Episode 346

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Episode 346
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Episode information

THE GREATEST SHOW EVER - Crushed By Garbage Mountain - Body Fluid Roulette - Drunken Peasants #346

Date of air

April 17th, 2017


3 hours, 9 minutes, 21 seconds

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Three buck theater!

— TJ Kirk[1]

Episode 346 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • Hannity vs. "Alt-Left Media"
  • Shitty asshole contest!
  • Three buck theater.


Materials Used

Start of the Show


— Ben
They started the show and showed TJ and Paul working out as a preview of the recently introduced on-demand service. They mentioned the new overlay which was objectively better than the original one because reasons. They talked to the YouTube Chat for a while, including a discussion about Shadman's drawing of the Wall-street girl being fucked by a bull. They moved into DP Action News, playing a video of some crazy shooter out in Cleveland who filmed his fucked up shooting of an old man he didn't know on Facebook Live and was still on the loose. TJ told a story about how Stevie believes he can survive the zombie apocalypse on berries and fish. They moved into a clip of three police officers in San Antonio being arrested for drunken driving. Paul said he wasn't surprised because the cops there are shitbags. They played a clip of Anderson Cooper pretending to be shocked about Donald Trump backtracking again, this time on China. They played a clip of Sean Hannity talking about Putin's actions in Syria and how it somehow relates to the alt-left media, which reminded TJ how much he wants to fuck Hannity's hair.

Middle of the Show

They had TJ do some shots and talked about forcing TJ into Bananenbar during the upcoming 2017 Europe Trip. They then brought on Dr. Segmento for an evil speech. They talked about how Egghead cleaned his bath tub but it doesn't work, so he probably needs the acid that transformed the Joker. They decided to check his channel, but he didn't even make a video of it. Ben suggested he go full Egghead during a review of a Star Wars trailer. They decided to move into The Break. They returned shortly after for Crazy People, starting with a YouTuber that makes no money being jealous of people who are actually successful. It was speculated to be the father of The Beast.

End of the Show

TJ threatened to fist Paul again because he was wasted. They had some technical bullshit and uh... three buck theater. Paul threatened to shit in a cup, but then Ben pissed in a cup and gave it to Paul. TJ and Paul then compared who had the shittiest asshole. They brought on some patrons for their Soapbox, including Egghead II who praised the podcast and gave a winning smile. They brought on a black dude with cool hair and a DS9 shirt. They had a long conversation about Star Trek before kickin off the patron. They then argued about which Star Trek character was sexier. There was a nuclear arms race of bodily fluids. Segmento returned briefly, before being abused by Ben. TJ declared it their best show ever. They then wrapped it up.


Give credit to Thomas! Give credit to Thomas!

— TJ as a raving cultist.

Caucasion Culture Club.

— PaulsEgo

I am an edgelord, that's true.

— TJ Kirk

Eat a banana out of a vagina.

— Ben

Uh, three buck theater.

— Paul

I dont want no piss man!

— Paul

Ben, the ultimate beauty.

— TJ


  • The show featured a new pre-intro and overlay.
  • Scotty slapped TJ.
  • Scotty confirms that Rybi's Discord is largely full of screeching autists.
  • They announced TJ and Paul vs. Pokemon: The First Movie.


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