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His current logo, as of May 2017.
His current logo, as of May 2017.
Personal Details
  • Community manager of the Drunken Peasants
  • Founder of Drunken Peasants United
  • Founder & Main Writer of the Wiki
  • Founder of the Discord Server
  • Founder of the Subreddit
  • Head Admin of the Facebook Fan Club
  • Head Admin of the Steam Community
  • Peasant-In-Training

None (atheist)


Drunken Peasants United

Birth place

Birminghamistan, England; United Kingdom


British & American


Smoking pan everyday.

Social Networking

Drunken Peasants Wiki


Magic Apex (Official)
Magic Apex (Fan Club)


@ApexFancy (Personal)
@TheMagicApex (Updates)




Magic Apex


Magic Apex


Uh, what's Assad? Is that a breakfast cereal?
— Fancy's impression of Donald Trump.
The banciest of fadgers, dude. God-Emperor of the DP Discord, Lord to the Kingdom of the DP Fan Community, Uniter of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realms, Fancy Badger.
— PaulsEgo on Highdeology.[1]

Fancy is the creator of Magic Apex, community manager of Drunken Peasants, founder of Drunken Peasants United, and God-Emperor of the Fan Community. Initially only the founder of the Drunken Peasants Wiki, he came into being in charge of every officially-endorsed community and continues to foster communication between them (Including; Discord, Facebook, Steam, Subreddit, Wiki, and Twitch). His main goal in life is to spread clever wordplay far and wide throughout the community while offending every political ideology known to man. On his wiki, Fancy puts his own spin on Drunken Peasants history, which is to say it involves copious amounts of pan.


Early History

Fancy's history in the community originates from watching since around the No Bullshit Podcast and having been a frequent participant in the YouTube Chat, through many months of being a regular in the chat he was occasionally made into a chat moderator during the days when it was a temporary position assigned each show. He was indirectly given a shout out during episode 46. Across the rest of the early history of the show he submitted several questions for the Q&A.

Founding the Wiki

Eventually, he encountered the original Drunken Peasants Wiki on Wikia and was an editor there for a time, before he and some like-minded individuals found out the founder abandoned it. As a result, Fancy decided to found his own wiki using the Wikia service on January 28th of 2015 and recruited a number of other folks to help him staff the wiki who were fans of the podcast. Balance was brought to the DP wiki and they enjoyed recording satirical takes on every little bullshit detail of DP episode. Months later, the Fancy Badger was offered by Ben to make the wiki official in exchange for his undying soul, which he swiftly agreed too without a thought. Eventually, one of the original admins was sabotaged and blocked by Wikia for what was explained by their staff to be a supposed accident, though the abuse of corporate power and unwanted hand-holding cause them to leave the wiki regardless.

ԀP Wiki Situation

In the months following the loss of a founding admin, unease started among the staff and a good deal of valuable editors left. Meanwhile while the whole staff was distracted, Steven Crowder infiltrated the mind of someone among the staff who was persuaded to abandon their morality, hate the peasants, create articles about shit like Filthy Frank and Carlton Banks, and ultimately betray the entire wiki's original purpose openly.[2] After a long struggle, the wiki was regained by the forces of cannabis after a long struggle with the corporate overlords at Wikia. Fancy searched out the help of TJ Kirk, who assisted him in finding new staff to refuel their ranks with people who actually enjoy the show. A video by admin LanceCplThomas was played during episode 210 where he described the drama with cringey jokes included, which explained in detail some of the once intense background politics of the wiki for all fans to see.[3]

A New Vision

Tired of not having control over the wiki they founded, they entire wiki staff agreed to support our local hard-working communist, Innosflew, in his bold vision for a DP Wiki that has it's own domain. After months of tedious bullshit like transferring files, pages, and managing other bullshit. The wiki caught up on information and has been seeing a healthy amount of edits ever since. New features were introduced, like a completed episode guide, comprehensive take on each of the segments and mems on the show, a timeline of the podcast, and easier to comprehend and content-heavy episode pages. Fancy eventually promoted LanceCplThomas to head admin following the move in return for helping bring the revolution to the former wiki, though he eventually fucked off and started delivering pizzas to gay Asian boys everyday, so months later Fancy promoted SwordofStorms to the position instead.

Inebriated Imperialism

By the time the wiki had stabilized for some months, Fancy had his hands in every fan community, not only being the founder of the wiki, but during June of 2016 he also became the founder of the DP Discord Chat, which has gained increasing traction in the fanbase and essentially served as a replacement to the old IRC Chat. He does an absurd amount of work compared to everyone else in the wiki. They are all in awe to his dedication. As of January 2017, he became the top contender for new mod on the subreddit due to his significant contribution and experience in the community and being a 'Merican. This DP imperialism has been noticed, but the fanbase seems to have accepted their new overlord. On January 3rd, Fancy single-handily destroyed the entire subreddit within fifteen minutes of being promoted.[4] During episode 317, he was given his first real shoutout on the podcast by PaulsEgo.

Time is a Flat Circle

Main article: Facebook Fan Club

In the months following the subreddit being placed under control with a bolstered staff, an faggoty libertarian on the DP Facebook Fan Club attempted to stage a coup against the Drunken Peasants over a disagreement with Ben on his moderation, which ultimately resulted in the peasants being demoted from admins of the group. When the peasants regained full control of the group, Fancy was among the few people they trusted fully within the community to be in admin. This led to a sizable backlash against Fancy from people who still insisted on ballwashing the older admin team even though their incompetence is what caused the peasants to require control in the first place. In the end after a couple days of bullshit exchanging between who owned the group, thousands of salty tears were shed when most of the former staff were demoted permanently, making way for the peasants and people who actually watch the podcast to take their place.

Drunken Ascension

In the months following the Fan Club joining the ranks of the other fan communities, Fancy was deemed a community representative of sorts for the show, now having a secure hold on each of the officially endorsed communities due to his history in helping out the show. His work was finally acknowledged by the peasants during episode 330.5 and episode 331, where PaulsEgo offered an all out ballwashing for him managing four fan communities and eluded to something sexy coming his way in the future. All four of the peasants praised Fancy and commanded the fans to flood his Twitter with positive messages. During the episode, Jean-François Gariépy officially diagnosed him as a high-functioning autist.[5] Following this, Fancy began to take on the secondary alias of "Drunken Fancy". As a gift on good faith to the peasants, Fancy worked hard to finally secure TJ his own Wikipedia article after nearly a decade.


I'm the rabbithole TJ warned you about.
— Drunken Fancy [6]
No, Egghead. You've got so much to live for, like The Egghead Show!
— Fancy roasting Egghead on his own show.[7]
I can't smoke free college.
— Fancy's criticism of New York passing free college before legal weed.
Tim Blackwards.
— Fancy after watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
...but the boiling pot is still steamy... and the mac n' cheese is still... creamy.
— Fancy's opinion on Brett Keane


  • He's always high on pannabis.
  • Fancy considers Ben and PaulsEgo to be close friends.
  • He has a theme song.[8]
  • He has a particular dislike of Kate Brooks.
  • Jenny McDermott once attempted to contact him in hopes he would help her harass Armoured Skeptic.
  • He had a dispute with Ryan Wiley over Twitter regarding Christina Hoff Sommers's classification as a feminist.
  • During the cold war between ԀP and Tim, Tim had considered reinstating ԀP's black cards after seeing the wiki page written by Fancy. [9] He later said that the wiki was to thank to helping restore good terms and securing his appearance on episode 151.[10]
  • He believes The UnFunny Comedian (as so called wrestling-in-training) to be a talent-less hack that wouldn't make it a single fight in the ring.
  • When he's high he tends to say random bullshit and laugh at it.
  • He was once a guest on The Egghead Show and considers it the worst decision in his entire career.
  • Despite the hat on his old avatar, he voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 Election. He regrets this decision because he since learned that Jill is fucking insane.
  • Fancy frequently hangs out in the DP Discord server, where he plays salty games of Smite & Heroes of the Storm with PaulsEgo.
  • Fancy is our fucking god and he's the greatest admin and leader we could ever ask for <3




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