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TJ Kirk
TJ Kirk seen during the 2016 Toledo meetup. Photography by Aerial.
TJ Kirk seen during the 2016 Toledo meetup. Photography by Aerial.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Host of The Drunken Peasants
  • Author
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None (atheist)


Drunken Peasants



Birth date

February 20th, 1985

Birth place

Pasadena, California; United States


Thomas James Kirk[1]




Chelsea (2016-present)


Holly Kirk (2012-2015)[3]


Seattle, Washington

  • Smoking pan
  • Doing Cartman voices
  • Presumably eating right at this moment
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The Amazing Atheist


TJ Kirk


The Amazing Atheist


TJ Kirk

TJ Kirk

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6 ft 7

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Choose ideas over ideology. Ideas can change quickly and adapt, ideology is slow and cumbersome, unadaptable, uncompromising.
— TJ Kirk[4]
Fuck your God, nigger.
— TJ's best quote. Everyone loves to take it out of context. [5]

Thomas James "TJ" Kirk III[6] is a YouTuber, ranter, author, social critic, political critic, and critic of religion. He is a co-host of Drunken Peasants alongside Ben, Scotty, and Paul.[7] TJ initially gained attention online for criticizing religion from the perspective of an atheist, though his channel eventually expanded to a multitude of topics. Throughout over a decade of making videos, TJ has passionately and consistently delivered content for over a decade, primarily regarding politics, religion, social events, and popular culture. In 2013, he was approached by Ben about making a podcast revolving around news, entertainment, and politics, which would be bolstered by TJ's existing viewership. This led to the eventual creation of the podcast, which happens to be TJ's most successful project to date. He formerly went under the handle of The Amazing Atheist.[8]


Described as "brutally provocative",[9] TJ is famous (or infamous) across the internet for tackling politics, news, religion, and general stupidity. He's also known for his aggressive approach radicals all around whether they be radical feminists, fundamentalist creationists, ultraconservatives, and more. A summary of TJ's most iconic YouTube moments spanning his ten years on YouTube and displaying the gradual changes in his channel up until August 23rd, 2016 were compiled by TJ himself in the video, EVOLUTION OF THE AMAZING ATHEIST.[10] For whatever reason, TJ is also recognized for his short-lived love affair with a Banana that was almost as well-covered as Bennifer (we're still waiting for the shitty movie). A complete list of TJ's sex partners can be found here. On Drunken Peasants, TJ's especially eccentric and cynical personality on the show serves as a foil to Ben's relaxed demeanor and comparative optimism.

As of September 2016, TJ has over 1 million subscribers on his primary Amazing Atheist channel and over 87,000 on his blog channel, TJDoesLife.[11] The former was voted the 3rd most controversial YouTube channel by[12]

Early History

Main article: Timeline

TJ was born in Pasadena, California on February 20, 1985. [13] He was raised in Mandeville, Louisiana and has described himself as socially awkward since a young age.[14] TJ mentioned in one video that he had doubts about the existence of God when he was only 6 years old and deemed it as ridiculous as Santa Claus.[15] He became an atheist well before he even learned about much of the world and determined he was one after asking his mother what's the term for somebody who doesn't believe in God. When TJ got older, he hated going to school, primarily because he thought that the education system in Louisiana was garbage. He remembered having a science teacher called Mr. Taylor who he loathed for his pettiness and short-temperedness. TJ eventually dropped out at the age of 16 after his mother arranged a teachers' meeting to address TJ's failing grades despite his intelligence. During his adolescence, TJ also became a huge fan of Marilyn Manson due to their mutual distaste towards the establishment and whatnot. TJ remains one of Manson's biggest apologists to this day.

After doing nothing but lounging around home for a year following his drop-out, TJ was forced to work in his dad's office where he was repeatedly sexually harassed by some obnoxious slut and no one did anything about it. Because of penis.

YouTube Career

The Amazing Atheist is a professional ranter who yells loudly in empty rooms, and puts videos of it on the internet. Occasionally he reads a book or watches a movie--but mostly he just yells about things for your amusement and/or disgust.
— TJ's official channel description on YouTube. [16]
TJ's brain child made its introduction in November 2006. He has since grown steadily in popularity due to his wild presentation, controversial viewpoints, and charm. The channel remains active to this day. He was a libertarian when he started his channel and became a liberal about a year later. TJ had steadily gained a bigger following as his channel evolved from simple ranting vlogs to fully-written discussions and sometimes even skits. A lot of this happens within his very own sub-par garage. wink wink TJ has stated several times that he was inspired to make videos about atheism by Brett Keane, who would ironically turn to theism and become the main antagonist of the Drunken Peasants.

On January 11, 2010, TJ opened up a blog channel called TJDoesLife in which he discusses whatever the fuck is on his mind that day without the need of nifty editing or a backup. While it is still active, he uploads content to the channel rather infrequently. TJ also once had a gaming channel where he would do let's play videos with his real name "TJ Kirk". The only let's play he actually completed on that channel was Limbo. There hasn't been an upload in over two years (July 2013) and it's likely that it will forever remain abandoned. However, ԀP has a new gaming channel, RageFeed.

Cody Weber directed his videos from 2010 until 2011, before TJ kicked him out of his house due to his inactivity. During Cody's tenure, he directed TJ's very own documentary film titled Amazing which can be easily viewed on YouTube today. Sucks to be all the people who spent money on the DVD!

The Distressed Watcher

TJ was a reviewer for That Guy with the Glasses from 2009 to 2011, under the name The Distressed Watcher. His content mainly consisted of reviews, rants and top tens, but his most notable work was Trailer Failure where he "reviews the previews" and determines which "trailers are failures". TJ eventually left in 2011 due to Channel Awesome's desire to become more mainstream, what with TJ's infamy on YouTube. TJ left on good terms and has made more editions of Trailer Failure on Not Productive. TJ also continues to do the occasional odd review on his main channel.

BananaGate 2011

In 2011, a series of videos of TJ committing lewd acts with hot oil and bananas were leaked by a mistress of his. The event was promptly and aptly christened "BananaGate 2011". People often try to bring up BananaGate to annoy TJ, but it generally doesn't faze him. In fact, he enjoys making light of it, for instance, just look the "Ban TJ!" official shirt. Enemies of the podcast almost always mention the event as some type of trump card. TJ made a video in October 2011 addressing the issue. [17]

On Drunken Peasants

Main article: Drunken Peasants

TJ eventually came to the conclusion that one channel to combat stupidity just won't suffice, deciding to collaborate with his friend Ben in order to the No Bullshit Podcast. After some rebranding in the following week, No Bullshit eventually became known as Drunken Peasants. At it's core, the show involves the peasants giving their take on current events and more from an altered perspective. Since having an opinion can be seen as an act of warfare on the internet, this has led to the being the center of several online feuds with other YouTubers (as seen below). The show has a long history of in-jokes and a highly dedicated fanbase despite being only a few years old. The peasants' outreach have even allowed them to feature various guests from all around YouTube and even beyond.

TJ's channel can be seen as ԀP's sister channel, as the podcast will normally play responses by other YouTubers to TJ's videos. References to the show will also cross over to the main channel as TJ has mentioned notable ԀP figures in his videos. A lot of TJ's content ends up being featured on the show in various ways, usually as part of other people responding to TJ. Occasionally ԀP has actually played TJ's older Amazing Atheist content before, notably during Cutting the Fat to ridicule how edgy he was. Aside from this, TJ once uploaded small portions of previous podcasts onto his main channel, this was eventually changed over to using a dedicated channel for DP clips and later replaced again by Highpothesis.

Year I: 2014

TJ with his million subs plaque

Brett Keane Saga

Main article: Brett Keane & Religion Debate

This saga began with a pre-existing feud between Brett Keane and The Amazing Atheist, though it's relation to Drunken Peasants first began with the Religion Debate. It was initially planned only Keane would be on his show, though in a surprise attack he managed to sneak his gaggle of morons into the Skype call alongside of him, including G Man, True Empiricism, Galaxy Dreams, and CheDubs. Keane's posse and the peasants debated back and forth for hours with little progress being made on either side, with some of Keane's friends resorted to arguments littered with fallacy after fallacy and even invoking ad hominem attacks.

G Man was also introduced to the show for the first time, to which some of his most memorable bullshit lines were made, his very first question asking why TJ shoved a banana up his anus back in 2011. Possibly the most shocking and ridiculous quote from G Man during the hangout was when he resorted to the race-card by calling TJ "The Amazing Racist" simply for using the word nigger in a completely unoffensive context. Despite most of Keane's friends being an echo-chamber for his views, TJ noted that one of them, GalaxyDreams, had some hope to rise out of their social circlejerk. Interestingly enough, she would become an atheist just a few months after.

G Man Saga

Main article: G Man

In the weeks following Keane and his posse being banned from the show, some of G Man's raps were played starting with episode 21. G Man's cheesy, poorly-written, yet strangely endearing lyrics became an inevitable hit with fans of the show. G Man was present at the second Religion Debate hosted a few days later, in which he presented his infamous "Show me a canine turn into a non-canine" argument. Another of his wonderful raps was played and G Man hype was at an all time high. G Man's later appeared in a debate with Dusty during episode 28 and made a complete fool of himself by becoming a living embodiment of the No True Scotsman fallacy as pointed out by TJ.

G Man was later given the stage on the show to "debate" both Thunderf00t and Jaclyn Glenn, the latter of which G Man became disturbingly obsessed with following their encounter. Many months later, the peasants caught wind that Brett Keane had back-stabbed G Man and that they parted ways. G Man has since been featured mostly in rap battles, as a friend of the show. G Man has faced off against both Jean-François Gariépy and Creationist Cat. TJ has noted that he hates G Man being featured on the show and is usually subjected to such tortures by Ben.

Tim Black Saga

Main article: Tim Black

The Tim Black saga began when the Drunken Peasants responded to Tim Black of Tim's Take Live, who expressed his beef with some of TJ's atheism videos, including one helping young atheists learn how to come out as an atheist, which Tim regarded as self-centered on the part of atheists to even mention it. TJ and Tim apparently had a beef with TJ and his atheism videos, the two continued a back and forth argument over the course of several episodes through video until Tim shockingly agreed to be on the show live. Once he had gotten to know the Peasants better on a live show, Tim warmed up to them and actually became an ally of the podcast, making more appearances as an especially well received guest.

While the Ryan Wiley Saga was still in action, Tim Black decided he wanted a piece of the action (aka more views) so he accused TJ and other big YouTube atheists of being part of the problem regarding the Chapel Hill Shooting. Tim claimed that because the shooter was an atheist, it was reasonable to assume that his atheism is why he killed three Muslims. This was in spite of contradicting sources claiming it was over a parking dispute. The peasants said that nobody could know for sure either way, and TJ said he tends to believe it was probably over a parking dispute.

Despite TJ commenting that he genuinely does like Tim, the video was taken by Tim as an attack. Tim then proceeded to make his first video specifically against TJ since he first appeared on the show. He threw out a lot of fallacies and the peasants easily shut down his poor arguments, and he didn't respond for a long time. By popular demand, eventually Tim returned to the podcast for episode 151, Tim said his return was in part due to the staff of this very wiki.[18] As of current, Tim and ԀP are still chocolate and vanilla swirled together in harmony.
The Amazing Atheist.

Ryan Wiley Saga

Main article: Ryan Wiley
The Ryan Wiley saga began when TJ and the peasants countered a video by Ryan regarding "Atheist Accountability". The video mostly consisted of him shitting of YouTube names bigger than he could ever hope to be, the peasants appropriately roasted. Wiley later made a series of videos specifically targeting human fax machine, Jaclyn Glenn, a running joke was made of his insistence on informing the world he has some college math degree. Ryan later made a video expressing his grievances with the peasants, including their running gag to make fun of his stupid collared shirts.

Ryan was eventually featured on the show in a live debate with Jaclyn Glenn, they debated on various issues. The whole debacle ended with Ryan making points almost as insufferable as his own videos. During episode 82, Ryan Wiley was planned to duel TJ as The Math Magician at Summer Slam. Ryan later came to the defense of Jenny McDermott during DMCAGate, proving he has zero integrity at all. As of episode 123, Ryan made his final major appearance on show after deciding to officially to end things with the peasants. TJ was totally fine with that.

Vigilant Christian Saga

Main article: The Vigilant Christian
Ben enjoys sadistically subjecting TJ to Vigilant Christian videos and still does so on occasion. The drama originated from the peasants playing his videos and commenting how Mario was a disingenuous piece of shit cashing in on the stupidity of others. though Mario attempted to discredit ԀP's knowledge on what goes on in Hollywood and the Illuminati by citing their lack of experience in the entertainment industry and TJ's lack of getting any pussy back in high school (for some reason, even he had to admit this was retarded eventually). He also called TJ by his former Internet alias ("Terroja"), demonstrating how thorough his research really is.

Over the course of many months, Mario issued several promises to the peasants to appear on the show though ended up backing out every time. TJ and company reviewed a video in which Mario addressed accusations of Illuminati membership were made against him and fellow YouTubers, leading TJ to join Mario's mindless chorus of blame, calling Mario "The Vigilant Satanist". After even more drama heated up, Mario finally took on the offer to appear on Drunken Peasants, making his guest debut on episode 148 where he was featured alongside Vegan Gains. As expected, Mario was completely dominated in a debate with TJ and PaulsEgo and was left flopping like a fish with his only defense being that it was just his world view. After this, they haven't had direct contact with TVC though they continue to make fun of his videos.

Year II: 2015

Atheist Roo Saga

Main article: Devon Tracey

The initial drama with Devon Tracey was mostly comprised of him attacking TJ and his fanbase for attention. This first debacle started with TJ and the peasants defending Jaclyn Glenn over an admittedly factual video Devon made about Jaclyn, which further escalated into Twitter debates, with some friends of the show also getting involved including, Vadim Newquist. Vadim was closely tied with the saga to to Devon revealing his real name that he had linked to Google +, which somehow quantifies doc-dropping these days. The saga was way more drawn out than expected, though it came to a conclusion when TJ blocked Devon over Twitter due to his open refusal to engage in any live discourse with the peasants on the podcast. Vadim eventually gave up on talking about Devon after several videos expressing a massive hate-boner for him.
TJ's sermon on the mount.

Europe Trip 2015

TJ and his fellow peasants made their first trip to Europe in 2015 to hold their very first meetups. While in England, TJ met some fans of the podcast who softened his view on the dead husk of a nation. He claimed that he was the true heir to the English throne and would reclaim his rightful place, but he just did nothing and talked to some other neckbeards all day. They later had a meetup in Amsterdam where TJ tried a bunch of weird fucking food, met one of his Jesuit clones, and got high on several different types of drugs.

TJ was either drunk or high the entire time while in Europe, so Ben had to babysit him to make sure he didn't end up falling in a canal. The peasants have noted several times that traveling with TJ was frustrating beyond belief and once called the other peasants to have a plane stop for him while he went on a casual stroll through the airport.[19] He eventually visited France and stole some dude's hat, but who really gives a shit about that place. The Europe Trip concluded with the peasant's stop in the birthplace of Fascism itself, Italy and the Vatican. There was a bunch of artsy bullshit as expected.

Tommy Sotomayor Saga

Main article: Tommy Sotomayor

This little ditty all started in episode 181 when ԀP covered Tommy's video about transgender suicide. Tommy construed their comments about him as racist and did a response video where he felt the need to parade his oh-so-fabulous garage and repeatedly refer to them as "white boys", because racially-charged terms are okay when a black person does it, nigga. This prompted TJ to make his own response video on The Amazing Atheist and Tommy's race cards started falling down in mass all over the place. Tommy has been featured prominently as a punching bag on the show ever since, including an eventual drama where he would DMCA the peasants falsely multiple times over.

Year III: 2016

Freedom of Association

TJ got into another drama regarding Devon during January of 2017, after which Devon was banned from Twitter after being reported by another YouTuber, who claimed that Devon was frequently releasing the personal information of other people over social media at the time.[20] TJ admitted that these actions were entirely wrong on the part of Devon, though believed it did not qualify as doxing, though his video on the subject also discussed a number of issues involving of the hypocrisy of Twitter and other social media outlets on this subject.[21]

The drama settled for some time, until TJ eventually featured Devon in his video, QUESTIONS WHITE MEN HAVE FOR SJWs!, which was a response to a compilation of videos from BuzzFeed and other SJW videos that are basically "Questions [insert minority group here] have for white people". The video was well-received, though Devon obviously stood out as the most controversial figure among them. One of the most outspoken detractors of TJ during this drama was Naked Ape, who initially seemed to have good intentions, though eventually attacked TJ on several false fronts, leading to TJ's response in his video, SPANKING NAKED APE: A Lesson In Freedom Of Association.[22] TJ used this video to explain that he enjoys Devon's content, though does not exactly endorse his shady actions.[23] TJ believes that Devon makes interesting and thought-provoking content and is able to look past the asshole he is to take what's valuable from his channel.

Manatee's Slandering

During episode 235, TJ challenged Brett to show him the inside of his mouth after Brett failed a previous challenge to eat a burger (a real man's burger). Brett had so much earwax in his ears that he incorrectly heard what TJ said. So instead of showing the inside of the mouth, he merely showcased his fake teeth. After Brett failed to properly complete the challenge given to him, TJ decided to pay Brett anyway. But TJ changed his mind very soon afterwords. So after some time had passed, many DP fans started to criticize TJ for being a "back-tracker" and not paying Brett. Prompting TJ to address #PayBrett multiple times on the show and in social media.

Brett eventually made a video showing his gums clearly. After hearing about this, TJ paid Brett like he'd promised. He did so through Patreon in order to publicly show he paid him (Brett even implied he was alright with this in a video he made called #ShowMeTheMoney). However, Brett attempted to squeeze more money out of TJ by asking his Patreon to be deleted and then threatening to delete his channel if TJ didn't pay him through PayPal. Brett deleted the videos he made about this, but, alas, everyone already saw them. As a result, Keane began to resort to some old tactics.

Some of TJ's detractors, like a certain manatee indivijul, sometimes like to accuse TJ of being a pedophile as a way to try to tarnish his reputation. Most of these pedophile accusations against TJ originate from a comment TJ made on a Marilyn Manson forum decades ago. TJ has already addressed these accusations himself multiple times:

The pedophilia apologist thing derives mainly from my not wanting to surrender to the mass hysteria around sexual predators. It’s also true that when I was 21 (I’m 29 now) I thought the age of consent should be 13. This was mainly due to influences in my upbringing and my own premature introduction to sexuality. I no longer have this viewpoint and now support an age of consent age of 18, with some “Romeo and Juliet” exceptions.[24]
TJ after moving to Washington.
The age of consent thing is based on a post I made on an internet forum when I was like 20. And it was actually a pretty popular sentiment on the boards at that time. Hell, it was a popular sentiment on the internet in general at that time. It was also, I’m sad to say, an opinion that my father held. After experiencing another decade on planet earth, I realize how horribly misguided that opinion was and is. I think that maybe it’s not so horrible for kids that age to begin sexual exploration with one another, but it’s definitely wrong for an adult to engage is sex with someone that young and inexperienced.[25]

An other thing TJ's detractors often use against him to accuse him of being a pedophile is a joke TJ made to Fakesagan on BlogTV about dating a 14 year old. TJ have addressed this here:

As for this nonsense about me dating a 14-year-old when I was 23, I was actually mocking a friend of mine who was over 30 and was macking on some 16-year-old girl. The sad fact is that when I was 23, I was single and pussyless. And I was too timid and frightened to even approach a girl sexually, let alone one who could wind me up in prison.[26]

Moving to Washington

During the month of September 2016, a few days following the recording of episode 277, TJ began his cross-country drive from Columbus, Ohio to the pan-filled haven of Seattle. The peasants agreed to move to Seattle for reasons completely unrelated to cannabis, while also being able to continue the show with a larger studio with more guests. During the trip to Seattle, TJ swam with the manatees in Festus, Missouri and announced that recording for The Amazing Atheist was set to begin on September 24th. When he was asked if he would miss Ohio and the show's history in the old studio, TJ said fuck Ohio and that he was glad they were moving. For a brief time after moving to Washington, the Drunken Peasants was based in his own house until they could secure a studio. TJ has since made a video giving a tour of his new home following the move.[27]

Dusty Smith Saga

Dusty Smith, likely in a bid to garner what little attention he still could on YouTube, decided to make a video pathetically accusing several skeptic YouTubers of being members of the Alt-right despite having no idea what the actual definition ways and throwing accusations at people who he had never even watched before. This harshened TJ's view on Dusty who he once had a positive relationship with, especially in regards to Dusty's insistence about inspiring him to make t-shirts throughout the whole debacle. The peasants later found out that Dusty also talked shit on them on the now defunct Flying Monkey Podcast, hosted by Devon Tracey. Dusty eventually appeared on the show for episode 131 where he attempted to hash things out with TJ, though Dusty had still ended up making a fool of himself by trying to play a WWE-style heel act when they were actually having a serious disagreement and the podcast ended with the two on decent terms at best.

Year IV: 2017

Candid Controversy

This particular drama begins innocently enough when TJ began to advertise an app entitled Candid with a simple video advertising the service as an alternative to Twitter and other forms of social media, an advertisement that was initially surprisingly well-received by his fans.[28] Controversy eventually began to arise due to YouTuber Harmful Opinions (dubbed Harmless Exaggerations by TJ)[29] releasing several videos initially attempting to tackle to dishonesty of the company in it's advertising and algorithms. However, the videos produced seemed to have a second purpose in substantially inflating his own ego, as many other members of the skeptic community had accepted Candid's offer though not himself, a fact he feels the need to mention at every chance possible.[30]

The bullshit raged on for a while, though it eventually settled until TJ released another video advertising Candid as a "free-speech app",[31] which he later openly admits was a mistake and explained it as being the primary reason he ultimately cut ties with Candid entirely.[32] Harmful continued to push out videos on the dying topic here and there, though the situation didn't reach a peak until TJ formally responded to his series of videos with one of his own on March 9th, 2017. During his video, TJ not only offers his rebuke to Harmful Opinions, though he also talks about why YouTube shilling is seen as such a controversial topic and discusses editorial integrity as a whole.


Main article: Quotes by TJ Kirk
My name is TJ Kirk. I was born in Pasadena, California in 1985. I am six feet and six inches tall. I enjoy film and literature. I have no sense of fashion. I have poor hygiene. I'm often rude, intentionally irritating, foul-mouthed and strange. I don't support our troops. I don't believe in the American dream. I don't believe in God. I don't like feel good music or inspirational TV. I don't believe in manners, traffic laws, or honor. I'm not conventionally handsome. I'm not someone who would have been handpicked to be a celebrity, yet, for two hundred thousand people and counting, that's exactly what I am. I am The Amazing Atheist. I make videos about politics, religion, American culture, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I make videos about all of these things and people actually watch them. People tell me I've changed their lives. People tell me I'm the smartest man they've ever seen. People also tell me they're going to kill me or kick my ass. People tell me I'm the dumbest piece of idiotic shit to ever walk the Earth. Either way, people listen when I talk and that's not an empty boast. It's a verifiable fact. If you don't believe me then consider this; you're listening right now. This is the story of who I was, Who I am, and who I want to be. It's also the story of those who accompany me on my journey and how that journey has changed my life, their lives, the lives of my fans, and maybe the course of history. Just maybe. Who really fucking knows?
— TJ during the prologue of Amazing.[33]
I like people who complain a lot. I don't like people that don't like complaints. I like complaints and I like complaining and I like complainers. I like people who bitch about trivial little fucking things because it amuses me, because I'm just as anal-retentive! I like people who are fucking furious at the tiniest inconvenience.
— TJ during one of his early videos in the garage.[34]
Why did this woman chop her husband's penis off? Because he asked for a divorce and these cunts were cackling about it like "Hehehehe, you go girlfriend! Ha!". Imagine if we lived in a world where a bunch of guys were sitting around a table on and TV show and they were talking about a story in where a woman asked for a divorce, so her husband chopped off her clitoris and her tits, threw them in a garbage disposal, and these guys were laughing about it. Where would you imagine that show taking place? Iran, maybe? Yeah, but it's only sexist when men do it.
— TJ exposes the rarely discussed side of double-standards in terms of the sexes.[35]
I'd like to talk a little bit about why I'm an atheist because I notice that as I've drifted more and more away from atheism as a subject matter I've gathered more and more followers who are Christians, Muslims, or whatever and I get letters from people all the time who say "I agree with you on everything but religion."... I think a big part of the reason I am an atheist is because there is no God.
— TJ explains why he is an atheist in the way only he can. [36]
I happen to be opposed to de-platforming tactics like the one the Naked Ape is attempting to engage in. I happen to believe in an open marketplace of ideas where all voices are heard and people can decide for themselves who is worth listening to.

Whether Devon is a monstrous, evil doxxer or just a misunderstood guy, I find his content interesting and I will continue to be honest about that. I'm not going to erase his voice from the conversation or seek to bury it just because you and some other assholes thing I should.

I hope I've made myself perfectly clear and there will be no need for further discussion on this frankly tedious subject matter. I will lend my support to whomever I deem fit with absolutely no regard for your feelings about it. If you have a problem with that, well... I'm TJ Kirk, The Amazing Atheist. Who the fuck are you?

— TJ responding to Naked Ape regarding freedom of association.[37]


  • TJ at the Toledo 2016 meetup.
    A common misconception of TJ is that he came up with the idea for ԀP. It was actually Ben's idea to start a podcast.
  • TJ was born in Pasadena, California, raised in Mandeville, Louisiana, for much of the show's history he lived in Columbus, Ohio, and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. He has also lived in Mississippi, Alabama, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, and California again.
  • TJ is so fucking lazy that he once paid Scotty 20 dollars to go fetch him a brownie,
  • Creationist Cat outed him as a Marilyn Manson apologist. TJ considers Manson a big inspiration in his life, alongside George Carlin.
  • Despite being Manson's biggest fan (both in terms of devotion and physical mass), TJ doesn't wish to meet him in real life out of fear that it will squander the image built of him in his mind.
  • TJ has written and published four books in his lifetime: including In Defense of Evil, Neckbeard Uprising, Scumbag: Musings of a Subhuman and The Final Revelation. The first three are contained within The Douchebag Bible.
  • He formerly went by the alias "Terroja Lee (TL) Kincaid".
  • He once said on Periscope that he invented the Anti-SJW genre on YouTube, though he stated many people would deny it.
  • TJ frequently tries to steal Scotty's Snapple drinks from the fridge.
  • He made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience on January 12th, 2016.[38] He returned over a year later on March 15th, 2017.[39]
  • He is known for his "feminist voice", where he impersonates the shrill nagging whines almost perfectly. Its similarities between the voice of Eric Cartman has resulted in it becoming his "Cartman voice".
  • He's fat. TJ isn't actually a human being, but a planet in his own right. That's why he has amassed such a big following. His gravitational pull is that strong.
  • TJ is openly bisexual. He discovered his bisexuality when he was 11-12 years old. [40] Despite having made it known on the internet for years now, TJ made an official coming-out video after getting inspired by Shane Dawnson's recent coming-out-of-the-two-way-closet in order to get views. [41]
  • When he was a child, TJ use to test the existence of the tooth fairy by laying items on his door so that they would fall when his parents would try to sneak in his room at night.
  • He is 6 ft and 7 inches tall height-wise. He is a invisible to the naked eye penis-wise.
  • He is the son of Terri and Thomas James Kirk. He also has a step-father and several other siblings as a result, including Stevie.
  • TJ and Holly's dog, Grendel, often appears in TJ's videos.
  • Early on during show's existence, TJ compiled a list of his demands the other hosts and fans must do to let the podcast continue. Scotty and Ben will do anything for TJ, except for pork.[42]
  • He is of Scottish, French, Czech, and even Canadian descent. Ben has pointed out that being Scottish technically makes him British as well, but TJ disagreed.
  • His favorite food is pizza, with bananas being a close second.
  • His favorite video game is Fallout: New Vegas[43] and did a let's play on it on his gaming channel. TJ also stated on Facebook that Fallout 4 is the only video game he wishes to see released in 2015. Upon the week of said release, TJ spent most of his time playing it which got in the way of his coverage of the Paris terror attacks.
  • As TJ has stated previously, his life dream is to build a cybercock to replace his current organic penis.
  • He once threatened Encyclopedia Dramatica with legal action for using pictures without his permission. He feels silly about it now. Dummy.[44]
  • TJ is known for possessing a terrible memory. Ben claims that if it's not happening in front of him, it doesn't exist.
  • TJ isn't shy about viewing porn in the presence of others. According to Scotty, TJ once looked at porn while they were eating at a fine-dining establishment.
  • TJ reveals he actually hopped the border into Lousiana.
    TJ has mentioned numerous times that he was a victim of sexual harassment by a female co-worker while he was working in an office. Because he was a man, no one took it seriously and accused him of being gay.
  • As of 2016, Canyon Trail is the worst movie he has ever seen.[45] The movie was made by Egghead's family, which should be an obvious seal of quality.
  • TJ has stated that anyone who likes the Star Wars prequels should stop watching him.
  • His earliest memory is of an earthquake he experienced while living in California.
  • He is apparently color blind, probably of the red-green variety.
  • He enjoys the dining experience.[46]
  • When commentating on a video by another Canadian lunatic, TJ became convinced that his brother's antagonistic foreign policy towards Canada is warranted. Aboot time.
  • TJ is a sexual submissive because he finds the dominant role too tiring for his liking.[47]
  • He has been compared to a Disney princess.[48]
  • TJ has been on numerous diets in his life and has lost a staggering amount of weight. But he's still a fat cunt.
  • TJ is an expert on ancient human history. His expertise spans all the way back to the early 1920's, long before recorded human interaction. He once provided Ben with a lesson on Charles D. Mercury during the 2015 Europe Trip in London. [49]
  • TJ is an avid supporter of trans rights, due to his sexual preference towards MTF transsexuals.
  • Recently, TJ became a vegetarian, despite his criticism of them in the past. He claims to have done this for his girlfriend and health reasons. However, he can be considered a "semi-vegetarian" because he regularly gives in and kills a large animal before feasting on its delicious flesh.
  • TJ discovered in a DNA Heritage Test that he and Scotty are 1/32nd Canadian resulting in the conversion of Scotty.
  • As president, he would scrap all current United States holidays and create two new ones - one where you must have sexual intercourse with one person slightly less attractive than you, and one slightly more attractive you, and the second where you can legally fight anyone that messes with you. [50] Also, he would lay around and eat Cheetos on his couch all day. [51] He would veto everything, and when he's too lazy to even do that, Scotty would do it for him. [52]
  • He prefers penises over vaginas, but likes the female form over the male.
  • Although he is named Thomas James Kirk III, he is the first person in his family to have the name. He explained this at length during his second appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.[53]
  • TJ ritually reads the wiki following each podcast. If we don't produce the episode pages to his liking, he sends us harassing messages including threats of rape and death.[54]
  • Unsurprisingly, his favorite word is "butts."[55] However, he once expressed dislike of the term "butthurt".[56][57] Coincidentally, he is a fan of Beavis and Butthead.[58]
  • The "TJ Kirk" page fittingly had the most content of any article on the wiki for a long time, before The Vigilant Christian's and Devon Tracey's articles garnered more content. The latter would probably consider that a form of pwnage.
  • His audience's primary demographic is aged 18-34.[59]
  • TJ highly disapproves of Jaclyn Glenn plagiarizing her own fans and other YouTubers, but is willing to continue amicable relations as long as she stops stealing other people's shit.[60] She has since removed TJ from her featured channels.
  • TJ is afraid of spiders.[61]
  • He was a supporter of Bernie Sanders up until Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who TJ claims resembles his pet lizard. TJ believed Donald Trump would make for a more interesting president than Hillary but did not vote for him.[62]


TJ's appearance from 2006-2016.

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