Episode 353

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Episode 353
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Trump Confusion - DUI for sober drivers - GRAPEFRUITED - Drunken Peasants #353

Date of air

May 12, 2017


3 hours, 1 minute, 57 seconds

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She looks like she's more of a fan of Colonel Sanders than Bernie Sanders.
— PaulsEgo

Episode 353 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • World's Most Triggered Woman
  • C-Span Prank Calls
  • The Shit Lady


Materials Used

Start of the Show

They began some shilling of their On-Demand service, before displaying Scotty Cena, the objectively best peasant, to the masses. They took a look at the YouTube Chat for a while. They then moved into Troll or Not a Troll, with some guy talking about how Earth is a living organism, being the biggest on Earth (somehow on itself) and claims that the planet is a woman. He claims that the menstrual waters are the water of life and describes her astral hole. Paul believed it wasn't a troll, though the other peasants disagreed. They moved into another video, showing some Bill Cosby impersonator that was high on drugs and speaking nonsense more incoherent than GTime Johnny, with the only good part of the video being some Ozzy playing in the background.

They burned it down with a riveting edition of DP Action News, starting with a clip of Donald Trump talking about how he fired the FBI director. Comey, and confirming it was his idea to begin with, later showing Mike Fuckabee's daughter for her take on the situation. TJ said it was another stain on Trump's record and he was officially in the "eyebrow-raised phase". They played a clip of Anderson Cooper talking about Trump firing Comey. They played a video with *gasp* GRAPHIC LANGUAGE about a woman shit talking some Mexican for having a Confederate flag rug in his store. In the end she starting bawling like and idiot and got triggered like never seen in human history. They played some video of callers, including Ball-Sac T. Bagheart, on C-Span trolling the whole broadcast. There was a running joke about Howard Stern's penis throughout the whole compilation. Ben talked about how it was similar to some callers they used to get on the Q&A.

Middle of the Show

They moved into a video of some chick who was arrested for smoking marijuana even though she was stone-cold sober and some recordings of the bullshit to back up how ridiculous the situation was. In the end, it was only resolved after FOUR months of her having her licence to serve alcohol revoked. It also turns out to have happened to another college student that didn't do shit wrong. It was shown that they even did it a third fucking time, all from one police officer. They played a video of a South African gang leader talking about how he killed a bunch of people without remorse, he also said that if he has a cellmate he will fuck him missionary style and how he will kill them if they refuse to take it up the ass. They gave the chat a bit more attention for a while. They decided to move into The Break, before returning and moving into Crazy People.

End of the Show

Ben mentioned a documentary called "The Apex of Failure" that some chick made about the Manatee. They then played a video of some guy who believes giants may have been real, where he claims the Bible is a historical document. They moved into a video of a Trump supporter at a rally screeching autistically at some SJW to do his best impersonation. After that came a video of autistic screeching frogs. They moved into a final video of another screeching SJW, though it somehow featured Alex Jones turning into a super saiyan. They moved into a video of some woman who hoards and eats shit, contaminated food, and bloody tampons all around her home. The video made all the peasants disturbed and ended up getting Ben all sweaty. They played another video of a terrifying ice cream ad that was actually real according to TJ and Paul.

They moved into another video of six clips showing supposed fucking mermaids. They played a video of a duck that enjoys being vacuumed. They played a trailer made by Brad Jones, also known as the Cinema Snob, about some story ripping off TJ's life by being about an atheist YouTuber. It happened to feature a ton of other people from Channel Awesome. They showed a video of some woman explaining how to give a blowjob using a grapefruit while blindfolded. They played a video of some pissed off redneck bitches that were played on a previous episode as well. They played a video of some man who believes he is being gang stalked and uh... is that Richard Dawkins? TJ compared the dude to Lena Kochman. They decided to take one last look at the chat to get out the final donations. They had about a minute left so they decided to do Dr. Segmento who got into a debate with Scotty Cena and after that beautiful display they wrapped up the podcast.


When you get a big enough asshole it becomes an astral hole.
— PaulsEgo
Jiggly Jiggly Jew!
— TJ Kirk
The septic issue is your existence.
— TJ Kirk


  • TJ was wearing the official T-shirt.
  • Scotty is dead.
  • TJ expressed interest in bringing back the Information Segment.
  • Ben hasn't smoked or drank for over a week.
  • They smoked a bowl from Vader for a dude named Nick that passed away.
  • They expressed interest in bringing back the debate between Vegan Gains and Mr. Repzion.