Episode 366

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Episode 366
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Date of air

June 30, 2017


3 hours, 30 minutes, 48 seconds

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Every American citizen is getting a Canadian slave.

— Scotty Kirk

Episode 366 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • All-American TJ
  • Velma Segment
  • The Weatherboy


Materials Used

Start of the Show

They talked about how the 24 Hour Special still hasn't processed and their plans for releasing it to the lamestream. Scotty decided that he owed Verdeem Newquest an apology because he saw some lesbian shit going on at Applebees. TJ broke out into some karaoke where he praised how sensual the United States is, because he's proud to be an American. Scotty recommended that Trump invade Canada and award a Canadian slave to all American households in celebration of 'Canada day'. They played a video of Kraut and Tea's favorite person dancing around in a bananaikini while singing about bananas or some shit. Paul came buckets before they moved orn. They played a video of Donald Trump warning North Korea that the US is done being patient with all their bullshit, rattling a saber just like was expected of the orange monkey man. They played some video with a bunch of angry Puerto Ricans, false Americans that mooch off the system. They played a heartwarming story about a guy from Bangkok who went into a police station with a knife and was given loving support instead of being shot. The next video showed a video of a YouTuber that was shot and killed by his girlfriend because he thought it would be entertaining if a book stopped a bullet.

They next clip showed a complete invasion from some bullet ants, which both bite and sting to fuck people up hard. Paul told a story about a gardener of his that showed him a massive swarm of wasps, which was was seemingly immune to. He then went into the nest and began picking out the larva as a delicious meal situation. Ben then played O' Canada so that TJ could sing his more fitting rendition. Paul deemed that both renditions sucked and that Canada is hard to even make fun of. Ben talked about how much he is looking forward to his visit to Canada in the next week or so. They played a video of Bernie Sanders talking about how Jane Sanders got into a situation and blamed the whole thing on Donald Trump and his cabinet. They reporter in the story was trying to be Sexy Velma, which nearly gave Paul a massive boner. They then did a segment in which they rate Velma cosplayers. They talked about Awesome Kong, a black woman who was at some point popular in WWE Wrestling, which caused Paul to wonder why they never fuck their guests.

Middle of the Show

They played a video talking about Venus Williams possibly being at fault for a fatal car accident. The next clip was Trump giving his take on some tabloid story instead of actually serving the country and addressing the real issues. They played a video of some Moooooslim attempting to sue Little Caesers because he was given a halal pizza that wasn't halal. Next up was some law-maker who compared hosting porn of minors to looking at porn at work. They decided to look at the YouTube Chat before moving into The Break. They returned for a video talking about some dude destroying ten commandments displays, before another video of some news guy that got rekt by a twelve year old on live television. They moved into Crazy People, showing a washed up Reed Richards bloviating about Sodom and Gomorrah.

They showed a clip of Alex Jones attempting to satirize all his detractors, before some old crippled guy getting fired likely because Walmart is a bunch of bullshit, including the black version of Billy the Fridge. There was a boring video that they skipped to instead watch some creepy game show host who was perving some chick on TV and then uh... Three Buck Theater. They played a video of the original Family Feud hosts giving a smooch to one of the contestants and later some chick giving a Popsicle a blowjob on another gameshow. They played a video of a lizard gecko that sounded like The Outspoken Realist, before showing a video of some guy who felt afraid of some Walmart employee because it was Canada. They then showed a black woman giving fellatio to a popsicle. They following video displayed a woman addicted to eating cat hair. They then played a Blockbuster training video from back when they had employees to train, including their version of God named Buster Sales. They played a video of Jesse talking about "the war between Germans and Jews" not being racist, and infact nothing has ever been truly racist.

End of the Show

They played the Jr. version of WorldStar with two real niggas getting in a motha'fuggin' uh sandwhich nigga. They then played an Applebees commercial with cavemen advertising their riblets. They then played a credit of a daddy that will give you good credit, before a strange addiction video where they enjoy eating and chewing... uh Three Buck Theater. They played a video of a kitty by the door in a thunderstorm, before getting spooked by a lightning bolt. A video of Brett impersonating Paul reviewing Rogue One was played. They then played a series of Stupid Ads while Ben and Paul threw piss around the studio before looking at the YouTube Chat again. Then they ended the fucking stream.


Bald is beautiful.

— TJ Kirk

O', Canada! Ah, you fuggin' suck! O', Canada! Go get fucked!

— The beginning of TJ's rendition of O', Canada.

Let me toss your salad, Amazing Atheist!

— Ben's Alex Jones impression.


  • Scotty is a real American.
  • TJ's favourite moment of the 24 Hour Special was Scotty verbally abusing Egghead Beta.
  • TJ's proud to be an American.
  • Ben has some French-Canadian in him.
  • The Scooby Doo movie was going to be rated R, but Ben wanted it to be rated X because they could all fuck.
  • TJ deemed DP to be the Velma show from now on.
  • Paul wants Scooby to fuck Shaggy.
  • DP made over five thousand dollars off the 24 Hour Special.
  • TJ wants Alex Jones to toss his salad.