Episode 279

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Episode 279
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Episode information

WE ARE BACK! - Glenn Beck is a Catastrophist - Pauly Morus - Drunken Peasants #279

Date of air

October 3rd, 2016


2 hours, 18 minutes, 14 seconds

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Episode 278

Episode 280

Everyday, of every second of my life, is an episode of Drunken Peasants.
— Paul

Episode 279 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • First episode in the temporary third studio and Seattle.
  • Brett and G Man


Materials Used

  1. My Name Is gTime Johnny
  2. Shirt Guy
  3. Clown sightings in the woods (not found)
  4. Man yells 'Bill Clinton is a Rapist' Live on MSNBC
  5. Hillary Supporter Has Total Meltdown
  6. RWW News: Glenn Beck Says It's His Job To Warn About What 'Could' Happen
  7. RWW News: Robertson: 'Demonic' Dungeons & Dragons 'Captures' Its Players
  8. RWW News: Trump on Mental Health Counseling for Veterans
  9. Klassic Keane - Brett Keane Is Suing YouTube
  10. Amazing Atheist scammed G Man (not found)
  12. Trolls For Trump! - The Facepalm Five: October 3, 2016

Start of the Show

The episode started late, and the peasants opened with a song by gTime Johnny. They played the usual intro, before they came on inside TJ's apartment with mic issues. They then brought Paul on and Scotty's shitty camera fell. They also shilled their Brett Keane and Tommy Sotomayor special episodes. They smoked some pan and discussed how great it was in Seattle. The peasants moved onto the Information Segment where they read the 'Shirt Guy' page. They moved onto the DP Action News Segment where it was revealed that Puking Dog endorsed endorsed Hillary, a sad day for the human race. They also revealed that Anderson Cooper would be on the show.

They first played a story about clown sightings all around the country. They moved onto a video where someone was yelling how Bill Clinton was a rapist on live TV, and then a video by Alex Jones where he freaked out because Clinton was God... I think. It was definitely out there. They then played a Glenn Beck video where his neck officially disappeared. He also talked about how he should be able to warn people about his stupid bullshit. They next moved onto video by the elder chimp, Pat Robertson, where he answered a question about how games like Dungeons & Dragons were satanic because they contain things like witchcraft. They hit Vader then moved onto a Trump interview where he was asked about veterans and health. He gave an answer that was alright, but didn't answer the person's question.

Middle of the Show

They discussed weed some more before attempting to play some Shillary videos. It was revealed they got copyright striked for Hillary In The House. Technical shit happened, and they decided to play some Brett Keane videos instead. The first video was an old Brett video about how Brett was suing the individuals at YouTube. The peasants took a 30 second break shitty fucking advertisement for Blue Apron. They played another Brett video, in a hangout, about how G Man was sittin' there and got scammed by TJ situation. They discussed the shitty video for about 30 minutes and dismantled all of Brett and G Man's points.

End of the Show

Using his brain power.

The peasants moved onto the Crazy People Segment where they played a Vigilant Christian video about repentance and how he was confused about it. He wasn't confused about all the Illuminati shit he spouts though. He came up with the great revelation that people's thoughts influence their actions. What a genius. They then played a Steve Shives video about "trolls for Trump". It was shitty. Enough said. They also briefly talked about how Adam Kokesh is running for president in 2020. The peasants tore apart Steve's video for a while, Paul talked about Brett's recently betrayed friend, Nadia Chambers, Ben took a fat Vader rip, and then they ended the show.


Being high is cool.
— TJ while stoned
Sex lube with THC infused...
— Scotty Kirk
I'm more THC than man
— TJ becomes one with pan.
Paul's going to try and hit you with the Old Scotsman's fallacy.
— Paul's impression of Brett.


  • First episode of DP after the move to Seattle.
  • The peasants will start to do weed reviews.
  • Brett went insane after the peasants moved and stopped talking about him.
  • Dusty is a pedophile because one of Brett's cronies said so.
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