Episode 338

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Episode 338
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Episode information

Naked Ape Joins Us - Idiot takes gun to Police Station - BEAR TRAP! - Drunken Peasants #338

Date of air

March 20th, 2017


Naked Ape


3 hours, 3 minutes, 35 seconds


Naked Ape

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I will remember your beard and I will tickle his ballsack.
— Naked Ape describes sucking off his boyfriend's cock while thinking of Paul.
Alright, now think if you had a giant, man-eating plant. Okay?
— Paul's impression of Naked Ape.

Episode 338 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • Naked Ape vs. TJ Kirk.
  • Exploring Paul's sexuality.
  • Ben fucks up TJ's shit.


Materials Used

Start of the Show

The show began with... uh what appears The Outspoken Realist reincarnate being introduced as a guest in the form of Naked Ape and sadly allowed him to introduce himself. They began the dialogue primarily between TJ and Naked Ape with a back-and-forth regarding minimum wage, which revealed that Ape slept through economics class. While citing a statistic, TJ totally cucked Naked Ape by silencing him like a little bitch. They moved into a more brief conversation about financial transaction taxes. After that, they finally decided to move into some videos and end this debate. Naked Ape signed off early to go watch Beauty and the Beast with his boyfriend. Paul told Ape to suck his boyfriend's cock as a personal gift to the peasants and they signed off on decent terms. Ben revealed that he believes TJ had blocked him on his phone.

Middle of the Show

They decided to do a bit of shilling before TJ told a story about him time in Vegas. They then moved into Troll or Not a Troll, starting with a kid that seemed like an alternate-universe TJ talking about how he loves Miracle Whip. He was deemed to be not a troll because he was just your average fat kid, by everyone except for TJ. They moved into a CBS clip talking about the intense fighting in Mosul, which people were attempting to liberate AGAIN. TJ considered what it would be like to see muslims try and take over Canada, which was concluded to be a hilarious idea. The peasants moved into a break. They played a clip from MSNBC of Trump's secretary of state talking about tensions rising (as always) with North Korea and how he believes military action is on the table. An old clip of George W. Bush was shown.

End of the Show

They moved into Crazy People, starting with some dudes yelling at guns in Michigan, the most savage state in the US. Somehow, it ended with the police doing their jobs without much of an issue. They talked about TJ's experience using an extend-o-dick that threw out his back. Paul talked about the idea of letting AshleysEgo fuck him up the ass. TJ then told the story of how he was fucked with the same extend-o-cock. TJ told Paul to consider shoving a buttplug up his prostate while he busts a fat nut. They moved into a video showing us the overwhelming and true evidence that Planet X is real and going to destroy Earth. Next was a clip of some dude who just punched open some asshole's car window and the same cunt ended up getting pepper sprayed and fucked up. They discussed a controversy that arose involving a child-friendly WWE star named Paige who had porn discovered of her. They moved into a dude with a smooth radio voice describing five totally haunted objects. Ben officially challenges Undoomed to a sexy voice contest and later on they all talked about how lazy and fat Paul is. After that, they received a 200 dollar donation for Ben to fuck up TJ's shit live on camera. After that they wrapped up the podcast.


Wall Street is a big fucking casino.
— PaulsEgo
— Ben
He's got like, D-cup titties!
— Ben
PegPaul is trending in our chatroom!
— TJ Kirk


  • Ben was wearing his mask for reasons.
  • Ape sounds like Joe Pesci without the accent.
  • Ape is Mr. Repzion's evil twin.
  • Ben wasn't aware Naked Ape is gay.
  • Jim Ass will be appearing on the show in the future.
  • There is a mosque full of futanari.
  • Ben mentioned Jim Cornette's return to WWE.