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Biological Evolution
  • Biological process
  • Scientific law
  • Scientific theory

"We came from monkeys and rocks!", or if you are not retarded, change in the heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations.

  • Charles Darwin
  • Alfred Russel Wallace
Date of discovery

18th Century

  • Nearly all scientists (97%) accept evolution, and the overall scientific consensus supports evolution.[1]
  • 97.3% of Biological Sciences department heads accept there is no scientific controversy over evolution.[2]
  • Only 700 out of 480,000 earth and life scientists (0.14%) subscribe to literal biblical creationism.[3] But most of those "scientists" are either failed in their career or just got their degrees from unaccredited institutions.
  • Among the general population acceptance of evolution tends to increase with level of education.[4][1] Basically most people who have a basic understanding of science accept evolution.
Show me an example of a canine turning into a non-canine.
G Man being a fucktarded douchepile.

Evolution (also known as Evolutionism or EVILution) is the prevailing scientific explanation for the origin of species (not for the origin of life as some morons like to believe) on Earth.


It makes perfect sense if you're not a faggot with a swollen cunt for a brain. Many Christians and Muslims attempt to discredit evolutionary theory in any way they can because it doesn't jive with their beliefs or whatever.

Fundies often call evolution a religion, because they are exceedingly stupid.


Charles Darwin thought up evolution one day, presumably while he was taking a gigantic shit. He wrote a book about it that's really shit and boring. Since then, butthurt children have been trying to disprove this theory. Amazingly, none have succeeded. It's almost like evolution is a viable theory and everyone who tries to "disprove" it is retarded.

On Drunken Peasants

Despite not being a show based in religion, The Drunken Peasants talk about evolution quite often, especially when covering videos in which various batshit Christians bitch about or attempt to disprove it. The Masters of Stupidity in particular are especially averse to the concept of evolution.


Evolution is not a fact! Aren't you tired of getting G-slapped?
— G Man being retarded as always.


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