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Adolf Nigler
You owe him reparations.
You owe him reparations.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Editor and Chief at The YBC

Presumably some African tribal religion



Economic philosophy

Wanting reparations from the white man


Black Lives Matter


Numbers are a European social construct

Birth place

Atlanta, Georgia




Tampa, Florid a


Being owed reparations

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Gazi Kodzo


Gazi Kodzo


Gazi Kodzo


gazi kodzo

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Afrocentrist scripture, the Schwarz Kampf; Gazi is trying to persuade white people that they should pay him reparations and, to impress them, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.
Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer after he meet Gazi.

Gazi "Stop Hammertime Ruby Rhod Reparations" Kodzo (aka Black Hitler) is the human offspring of Jar Jar Binks and French Stewart. Gazi is a proud Africunt, and a heinous faggot. He belongs to the African People's Socialist Party; basically a national socialist party, but instead of blond blue-eyed Germans and "Seig heil!", it's basically "We wuz kangs n' sheet! Gimme money!". Also known for his extremely racist views to not just whites, but any race aside from god's chosen black race. Condemning everything from race-mixing, to multiculturalism, to anything that involves even being kinda sorta nice to inferior races; hence the nickname Black Hitler. He is also notable for his role in the 1995 sci-if film, The Fifth Element.


That (a white guy teaching cops not to be racist) doesn't stop ya'll from bein' a colonizer. Ya'll still a colonizer! Ya'll still ain't about givin' reparations! Ya'll still ain't about givin' back MY resources and land that you stole from us!
— Black Goebbels having a Freudian slip about what this is really about.

Gazi was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the nigger capital of the United States. After making a horribly oppressed career as a modeling agent that can barely buy a BMW with cash, he grew up to be a revolutionary Afrikaner internationalist, black supremacist, and Afro-centrist who remains steadfast in his fight against the oppressive chains that white society has placed upon his charcoal-based, negroid brethren. Some atheist heathens speculated that he's actually completely delusional. His ideology mirrors the beliefs held by your average white supremacist and Klansman, but with a darker coat of paint. He is actually a member of the Uhuru Movement, which is essentially the black equivalent to Nazism. Members of the movement believe in black supremacy by any means necessary, just because the inferior subhumanot honkies have started it. He also believes that whities need to pay him all black people reparation, or else.


White is anti-black. Gay is anti-black.
— Gazi Kodzo, a.k.a. Black Hitler
Akwaaba y'all
— Gazi Kodzo
Neanderthal toilet seat complexion cave beast sociopathic parasites
— That's how Gazi calls white people

He is a flaming Homosexual, but rejects the identification as such; homosexual in his mind being an invention of the Caucasian manbeasts. He instead has coined the term "same-gender loving". He also believes all other homosexuals are anti-black subhumans, supposedly because of the conspiracy theory that white homosexuals purposely made sure the "African SLG" communities didn't get as much contraception and safe sex education during the AIDS epidemic as white homosexuals.Gazi views everyone who is not black as either a disgusting abomination or a parasite, including some middle-eastern races, like the Israelites. He even looks down on people who are bi-racial (like Obama). He is convinced that white people do not belong to the Homo sapiens species as blacks do, because they are more comparable to Neanderthals. He also believes that white people lack any form of empathy, meaning that they are all psychopaths who are inherently racist against anyone else, essentially believing that all whites are worse than Hitler. In other words, Gazi is a fucking racist with a mindset no better than the Klu Klux Klan. He even claims that black people have had a role in nearly every invention in modern society, including democracy, modern medicine and the fucking English alphabet. In reality, he seems to forget that his people also originated slavery.His delusional racial bias would lead you to believe that melanin gives people superpowers, makes them some kind of an übermensch, raising their IQ into the octople digits. All while those who have little melanin in their body are disgusting monstrous abominations that should be promptly exterminated.

On Drunken Peasants

Gazi appeared in Episode 141 in a video announcing that he's totally not a faggot (perhaps doing so in the most flamboyant way imaginable). He claims he's not gay because the concept of being gay is a white European social construct by sociopathic-cavebeast parasites. TJ had no words, except explicit stating that he found Gazi obnoxious. Ben initially wanted to play the video earlier in the podcast, even having showed it to Scotty prior to starting the live show. They both found it unbearable, but were convinced to play it on the show later that night.
A meme version of his reparations video.

It should be noted that Sargon of Akkad, who guest stared in the episode, had done a reply to the Gazi video covered in the show on his own channel prior, and was perfectly willing to let the hosts suffer through it on theirs.

Gazi returned in Episode 181 during the White Guilt segment.

In Episode 201, it was revealed that he owns a white sex slave with nearly as much white guilt as PaulsEgo. He bitched and moaned about some Macklemore song or something, all while using his white boy as a mouthpiece, whom he obnoxiously treated like shit the entire time. Gazi spent most of the video constantly interrupting him or forcing him to repeat what he says over and over and over in a louder voice.

Gazi appeared 35 episodes later where he made white people pay reparations to black people. It was one of his most painful videos to date.

In Episode 241, he and a whole gang of his of Uhuru bullies went to a Ghetto-ass convenience store to harass a middle eastern manager because he called one of his girlfriends a bitch and kicked her out - all while he and his friends ironically disparaged the manager's race. Therefore they were there to "shut [the whole gas station] down" by screaming and throwing tantrums in the store and all over the outside's gas pumps until the "pigs" were called and unsuccessfully tried to get them to leave. Then he started dancing in front of the very civil-acting cops like a court jester with a megaphone, taunting and demanding that they arrest him so he can incite a controversy. You could just see him giddy as a schoolgirl in anticipation to fling an entire deck of the race cards at these poor cops for laying a single finger on him, so they nope'd the fuck out of there after demanding they leave - which he only did hours later.

For the 9000th reason he is a reprehensible human being; in Episode 251, he returned in a car video. Which as we all know, is the death knell of obscurity. Basically he shared his shitty hateful smug thoughts on a recent event where a waitress was snubbed a tip at a sizable table by a black customer with a note on the receipt saying the entitled bitch didn't need to give no tip, because the waitress was white and the customer was owed reparations. Obviously being an entitled greedy shit, he gave a mighty "Uhuru!" the customer's actions and encouraged all his viewers to do the same. Thereby proving black equality superiority by furthering the stereotype of black customers, being stingy tippers... BRILLIANT!! Ironically, he also made a few rather racially-insensitive jabs at Native Americans. But as we already know, blacks like him can be racist to any white, red, yellow or brown skinned cave beasts all they want because "Wee wuz keengz! Wee iz da massa race, yall!"

On Episode 316, he rather disturbingly-gleefully said he was glad a mentally retarded white guy was beaten and tortured by his "African brothers and sisters". Saying that toilet seat complexion retards deserve it, because bla bla bla colonialism, bla bla bla capitalism bla bla bla give reparations to add to his model agent budget. Just to make him look more like a racist psychopath, he brought back Jessie, his white cuck slave to submissively advocate every evil hateful thing he said. Looking the whole time like a hostage with a gun pointed to him off camera.


  • Black Hitler has a strange obsession with demanding reparations from white people.
  • Gazi is also the long-lost brother of G Man and is Ben's boyfriend.
  • He made a post on Instagram saying rest in peace to Vester Flanagan, the black guy who shot three white people on live television. Top fucking bloke he was.[1]
  • The Drunken Peasants have humorously made the connection between Gaza Kodzo, and Ruby Rhod, whom he resembles.
  • He has an entire plantation of gay white slaves that tend to his every need. At the slightest transgression or when he's bored, they go to the hot box.
  • He is so annoying that even da poo poo does not want to be eaten by him out of sheer disgust.
  • He thinks only the "non-white Jews" are "true Jews" and nobody should shed a tear for the holocaust because only "fake Jews" died; further proof that he is Black Hitler
  • He thinks that Cop Killers are heroes.
  • Another rich fucker that wants to pretend he's oppressed while being a modeling agent that could "buy a BMW cash, gurl".
  • He thinks that Donald Trump is an illegal immigrant.
  • He masturbated at least twenty times to the Chicago Kidnapping of a white mentally disabled guy by four black people. Moaning and chanting "Uhuru..." and finishing with a shrill screech as his acidic jizz burned a hole in the adjacent wall.
  • Like another antagonist, he pussied out of debating Blaire White and called her a "white cum-bucket cunt". Even though he is an on-and-off-again advocate for feminism and went apeshit over a gas station manager calling one of his fellow Uhuru bitches a bitch.
By being "same-gender loving", he is breaking the law in a large number of African countries. Meanwhile, not a single "western colonialist" country would put him to death or put him in jail for taking it in the ass. Irony y'all.

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