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The Drunken Peasants have a variety of animal friends that accompany them, similar to the cast of a Disney film. They are mostly fucking dogs, if you haven't noticed.


Claimed in the name of Dinoaur!
Scotty Kirk[1]
Dinoaur is a dog belonging to PaulsEgo and AshleysEgo. He is a mixed Shih Tzu and Miniature Poodle, but looks like no other living organism on Earth. It's believed by some that this relates to sharing DNA with the mythical creature described by Jim Ass. Dinoaur very frequently appears on Highdeology, since he is sometimes very vocal in his demands to Paul of sufficient petting and camera time. He was born in Texas and eventually brought by Paul to Washington.


This is my viscous guard dog, Grendel.
— TJ introduces Grendel during The Amazing Pug.

Grendel is pug belonging to Holly, named after the beast in Beowulf. In the ancient Anglo-Saxon epic, the character rapes and eats the entire cast of Drunken Peasants simultaneously. The most exposure that Grendel ever received on the channel was during the Drunken Peasants Cookout, in which Ben and Holly played with him while he made derpy faces. He has also starred in several Amazing Atheist videos, most prominently The Amazing Pug, Birthday Pug, Pugnormal Activity and Costume Party Pug. Grendel's arch-nemesis is Scotty's dog, Yujiro. The two dogs once got into a boxing match over the peasants' affection. He also preaches a pug gospel, seen here. Grendel currently lives with Holly after her divorce with TJ.


Yujiro, fetch the brick boy!
— Scotty during Bricks 2.

Yujiro is Scotty's dog and the arch nemesis of Grendel. He is named after Japanese professional wrestler, Yujiro Takahashi. He has been featured on the TJ Kirk channel before and during the Drunken Peasants' time in their original studio, he would sometimes be there while they went live. He has appeared a few times on Highdeology as well. Yujiro actually rose from Hell a few months after birth, but came to be a friendly little puppy friend with time under the cheerful guidance of TJ. He was present at the Drunken Peasants Cookout, eagerly awaiting the roasting of his canine counterpart. He is also afraid of water bottles.


  • Ben is known to have three dogs:[2] Hera, Theia, and Athena. They are all named after pagan gods.[3] At least one is a long-haired chihuaha.[4]
  • Shortly before moving to Washington, TJ received a new dog named Salvador.
  • TJ is also in possession of a bearded dragon that he claims resembles Hillary Clinton.
  • TJ's girlfriend, Chelsea, is known to own a beta fish.