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G Man
About to bust into rhyme.
About to bust into rhyme.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Construction worker
  • Leader of Preaching to the Choir Ministries
  • Commander of the Masters of Stupidity

TRUE Christianity

Political philosophy
  • Conservatism
  • Conspiratism

4.1 (mental age)

Birth place

Unknown, (possibly Georgia)
"Gary, where are you?!?"


The G Spot, New Jersey; United States


Making raps that are as terrible as his arguments.

Social Networking
Youtube channel
Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour


Read your Bible and do what it says!
— G Man's catchphrase, first shown during Atheist Pwned Rap.[1]
They're doing plenty for starving children, taking their donations and buying themselves nice houses, better cars, better watches, you know, and paying their bills. That's what they're doing with starving children's money. The Amazing Atheist does it all the time.
— G Man's take on Drunken Peasants during episode 279.[2]

Gary[3] is an American YouTuber, master-(de)bater and prolific rap artist who uploads videos about theology, creates strong and convincing arguments for Christianity, drops sick bars, all while going under the handle of G Man - the G is short for "Gish Gallop". He is comparable to the first goomba you have to defeat if you want to find an easy first target to stump in a religious debate, being that he flops around helplessly like a fish without even needing rebuke. He often calls out atheists and other Christians, exposing their "lies and hypocrisy". He is the perfect example of an otherwise cool guy who has been entirely tainted by devotion to his religion. It's actually quite unfortunate being that the peasants have said they would probably get along with him otherwise.

He is the only black person ever to live who can spit mean rhymes, smoke pan, and pray to Jesus at the same time.

On G Man

G Man created a YouTube channel to make videos consisting of him trying to shove his biblical bullshit down your throat at all times. He often opens Google Hangouts in which he either invites only Christians for a boring all-out echo chamber, or sometimes he brings in pretty much anyone willing to appease to his bullshit rules. He unwittingly wastes this time trying to try to convert atheists who already are convinced he is a complete dumbass. He also has videos of just him talking about religion, that are often unbearable to watch without ԀP commentary. Most of the time it's just him complaining about atheists picking on him, not thinking it may be related to the fact his videos are poorly edited, unscripted, drawn-out and boring.

On his channel, G Man hosts uh... Preaching to the Choir Ministries, essentially the name for G Man's Christian community on YouTube. "Preaching to the choir" is an English idiom that suggests one is telling a group of individuals something that they already know and do not need to be told again. G Man somehow never remembers the name of his ministry and hesitates to remember it before the start of every fucking video.[4] The bulk of the ministry consists of Drunken Peasants fans, who are mostly atheist, compounding the lack of sense in the title. G Man said that he named it this because his brother said that he was going to preach to Christians, so G Man isn't completely retarded.

G Man also has zest for the art of busting rhymes. He has posted several videos addressing rivals. He refuses to take the advice of The Drunken Peasants on how to improve his raps. This is because the ԀP are clearly jealous of G Man's superior rapping skills. His signature line is "Read your Bible and do what it says". G Man has challenged TJ on several occasions to a rap battle however this has never come to pass because TJ knows he would be crushed under the might of G Man's raps. G Man once also faced both Jean-François Gariépy and Vadim Newquist in a sick as fuck rap battle. The rap battles, which took place during episode 121 and episode 179 respectively, consisted of some badass, cerebral sick ass bars from JF and Vadim, followed by a half-assed skippity flippity spiritual lyrical shit schlock from G Man.

On Drunken Peasants

Main article: G Man Saga

During his initial appearance on the Drunken Peasants, he was introduced as a close friend and ally of Brett Keane. G Man has been in an on and off abusive relationship with Keane in the time since, at some point believing him to be a liar and five minutes later running back for more. It seems G Man hasn't learned from his dealings with the manatee and probably never will. TJ Kirk has clearly stated that by now he hates every time he sees G Man appear on the podcast and only endures him when Ben subjects him to it for the audience's amusement. These days, he rarely ever makes his appearance on the show as the peasants regard him as having lost his passion and anything that made him interesting to begin with.


This is my first G Man video. I heard that Jesus liked to call people "cheap whores" too.
— So transparently full of shit that even Chris Anderson could see it.[5][6]

With the many times G Man has been on the show and debated people, he has presented some of his arguments. Below is a compilation of his stupidity intelligence:

  • When debating religion with Drunken Peasants, G Man told the hosts to "present [me] with a starving child". The phrase immediately became a favorite of ԀP, as it serves as a testament to the absurdity of theism. Part of G Man's evidence for the existence of a benevolent deity is a personal anecdote. G was in some financial difficulties, and he prayed for money. His prayer was answered (possibly by Satan or Allah).
  • The ԀP hosts asked G Man about unanswered prayer. They pointed to the burgeoning evangelism in central Africa, and how food shortages there have not been solved despite the massive increase in prayers to the Christian God.
  • G Man responded with skepticism towards the existence of starving African children. Yeah. The obvious irony is that he believes in a God based on faith, yet vehemently doubts the existence of starving children. Really, if he wants to see a starving child, all he has to do is skip lunch and look in the mirror.
  • Another G Man classic is his "show me when a canine turns into a non-canine" line of rhetoric. G Man uses it to destroy evolutionists such as Thunderf00t and undeniably prove Creationism. This certain argument was invented by Kent Hovind to refute the strawman version of Macro-Evolution ever since then this argument has been used by creationists all over the world. The ԀP fanbase and hosts ridiculed G Man even more than usual following the incident. This argument has since been completely refuted by the genius/god known as Jim Ass, as he actually has seen a canine turn into a non-canine.
There's your non-canine.

Alter Egos

Perhaps due to a case of biblical-induced schizophrenia, G Man always breaks out into mad ramblings when he knows he is losing an argument. He often resorts to childishly mocking the opposition through threats of eternal damnation and an endless arsenal of straw-man fallacies. His lunacy seems to have given birth to alternate personalities, one would initially think that these alter egos must be some form of satire, until you realize G Man is the same man who refers to a toy Halloween skull as Alex Botten. Botten being an atheist on YouTube that G Man mutually loathes.

An incomplete list of G Man's alter egos can be found here:

  • G Man's atheist persona is known as the "Chocolate Atheist". He did a few videos with this character. ShannyIsMe lost her shit about the persona, so G Man stopped to get her to shut her whore mouth. The character shows that G Man doesn't take life too seriously, which the Drunken Peasants appreciate.
  • G Man's female and more entertaining equivalent is known as G Woman. She came to life in Episode 115 when BeyondPhere needed a beautiful model for inspiration and G Man obliged with a blond wig. She then went on to quote Second Glance and inflict a pleasantly surprising troll on Scotty.


Main article: Quotes by G Man
How do you know one of the Apostles didn't reach the Americas and preach the Gospel?
— G Man talking to Aids Dank.[7]
Hey, atheist. Why did you shove a banana up YO BUTT?
— G Man's first question to TJ Kirk.
Atheists say we have the burden of proof, I just say that's a bunch of number two.
— Some of G Man's well thought out lyrics.
Show me an example of a canine turning into a non-canine.
— G Man's final nail in the coffin on the evolution "debate".
I want evidence! I want evidence!! I WANT EVIDENCE!!!
— Being a mature adult in countless hangouts.


  • G Man has stated that he usually makes most of the beats to his raps, if he has the time to do. The peasants commented that his beats are actually pretty fucking great and that he should pursue that instead of rapping.
  • Ben probably knows more about scripture than him.[8]
  • He has a phobia of porcelain dolls.
  • G Man is by far the most formidable threat and long lasting to The Drunken Peasants, having defeated them every time he has appeared on the show and refuting their arguments with little hesitation.
  • Despite formerly being a member of Brett's posse and an antagonist, G Man now regularly appears on the show and is more of a friendly rival or pet lemur than a foe. Update: Nope, back to being Brett's underling and hating the Peasants.
  • G Man has attempted to rap battle TJ multiple times but with little success. This is because TJ is a pussy.
  • He doesn't have his drivers' licence and doesn't know how to drive at all.[9]
  • G Man uses an unregistered version of "Wondershare" to make his rap videos. He doesn't need to waste his money on this when he has more important things to consider, like destroying atheism! G Man mentioned in one of his raps that he loves the program.
  • Possessing an infinite IQ, G Man is the smartest man to ever exist.
  • G Man resides in Jersey City, New Jersey.[10]
  • There are no starving Christian children.
  • He can't dance worth a shit, as admitted by himself.[11]
  • He claims atheism is a religion.[12]
  • G Man claims that he became a Christian when he was 22-years-old, after deciding between Christianity or Islam, because his parents were Muslims.
  • G Man usually tries to answer the peasants' questions with a question of his own.
  • G Man is actually a pretty cool guy. ԀP and Paul's Ego are quite amicable towards G Man and say that he would probably be a friend of theirs in real life.
  • G Man is the only theist/creationist to be considered an ally of the Drunken Peasants.
  • G Man is surprisingly subscribed to TJ Kirk, The Drunken Peasants, and even Wild Bill For America.
  • G Man has said on air that he "would like to try homosexual intercourse with Scotty". Scotty reluctantly accepted the offer, although many fans are suspicious about Scotty's reservations. Scotty and G Man were married in Burlington, Vermont, in December 2014.
  • He once confused the Greek god, Pan, with the Disney character, Peter Pan.
  • He keeps a notebook handy for any potential debates he could have.
  • He once brought a megaphone to the episode 100 special.
  • He said the C-word (crap) in episode 105, so you know he's fucking pissed.
  • He opposes the use of the word "species", preferring "kinds", because fuck taxonomy.
  • He suggested getting Cristina Rad on the show, though the peasants remain unacquainted with her.
  • He has six nipples, as he is a canine that turned into a non-canine
  • He has admitted that there is nothing wrong with slavery and that its ok as long as the slaves masters aren't treating the slaves cruelly and provide them with compensation.
  • G Man rap battled Creationist Cat on the episode 121 of the show and got completely owned.
  • G Man is subscribed to the FunToyzCollector YouTube channel, which mainly reviews such toys as Barbie dolls, Frozen dolls, My Little Pony toys and Hello Kitty toys.
  • G Man was on hiatus from YouTube that started in July and ended in September of 2015
  • G Man officially became a Godly Bro on Episode 148 appointed by the mighty and vigilant christian Mario.
  • G man and Mario had passionate sex after Episode 148 while singing the song, "Can you feel the love, tonight"
  • He recently took on who he calls Racism is Unstoppable. The belligerent marsupial's rebuttal was naturally filled with nothing but personal insults. Once again using his skin color as an adjective in his insults against a non white person, just like Tim Black and Cenk Uygur, imagine that.
  • His rapping sounds exactly like Steven Universe's rapping about Cookie Cat, with all the immaturity and none of the charm.
  • He has a very bizarre habit of thinking sarcasm and facetious tones are 100% true, which can possibly be a very disturbing implication if he's not trolling.
  • Contrary to popular belief, G Man can admit he has lost something; the planets just have to all be aligned with a blue moon.
  • He hates Black Hebrew Isrealites.



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Being a manchild sociopathic cunt- I mean master debator.
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