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Holly Kirk
TJ 2.0, superior in every way.
TJ 2.0, superior in every way.
Personal Details

28 (born February 17th, 1989)

Birth place

Gustavus, Ohio


Columbus, Ohio


Living with TJ and Scoopy

Social Networking


Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour

Strawberry Blonde

It's colder than a witch's tit out there!
— Describing what sex with TJ is like[1]

Holly Carol Kirk (née Long) is TJ's ex-wife. Holly was devoutly religious before she had met TJ. She first came across him when her boyfriend at the time kept sending her TJ's videos. She was initially resistant due to her religious beliefs, but eventually gave in and watched one just to say she did, only to end up watching the entire video. Holly and TJ met through Myspace and eventually married in 2012.

While she and TJ have divorced since mid-2014, they still lived among each other for some time and TJ has often stated that he and Holly have remained good friends, claiming that "ex-wife" had too negative of a connotation to refer to their current relationship. Holly and TJ were in an open marriage together until it was decided TJ would have been more compatible with his boyfriend, Kyle, who TJ later ended the relationship with due to major backlash from Kyle's family and his deteriorating mental state due to the arising personal issues.

On Drunken Peasants

In a technical sense, you can thank Holly for the formation of Drunken Peasants, as she was the one who introduced TJ to her friend Ben. Ben and TJ eventually become the dynamic duo in charge of DP after TJ settled in Columbus, Ohio. Holly's only true appearance was during a side-video on the Drunken Peasants channel during "The Drunken Peasants Cookout" video, in which she and Ben played with her pug, Grendel.

TJ apologized to Holly's father in the DP Special Edition episode for saying he sucked his cock.

On Amazing Atheist

Holly has occasionally made appearances in TJ's work. She was featured and interviewed in The Amazing Atheist's documentary Amazing, made an appearance (albeit without showing her face) in one of his sketches for Channel Awesome, contributed to some episodes of Sour Note, voiced Eve in TJ's satirical dub of the biblical creation story, and has even presented her own video on TJ's main channel where she promoted #NeedsInAKnapsack.[2]

In TJ's video commemorating himself reaching 1 million subscribers after 10 years, Holly was amongst the people he gave thanks to.

Holly is also the owner of Grendel, the little pug who's cute and ugly both at the same time (but mostly cute). TJ has made a fuckton of videos featuring the little dude, many of them also having a cameo by Holly.


  • TJ explained the situation concerning their divorce here. You should actually read it before you make a video "exposing" the contents of this article, Brett.
  • TJ wrote a non-poem in video form for her.[3]
  • She is also able to play Take on Me using a ukulele, making her a certified badass as well.[4]
  • Like TJ, Holly was once a fat piece of shi- oh, sorry. A person of size. Unlike TJ, Holly managed to discover the meaning of a treadmill.
  • Holly is literally the female version of TJ.

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