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This man is so butthurt and pathetic that he resorted to wiki vandalism and has threatened to false flag the Peasants. Also if you are reading/editing this article, you are considered a stalker and will have a minimum of ten derogatory videos and/or tweets made about you by him.

If you're a guy and you see this man, run for the hills cuz he's comin fo yo booty.
— Signed The Great Joseph Martelli

But seriously: please be cautious when dealing with this mentally-challenged manchild. Because he has taken multiple bus trips across the country to stalk and slander people in their cities, just for arguing with him or making videos about him on the internet. So far he hasn't done anything illegal because he's a pussy-ass coward, but who knows what else he could be capable of.

Brave Sir Joseph Fartsmelli
Joseph Martelli running from the DP Columbus meetup.
Joseph Martelli running from the DP Columbus meetup.
Personal Details

Repressed Homosexual, Stalker and Internet Tough Guy, janitor at local hospital





Birth date

July 7, 1977

Birth place

Niagara Falls, New York


Niagara Falls, New York


Spending hundreds of dollars in hotel rooms and bus fare to stalk people for making fun of him on the internet. Then going home to his park bench.

Social Networking
Youtube channel

(constantly changes it between sock accounts shown below)
Joseph Martelli JM7777 Martelli Joseph JM7777


Robert rvt2 Robinson (uses it to unconvincingly impersonate Robert Robinson)

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour



Despite being rather portly, his body isn't as dense as you'd expect because he's full of shit.

Body build

Potato-headed Bear

One less Muslim and he managed to take out 50 faggots with him.... sometimes God uses Sinners to punish other sinners.

— One of his many goodly Christian comments.

Joseph John Marinara Scooby Doo Martelli AKA Joseph Martelli ideservehell4mysin 7777 Cuckold Destroyer (seriously his full username) is an unhinged, pathetically narcissistic, brain-dead, re-closeted, homosexual monkey that lives in a barrel perpetually going over Niagara Falls, or with his grandma and living off of her social security, or a park bench in whatever town he visits to stalk people that call him names on the internet. He is known throughout atheist circles for preaching his hatred towards homosexuals outside a local adult bookstore he used to patronize before becoming saved by Jezuz and then married some poor woman named Laurie before she (predictably) divorced him. He likes to act like a big tough guy, but actually comes off less manlier than RuPaul. His hobbies include filming sidewalks, food and his penis, searching his name daily (we're not kidding, he admits it), stalking and harassing people online and offline and threatening to commit mass shootings.

His personality is that of a constantly pissed-off bundle of rage and vitriol that lashes out at any minor transgression and seeks out people just to argue with and harass when he goes a single day without attention - even and especially adolescents. Also he's that special kind of crazy that lies more than he expels carbon dioxide and methane and says things about people that are clearly just projections of his own numerous flaws. The only time he's ever seen smiling is usually an awkward faux laugh to continue his narcissistic delusions of being the one true Christian. He thinks any and all Christians that don't hate faggots with all their heart and fury, as well as devote every single waking moment to praying and reading the bible over and over again every single day, are fag-supporting pharisees. Disturbingly, he also believe himself to be a sinner already condemned to hell, so his unstable moral philosophy is that he can sin all he wants as long as he tries to repent. But since he's going to hell anyway, it's OK for him to be an evil sociopath and commit any sin he wants. The only reason he hasn't gone on a killing spree is because he's too much of a pussy who cries and runs from any actual non-internet danger at the drop of a hat.

Joseph has a shit ton of autistically-titled YouTube channels where he regularly posts and deletes small videos with incoherent titles that detail his small, meaningless little life. One of the more exciting additions to Joseph's channel (aside from the dozens and dozens of mundane bullshit no one cares about) is his acquisition of a free gay pride flag to which he makes tiny scorch marks on with a lighter in an act of defiance (and he's too much of a pussy to just burn the whole thing). He eventually fully immolated the flag when he grew some fucking balls and no shits were given that day.

He lives in Niagara Falls - you know how we know this? Because he will not shut the fuck up about demanding all his "stalkers" (anyone that so much as mildly hates him online) come there to confront him in person. Though hilariously, any time somebody says they will, he goes into full panic mode and threatens to call the cops to somehow immediately arrest or "blue paper" them if they do come. This ploy is all just his master plan of being a perpetual victim. He loves to constantly post rude harassing comments to people online, call them at all hours if he finds their phone number, or go to their cities if he finds their addresses and pass by their houses. This is all a tactic of bull baiting so that he has dirt to cry to the nearest authorities over, including trying to taunt people to physically harm him to he can cry assault.

He is a rampant fucker of his own children and shows no remorse when he cums inside them shouting, "OOOOHHHH ITS JOSPEH MARTELLI ALL UP IN YOUR SUPPLE ASS". He's scared shitless of Tommy From The Bronx and is belived to have had been his prision bitch I made a past life.


i aced my GED signed Joseph Martelli

— Something he's pathetically proud of.

Martelli has been featured on the Drunken Peasants as well as being the subject of videos by Jaclyn Glenn and Mr. Repzion (or MrRep-ZY-on as Joseph incorrectly properly pronounces). In a response video to said YouTuber, Joseph recalls a time prior to his "salvation" when he came to the adult bookstore/gay fuckpad with the intent on getting dick-sucked by another man, only to be repulsed by the presence of bukkake and the smell of penis on a guy's breath (though it's more likely he was actually just rejected for being the human swine that he is).

Joseph later turned his life around when he went took a right turn into God's way. However, "God's way" turned out to be the loony bin and he now spends his days regularly expressing his self-loathing and condemning others who have way better than him. Joseph somehow married a woman (not an imaginary one) and spread his defective seed when he birthed a couple of kiddies (heaven help these children). His wife then divorced him when she regained her sanity and vision (and sense of smell). Joseph took the divorce pretty well considering he stalked and harassed her for a long time before moving on with his life by stalking and sending dickpics to other girls just to prove to his paranoid insecure self that he is the most heterosexual man on earth.

Now the only thing he's known for is constantly buying cheap temporary burner phones to record his food, his reflection of his doughy body and hammer tattoo in his grandma's house's mirror, sidewalks as he walks the streets at night rambling like a lunatic, and himself yelling at people on the internet for attention. He also has taken up spending hundreds of his low government-aided income to take ridiculously long bus trips to stalk his haters' cities and houses. It's gotten to the point that his bed has been shown to be random public benches in Niagara Falls. The crazy part is that he thinks this is totally worth it as long as his fragile narcissistic ego stays in tact.

On Drunken Peasants

Martelli first appeared in Episode 56 that viewed a video of his criticizing TJ, asking what is so "amazing" about The Amazing Atheist. Martelli argued that TJ isn't amazing because he'll eventually die one day (shocker!), using Jeopardy! as an analogy in which he demonstrates no knowledge of how the show actually operates, and claims that atheism is wrong and the Bible is right because the Bible said so (that's pretty much the extent of his arguing style).

He reappeared in the following podcast at 22 minutes in as a response video to ԀP. In the video, Martelli said he didn't care about his misunderstanding of the show Jeopardy! and that he'd rather read the Bible than watch that show (to which Ben and TJ lamented on how Martelli could actually learn something if he watched it). He then quoted Psalm 14:1 (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God) and ended the video abruptly. TJ commented on how the video lacked anything substantive, unaware of that being par for the course for Joseph's videos.

He eventually returned on episode 203 where he explained his solution for the gays. He would separate gays and lesbians in two islands so they'll die off and not spread the gay anymore. Joseph was completely unaware that gay people are BORN FROM STRAIGHT COUPLES!!! You can also see his breath while he films himself in his shitty house. Meaning that either he's too poor, cheap or stupid to use a heater in the middle of winter, or his wife is actually Linda Blair.

On episode 208 he challenged the ԀP to a google hangout. The ԀP accepted his challenge but instead of having a google hangout they invited him on a future show. Judging from his past challenges at google hangouts, stalling and voided any and all contact while declaring his detractors as cowards for not showing up to the hangout only he knows the deadline to.

He was in Episode 213 where he told TJ he was cute and would turn him into a little bitch.

In episode 217, because he's clearly doing it for attention, he takes Tommy Sotomizer's side in DMCAGate 2016. His entire video was just threatening to beat them up over the internet if they ever dared to let him on the show - even though he was the one that demanded a debate. As well as ad hominem attacks against the peasant's looks and weight and saying he would destroy all four of them in a debate or fight. In general, coming off as a "Fight me IRL!" Internet Tough Guy and the start of his new obnoxious persona.

Joseph made a return in episode 227 explaining to Jesus why he false flagged the peasants. Swearing on his grimy creepy looking bible and rambling about how he won't come to the Peasants' properties like he does with other people. As well as repeating over and over that he will not bear false witness, even though he lies about every other sentence every day. So naturally he pulls a Keane and says he never wanted to DMCA the Peasants while there is glaring evidence to the contrary.

In episode 228, the peasants watch a video of him rambling after withdrawing his false DMCA and how the world is not gonna see his face again for a while - if only he wasn't a pathological liar. His master plan is to scatter his videos across YouTube in about twenty different channels (all we can find are listed in the sidebar) so that ԀP fans can't find him. The oh-so-subtle chink in this plan's armor is that he's too much of a narcissistic orangutan to not put his own name in every single title of the countless videos he makes; so all it takes is a single search. As Paul points out, he says the internet if full of liars and hypocrites while he himself matches that description perfectly. They spent the rest of the video laughing their asses off at his feeble attempts at being an internet tough guy.
Joseph admitting Brett gave him the Peasant's dox at the time of his death threats.
The Peasants and Tommy called him in episode 229 the night before he threatened to come to the meetup where he screamed and ranted like a twelve year old, still demanding they come to Niagara Falls to confront him while he was already in their city ready to stalk them all day. Hilariously, he hung up on them when they tried to ask him what his goals for coming to Columbus was, ranting "Yus not gonna talk to me!". For the results of his toughguy chest-beating, see "Confrontation with the Peasants" below.

In episode 246, they showed an exclusive clip of Joseph taking a nineteen hour bus trip just to stalk somebody in Maine for three days. The person confronted him alone and Joseph ran like the devil himself was after him while the person chased after him; all while Joseph was hilariously calling him the stalker. Again, while Joseph was the one traveling nineteen hours by bus to talk about this person to random strangers and local eateries to the point that the person is now banned from a few. As well as standing across the street and staring at the person's apartment and filming them from a hiding spot about three times. For more details, see "Stalking the 'Stalkers'" below.

He made his return in episode 256 where he showed how much of a crazy loser he is by interviewing himself shambling down the sidewalk as to why he took two whole weeks away from his precious internet before going back to searching his name every day. As pointed out, it's very very pathetic how lonely he is; because even Brett has enough followers to stroke his ego while all Joseph has is himself. Like he's a halfling cursed by an evil ring that developed a second personality while eating raw fish in a cave near Niagara Falls. Hell, even Brett distanced himself from Joseph after he got bored.

They also looked at an old video somebody kept of him doing a cringey as hell skit in a doctor's office with gauze wrapped around his head and rambling about faith vs science. The hilarious part is how Paul speculated that he made a doctor's appointment and filmed himself fake screaming on the examination table while everyone in the clinic could probably hear him through the walls. But according to official sources this video was actually filmed during a period of time where Joseph Martelli was employed at a local hospital either as a orderly or as a member of the custodial staff. His status working at this hospital is unknown at this time but there is rumors that he may have actually been fired from his job due to his behavior on YouTube.

From that day on, the Peasants refuse to feature his videos. Though they did acknowledge on Rage Feed that Joseph tried to dox their new studio. But since he only said it on his Instagram that nobody who isn't somehow a friend can see, nobody cared. Though if he does escalate things, Scotty has said that he will file a restraining order. We can only hope that he tries to come over anyway so somebody can finally arrest his psycho ass.

In episode 311, the embargo was broken when Joseph and Brett once again joined forces to become duplicitous fucks that take things way too far. Basically during the events of the meetup scare in Columbus with the death threats, Brett doxed the Peasants to Joseph. They confronted Brett with this in the second Vimeo video on the sociopath sea-mammal, which Joseph apparently got a hold of either pirating it or being a dumbass and actually giving the Peasants money to continue being angry about them in more ten second videos. Either way, this eventually lead to Joseph finding the address of the Peasant's new studio as said above, as well as posting a picture of Paul's new apartment as a vague threat, like he does with other people he visits to stalk. Brett chose to deny that he doxed the peasants by using Joseph as a citation in an interview and threatening another slander and liability lawsuit. Basically a pathological liar advocating for a pathological liar.

Orn episode 312, the Peasants went over a video of Brett's where he announced that he has no idea who Joseph Martelli really is; not unlike Peter denying Jesus (we bet Joseph lurking and reading this article every time it's edited will no doubt be flattered by this comparison, due to his messiah complex). Whereas what really happened is after Brett's interview and trying to join forces with him to say the Peasants lied about the doxing, Brett made a video asking Joseph to just ignore the Peasants and not feed the drama (oh god the irony). Joseph responded belligerently, saying: "Never! The drama ends when I says it ends, because I'm Joseph Martelli and nobody tells Joseph Martelli what to do! Fuck yuz!" now Brett has been added to his shitlist. Needless to say Brett's video was full of shit, backed up by the screenshots shown on the episode and seen to the right. Either way, the Peasants decided to put an embargo on Brett videos as of 2017, so hopefully Joseph will be included vicariously. That way, the miniature Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of Hate and Madness can finally be put to rest with a steady starvation of attention.


His interactions with DP in a political cartoon.

After Joseph Martelli saw a video from ԀP where TJ said he could choke slam Joseph he got butthurt and false DMCAd the peasants after just getting their channel back from the Tommy Sotomayor incident. Fortunately Joseph changed his mind and dropped the DMCA so he wouldn't look like a cunt in front of everyone. Though being the narcissistic history-revisionist he is, he made a stupid video swearing on the bible that he never did any of this. Also while basically parroting Brett Keane and Daddy Derek's ludicrous understanding of copyright laws where he thinks nobody should be using any of his videos without his permission. Also believing that because it's not literally a fair depiction of him, it's not fair use. He's also threatened to sue the Peasants over this but it's very clear he doesn't have the legal know-how or money to do so and is just doing what he normally does; lie as much as he breathes. To this day, he's still throwing fits about how the Peasants are making money off of his golden high-quality material.

Threatening ԀP

Kidnapping Paul.

On April 29, 2016, Joseph threatened to come to a ԀP meetup and presumably go on a shooting spree; implied by an Instagram post of a google image of a gun on a bible before setting the account to private and blocking everyone. This caused TJ to respond on Twitter, and TommyfromtheBronx and Galen Hallcyon defended the peasants, saying that Joseph is just a little pussy and won't do shit.

When Galen asked Joseph if he was really going to the meetup, Joseph rescinded his claim, probably because it would require a lot of energy and physical exertion for his inflated body. That or he's a pussy and didn't want to risk getting in trouble with the law.

What Joseph thought would happen on the ԀP meet up (art by SuperWheatley)

Confrontation with the Peasants

♪Brave Martelli ran away♪


♪Bravely ran away away♪

"Dey shot me!"

♪When danger reared its ugly head♪

♪He bravely turned his tail and fled♪

"Fuck you, faggot!"

♪Yes, brave Martelli turned about♪

"Come to Niagara Falls!"

♪And gallantly he chickened out♪

♪Bravely taking to his feet♪

"I don like yus!"

♪He beat a very brave retreat♪

"Stop stalkin' me!"

♪Bravest of the brave, Martelli!♪

"*sniff* I-I'm callin' da police!"

♪Yus can sing, yus can dance, and yus won't soil yo pants!♪

After constantly threatening the peasants that he would show up at the meetup he finally had the courage to walk by Midnight Slice where the meetup was taking place - even though he lied, saying he wouldn't go. The fans called Joseph out and started calling to him to come inside. Martelli then threw out a bunch of insults at the fans and after Pimpmunkx and TommyFromTheBronx were walking towards him he made a run for it, making himself look like an utter fool. He ran straight for the nearest police department in tears and a red puffy face, while later saying he was shot by fans and in the hospital. Somehow having enough cognitive thought, he quickly tried to bury his accusations and went immediately back to demanding people come to Niagara Falls the moment he was on the bus home. He already wants to come back to Columbus (and apparently is on his way back) to... be in the same city as the Drunken Peasants; somehow this is a massive humiliation to them, because random people on the street don't know who TJ is. Either way, it should be interesting to see if he burns his entire income staying in Columbus hotels to feed his insane ego.

Joseph Martelli's DEATH THREATS
Martelli Running for His Life
Alternate Video Angle
Theme song

YouTube Channel

Joseph Martelli here. Fuck yus faggots, stop calling me names and stop stalkin' me or I'll cum to yus city and tell peoples about yus! Ah don care bout yus! Ah don care about yus so much that ah'll instantly reply to every comment and video about the great Joseph Martelli, because ah google ma name daily... dat's how much ah don care bout yus! If you gotta problem wit what am sayin' cum ta Niagara Falls. Ah'll have a cop and bullet proof vest waitin, you cowards'! Peace!

— Every video he has and will ever make, set to copious amounts of junkfood or a sidewalk.
The only way his videos can be entertaining.
Joseph complimenting himself on his many sock channels while insulting a 14 year old girl and his ex wife for the ten thousandth time.

If someone responds to his videos, he'll make a video about it. If he argues with someone in a comment thread, he'll make a video about it. If he eats a meal, he'll make a video about it. If there's a visible sidewalk, he'll make a video about it. If he talks to a woman for 3 minutes, he'll make a video about it. If he takes a shit, he'll make a video about it. If he has a lucid thought, he won't make a video about it because it'll never happen.

He's also known for replying to nearly every comment on any one of his videos (if not disabled) or any other people's videos (even monthths or years old) with childish insults, death threats, suicide goading and sock accounts he logs in and out of to make it feel like he actually has real friends. He also uses them to downvote videos, upvotte his videos and compliment himself. The reason he just doesn't disable ratings is that he just craves and enjoys attention of any kind. He only resorts to mass blocking and wiping out every single video's comments when he runs out of steam calling people fags and telling them to kill themselves or let their parents fuck him in two or three different accounts.

Here is an extensive list of his sock accounts that he constantly creates and renames:

"Joseph Martelli here, talking to Joseph Martelli about Joseph Martelli being totally awesome to Joseph Martelli. Deuces."

Stalking the "Stalkers"

His new way of dissing who he refers to as "stalkers" (IE: everyone that makes a comment or video disagreeing with his homophobic views) is to spend hundreds of dollars of his already minute income on bus trips, fast food and hotels in order to shit in a toilet in the same place his stalkers live in... Brilliant!! Ever since coming to Columbus Ohio to stalk and harass the Peasants, he took another trip to Phoenix Arizona to walk around the city because a 13 year old girl made some videos making fun of him. Days later, he went up to Augusta Maine to stalk one of his other detractors' house, standing across the street at least three times and bolting like a scared squirrel the instant the detractor saw him. Other antics in Maine include the detractor person meeting him at the bus stop and following him as he sprinted away while dialing 911. Then him posting a video telling said person to come to a local park, or he's a pussy coward, only for the detractor to make it to the park in about three minutes only to find Joseph was long gone, beating his chest in his hotel with another video about a sloppy lunch. All the while calling the detractor a stalker while Joseph was the one that took a nineteen hour bus trip and three day stay in a hotel just to go to every eatery the detractor frequents to talk shit about him to everyone he meets and stare at the man's apartment from across the street and take footage of the detractor leaving their apartment. No seriously, this is not a joke: please be cautious when dealing with this psychopath, because if your location is anywhere in your Youtube, Twitter or Google+ profile, he might want to come to your city to slander your name to random strangers, stalk your home from the sidewalk and who knows what else. This is the psycho that seriously believes he is a sinner and deserves to go to hell already, therefore he doesn't need to worry about sin in the mortal world and can do whatever he wants in the name of God. Such as lie, harass and post pictures of guns or his own penis to try and scare people.

Him commenting on every video his Maine-residing detractor makes with a new sock account, including suicide encouragement.
Him going full Laughing Witch
Running away after coming 19 hours on a bus to stalk somebody.
Him yelling at an adolescent girl he traveled all the way to Arizona to stalk.


  • Joseph Martelli officially announced himself that Brett Keane gave him the peasants' private address.
  • He says he wants to go to every "stalker's" home and "do something about them". We reiterate, this is the guy that posted two pictures of guns on Instagram; so draw what conclusion you may from these two factoids.
  • He's also a massive conspiracy nut that often subscribes to Infowars with whatever his current main channel is. He thinks Obama is handing the internet over to the UN, which he calls "Lucifers "Trust". Maybe whenever that happens, he'll be too scared to use the internet and finally leave everyone alone.
  • If Joseph is stalking you, do not worry. Approach him, and he will wet himself and run away.
  • He himself shows that he sleeps on a public bench in New York while spending hundreds of government-aided income on huge portioned fast food, junk food and candy for groceries, burner smartphones, cross-country bus trips and hotel rooms just to stalk people. It's a wonder how he even has a house still or why he no longer sleeps in it. But in previous videos, it shows that he can't afford a heater in winter evident by the sight of his breath.
  • He claims the bible is literally the only book he will and has ever read. Definitely excluding any form of curricular textbook. The only movies he likes to watch are Jesus Christ Superstar and other films based on bible stories, accompanied by a full bottle of lotion. He even thinks the God's Not Dead movies are good.
  • He's a pathological liar - much like his new boyfriend - who can't go a single day in his life without lying in a video, comment or tweet.
  • He even spends his birthday all alone posting videos of junkfood, sidewalks and yelling at people on the internet.
  • Martelli has an account on where his nudes are posted.
  • On his anti-Muslim account, he has a video calling himself a prophet. Much like fellow homophobic nutjob, Mario.
  • Joseph has recently lost quite a bit of weight. Well, gyms are full of hot, sweaty, muscular men.
  • One of the various bullshit reasons Joseph condemns homosexuality is because he deems it effeminate, while he later argued against same-sex marriage through a poem.
  • Contrary to... wherever it says in the bible or whatever about cussing being ungodly, Martelli uses the word "fuck" and "faggot" like a comma.
  • When somebody in his comments used bible quote Matthew 7:1 against him saying he can't judge people; he called them a fag, removed the comment and blocked them. Then proceeded to make a video quoting Matthew 7:1 towards his haters.
  • He has a weird obsession with Judas Iscariot and more specifically his suicide. Giving thinly veiled insults that people that hate him should follow Judas's example.
  • Joseph berated Mr. Repzion for insulting him in a video response rather than saying it to his face whilst shooting a video. Guess he doesn't really know how YouTube videos work.
  • You could pause any of his videos and end up with a fantastic screenshot.
  • He wants to send anyone who is not straight to luxurious utopian islands, so there won't be any gays in society, Obviously a flawless plan...
  • He wants the penis, but the penis doesn't want him.
  • Apparently he thinks TJ is cute.
  • Sad, isn't it?
    When he is butthurt he resorts to childish insults. Using multiple sock accounts to pretend he has an internet posse. His response to trolling is a predictable procedure of first using kindergarten insults like "twerp" and "I hate you", then call your parents names and demands he know your mother so he can rape her, demand you kill yourself, delete your channel and go to jail - in that order.
  • Even Repzion could beat this douche canoe in a fight.
  • His Bible is visibly damaged from pressing his thumb against it for extended periods. He must be good at fingering. It also looks a lot like Tom Riddle's diary.
  • Even he admits his life is boring, unless he has an excuse to lie about it.
  • Joseph seems to have a Brett Keane complex because he accused one of our admins of wanting to hurt his children because he made a video response to him. He also wastes precious visiting hours with his children to film them and make them tell his detractors to leave him alone so he can continue teaching them how gay people and atheists are subhuman filth. Ironically he also makes them call him "The Greatest Dad Ever".
  • He puts his signature on comment threads he's argued in.
  • He spends a very disturbing amount of time on the iFunnyface app on his phone scrawling insane messages on random clippings of pictures of people he hates. The modern equivalent of using cut out pieces of magazines for fucking and ransom/death threat letters.
  • According to his obsessive food videos, he eats about as much junk food as two people per meal. One egregious example is three full sized breakfast sandwiches, a large side of tater tots and a large coffee. Others mostly consist of large portioned fast food, pizza, pasta and wings. Maybe somebody should tell him pizza is satanic, because it was invented by ancient Mediterranean pagans thousands of years before Christ.
  • He further snapped recently when one of his ten channels got terminated for bullying. Now he wants to travel all the way to Maine to confront the "faggot" that he thinks is responsible. It's a wonder how he still hasn't been flagged for bullying, threats or hate speech on all his other channels as well.
  • He thinks an admin for this wiki is a troll account for this other guy that's his sworn enemy. In fact, much like psycho-bitch Amy Bouzaglo, he thinks almost every negative comment is a troll or a sock account of another "haters and cyberbullies". Ironically while he also uses sock accounts to help him argue with and bully people.
  • Not only does he not like gay people getting married and should be gassed in camps, but also says that interracial marriage is disgusting. He also unironically has a pious point of view of the Italian race as opposed to every other race, so... Godwin's Law isn't out of the question in his case. Or maybe it's more fitting to compare him to Benito Mussolini.
  • Be afraid, he has found Twitter and has posted about fifty times in a single day on three accounts. Then all three got suspended for bullying and is already back doing the exact same thing on a new handle.
  • He thinks that if he doesn't insult somebody on the internet at least every four hours, his dick will explode.
  • His head is like a potato.
  • He is confirmed to be a racist that thinks races shouldn't mix.
  • His only favorite thing to do is "repent".
  • The longest he has ever been away from the internet is two weeks, something he treated like a long sabbatical.
  • This fat fuck told a girl who called him out to go on a diet because she was 30 pounds overweight. Pot calling kettle black, cunt.
  • He has a terrifying amount of similarities to the Orlando Pulse Club Shooter, Omar Mateen: both were fanatically religious, repressed homosexuals, had a vocal hatred of homosexuality, had anger issues out the wazoo, and were frequent visitors of a homosexual-themed establishment. Luckily for the LGBT community of Niagara Falls New York, he's a complete coward that is too dirt-poor to own a stable house or non-temporary phone, let alone a gun.
  • He's such a stupid creepy fucker that he thought a stripper he got a lapdance from was hitting on him and has fallen in love with her, thinking she reciprocates him. He even brags that he "got laid" by doing that and that that's "intimate lovemaking". He is now stalking a dairy queen clerk by going to the place during her shift and ordering the same strawberry ice cream, calling her "his angel".
  • Joseph continuously harasses numerous DP Wiki staff members including Nowhere Man (formerly LanceCplThomas) and GenoGamma13.
  • He talks to his own sock accounts in comments.
  • He tries to pretend his sock accounts are real, yet he's so stupid that he uses them to upvote, favorite and leave complimentary comments on all his other account's videos and not have "Liked Videos" hidden.
  • He use to live with his grandma until a year or so ago, leeching off her social security. Now he just leeches off welfare and disability.
  • His YouTube channels are like a big gay hydra: if one gets banned, he creates ten more gmail accounts to make ten more.


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