Episode 375

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Episode 375
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Episode information

Bring Orn the Nukes! - Young Juggalo - Manatee's Writings - Drunken Peasants #375

Date of air

August 11, 2017


3 hours, 1 minute, 4 seconds

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Episode 375 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • Bring Orn the Nukes!
  • Young Juggalo
  • Manatee's Writings


Materials Used

Start of the Show

They played a reading by PaulsEgo laid over a clip from Watchmen. They moved into the show proper where Ben tried to steal TJ's precious vape. They then did some shilling. The peasants all talked about Paul getting a trampstamp. They then looked at the YouTube Chat for a bit. Ben tried to convince Paul to become a supporter of Kim Jong Un since they both want to bring orn the nukes. They moved into Troll or Not a Troll, showing some whiny bitch crying about some dude she knew finding the perfect woman, it was deemed a troll. They talked a bit about the adpocolypse and finally replacing the Superchat.

The next video was a music video about a total stud trying to seduce woman, which was regarded as not as troll. They showed a video of some chick with her stained panties that was deemed to be a troll, as it wasn't intellectual enough for TJ. They talked more with Paul about bringing orn the nukes. They moved into DP Action News, showing a story about North Korea threatening good old Merica'. The next clip was about Trump hoping that North Korea better be taking him seriously. They showed a video of a woman who survived a seventy story car plunge. They played a clip of a man who proved a waiter spit in his drink using DNA evidence. They showed a clip of a back to school story where Walmart put a gun display next to the school supplies.

Middle of the Show

They played a video showing off a young Chris Krispie and what his ass has been up to now, having gotten into some dudes face at a baseball game because he was swearing around kids. They showed a video of Pat Robertson looking anything but human again. Paul mentioned there was another pastor named Leeroy Jenkins. They looked at the YouTube Chat for a bit again. They moved into Crazy People, showing a crazy pastor in Texas that tells children Santa isn't real because he is a cunt. They then showed a video of two polacks getting into a brawl. They played a video of GTA if it was terrible. The next clip they showed involved a young juggalo rapping to a dank beat.

End of the Show

They talked about the Brettster and decided to do some readings from his shitty website including all the recent ridiculous blogs he made. They showed a video of some swagfag that was doing a corn eating tutorial without any teeth. They next showed a woman giving a long and sincere infomercial for curtains. They showed a video with Dennis Prager trying to explain liberal positions and misrepresenting them like always, this time on the death penalty. They then wrapped up the show.


Steal a car, drive out here.
— Ben
Ten thousand years of Kim Jong Un
— Scotty
Take that thong off girl.
— How to get a woman.
Skip ahead a little to where she pulls the panties out.
— PaulsEgo
Every year we nuke a new place.
— TJ Kirk
You can't see them because they're all on their knees right now.
— Ben


  • No step on snek people are the hillbillies of the DP community.
  • Scotty offered all the fans at the upcoming meetup donuts.
  • TJ thinks cyclists should build their own roads.
  • Paul doesn't deal real well with "What If?"s.
  • Paul's brow seemed a little low.
  • Paul is a Guam apologist.
  • Pat Robertson drinks the blood of virgins.
  • Every mall needs a Jesus suffering alongside Santa.