episodes from Doctor Who & Marvel TV, and also occasionally play video games and watch Goosebumps episodes. On The Quran Reloaded, they do a Quran study and watch videos from shitty Muslim evangelists. It is a well-known fact that Jake is complete garbage incarnate, and holds Hugo back. In fact, were it not for Jake, The Bible Reloaded with Hugo would be 3x bigger than the Amazing Atheist and Drunken Peasants channels combined.

On The Bible Reloaded

The Bible Reloaded is Hugo and Jake's first and main YouTube channel. On the Drunken Peasants, they have always been introduced as "The Bible Reloaded". The channel's main series is a Bible study; the catch is that the hosts are savage atheist heathens intent on discrediting and making light of the flawless book. They also have other series, such as Atheists Watch, a series where Hugo and Jake describe and deconstruct various Christian Propaganda Films (such as God's not Dead, their first review). They also do Q&A videos, such as Ask Hugo, where the duo (mostly Hugo) answer questions from curious viewers. The series is sometimes interesting and sometimes boring as shit. There is also Jake Reads, which is a dull and unnecessary series where the duo (mostly Jake) read off allegedly funny comments and give their thoughts. This series is like the Q&A series, but even more boring due to way less Hugo.

Their most popular series aside from the Bible Study are their Chick Tracts, which consist of Hugo, Jake, and often a guest roleplaying a tract for the amusement of all. Guests are often popular atheists on YouTube, such as TJ who has appeared twice on TBR as a guest for this series. A number of other guests include; Mr. Repzion, Matt Dillahunty, Vadim Newquist, Aron Ra, and Logicked.

On Drunken Peasants

Episode 31

Episode 31 features the very first appearance of the two and the start of their role on the Ryan Wiley Saga. The episode chiefly featured the two joining DP to refute Wiley's latest bullshit video on "Atheist Accountability."[3] They also discussed a Brett Keane video about the supposed lack of morality in atheists and answered Skype calls from DP fans.

Episode 33

Episode 33 brought them on for a second time. TJ asked them ten questions for every atheist, they were supposed to be hard hitting philosophical questions but had the eloquence of an elementary student. TJ later read off Anthony Cumia's angry, violent, and racist tweets. The tweets were so moving and powerful that they inspired Hugo and Jake to become racists. They also watched another Ryan Wiley. The peasants began advocating to nuke Michigan due to to TBR and Ryan Wiley living there.

Episode 39

For episode 39, the Drunken Peasants brought back TBR for a "debate" with the infamous yet lovable G Man. G Man demolished them in a Biblical debate utilizing a sick battle rap. G Man's rhymes were so dope that it totally invalidated the specificity of the Bible verses that Hugo and Jake used to support their arguments. They also gave their take on the growing insanity of Patrick Coleman. Perhaps the most epic part of the show involved the group all watching Brett Keane The Motherfucking Opera.

Episode 67

After a hiatus, Hugo and Jake returned to the podcast in episode 67. The episode also brought the return of Ryan Wiley, Patrick Coleman, and Vagina Power, with Hugo and Jake giving their take on their own individual flavors of crazy. The episode also featured a poll asking the drunken audience who they would rather fuck, Hugo or Jake?

100th Episode Special

Hugo and Jake appeared on the 100th episode special alongside fellow DP guests, PaulsEgo, Dusty Smith, and The Masters of Stupidity. Hugo was not present for much of the show, as he frequently experienced DDoS attacks, Jake was present for the majority of the podcast and did not share the same issue, likely due to a deal with Satan.

Episode 140

Hugo and Jake was finally brought back to episode 140 streaming from a new studio, DP jokes about them cutting ties with Dusty. They impersonated Ben and Scotty, took on a Wild Bill video, refuted a metrosexual hipster, learned something about women from The Beast, and watched stupid ads, among other things. They also watched a Ray Comfort video, someone they have had copyright trouble with in the past.

On UNpopular Culture

In an attempt to cash in on their subscribers even more; Jugo and Hake created a second channel where they do a kind of review show. They have long-winded discussion about super-hero movies, long-winded reviews of Dr. Who episodes, and other similar content.

They also played the original Five Nights at Freddy's horror game as well. It should be noted that Hugo and Jake also do reviews or religious movies on their main channel.


Masturbation is not an accomplishment.
— Hugo spreading blasphemy
Spoilers: Islam is garbage!
— Jake [4]
Family members can't get AIDS from each other...
— Hugo speaks the truth.
Pump it! Pump it! Your comment makes me think you're gay.
— Jake in Jake Reads #2.
I'd fuck that Volcano.
— Hugo, 2015
Gail is a goddess and my hero, she will be victorious in any battle she chooses to begin. She can withstand hundreds of Nukkake's and stand tall.
— Hugo during their Reddit AMA.
I would have a public crucifixion of TJ, make the others watch. As far as changing the bible, I guess I would stop Jesus from being killed. Way less powerful if he isn't a martyr.
— Hugo's plan to split up the Drunken Peasants.
We could Chinese finger trap a squirrel sometime.
— Hugo explains a squirrel meat condom.[5]
The best thing Kevin Bacon did was be an invisible rapist.
— Hugo[6]
Thanks for being Skeletor!
— Hugo and Jake.[7]

Theme Song

Hugo & Jake[8] is a song that serves as the theme song to The Bible Reloaded, performed by Dorian Silk & the Midnight Hoods. It is by far the greatest part of their channel. The lyrics are as follows:

It's The Bible Reloaded

A logic explosion

Like Jesus and Moses

But it's Hugo and Jake

The Bible is jaded

And most of it's pagan

So get educated

With Hugo and Jake

Pull up a pew and

Stop what you're doin'

It's Bible Reloaded time.

They're gonna debate it

The theists will hate it

Like Dawkins and Sagan

But it's Hugo and Jake

So, on with show then

It's not candy coated

It's The Bible Reloaded

With Hugo and Jake

With Hugo and Jake...


"Hugo & Jake" by Dorian Silk & the Midnight Hoods
  • They have shirts, but it should be noted none of them are as good as the Dinoaur shirt.
  • Their theme song will never leave your brain.
  • They have done a crossover with both TJ, Creationist Cat, Mr.Repzion, Armoured Skeptic, Steve Shives and Aron Ra. Typically they are a part of Hugo and Jake's Chick Tract series.
    • Hugo And Jake uploaded a Chick Tract video to The Amazing Atheist as a guest video. It was the first video about religion on TJ's channel for a while, but unfortunately he didn't even appear in it.
    • Creationist Cat has appeared twice on TBR for Chick Tracts, and has uploaded a guest video to TBR. One of CC's videos has also been mirrored on TBR.
    • They appeared on TJ's channel with a guest video talking about a shitty Christian BuzzFeed video.
  • Hugo is a pseudonym, although Jake refers to him as such even in real life.
  • Jake smokes pan and has invited Hugo to partake in some during an episode of TBR. Hugo declined.[9]
  • Jake is a fan of big time YouTuber, Markiplier.
  • They have a rocky relations with Dusty Smith, having split t-shirt deals with him over a joke made on Facebook. However, Jake clarified on his Twitter that it wasn't intended as an attack on Dusty, and they have not been afraid to delve into controversial humor on their own show. The Drunken Peasants made light of the event in Episode 140 and they all had a laugh about it.
  • A fan once got pissed at them for making a joke about feline AIDS.[10]
  • Being guests on DP stirs some controversy in parts of their fanbase. The same can be said for when Hugo and Jake have had Repzion, Steve Shives, Armoured Skeptic, CC and TJ as guests on their show.[11]
  • If they ever had a sex tape release, Hugo claim it would be called The Bible Exploded.
  • Jake majored in History.[12]
  • Hugo's favorite video game is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.[13]
  • They both agree that butterflies are the most fuckable bug.[14]
  • There is a Christian website that shares the name of The Bible Reloaded; it is not in any way affiliated with Hugo and Jake.[15]
  • Hugo's favorite biblical character is David, Jake's is Saul.[16]
  • TBR utilized the image in the infobox on this very wiki for a thumbnail.[17]
  • Hugo's real name is Jacob. But Jake has never called him anything else. And it'd be even harder to differentiate the two if it was Jacob and Jake.



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