Episode 275

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Episode 275
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Episode information

GALEN VS. EGGHEAD - TJ answers the Manatee's Questions - TOTAL MADNESS! - Drunken Peasants #275

Date of air

September 5th, 2016


2 hours, 5 minutes, 55 seconds.

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Episode 275 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • Galen returns after over 200 episodes.
  • Egghead gets raped live by Galen Hallcyon.
  • TJ answers Brett Keane's questions.


Materials Used

Start of the Show

Main article: Egghead

The peasants started the show by inviting Galen and Egghead on to debate on the Egghead scamming situation. Galen claimed that Egghead and his "ilk" are colluding with the fraud that Egghead. Though Galen was right, Galen seemed to be excessively mean to Egghead, he was mostly correct that Egghead was wrong to not fully disclose what he was asking the money for. It was obvious that Egghead was on the verge of tears throughout the confrontation, and Galen seemed to be deliberately trying to make him emotional throughout the "debate".

Middle of the Show

After the Egghead debate, they moved on to Troll or Not a Troll where they played another video by the Frutarian Breastfeeder, Rain Florence, without remembering that they've played her on Troll or Not a Troll multiple times before. This time, she was going to tell us all why she pees in a bucket, however the peasants were experiencing connection issues so they moved onto a break and ended the stream before they could decide. They restarted the show after shilling some shit. Instead of finishing Troll or Not a Troll, they moved onto DP Action News where TJ refused to put his hand over his heart for puking dog.

They then moved onto The Indivijul Brett Keane Segment Situation, where TJ breaks the news that he's made amends with Brett and that they actually have him in the studio. It totally wasn't the manatee doll that TJ attempted to fuck. They then played a video by Brett where he bitches about TJ asking to claim his interview with Brett, as was stated in Brett's Patreon. TJ states because of this video he's going to cancel his $6 per month pledge to Brett and report him to Patreon for scamming him. Brett then demands that TJ answers his one question: "Is the existence of a god possible?". It's quite amusing that Brett's the only one going on and on about religion on YouTube and everyone went on to move onto the topic of social justice.

End of the Show

After refuting Brett's awful video for almost an hour, the peasants brought Rybi onto the show and moved onto the Crazy Craigslist Ads segment. They ended the show after reading some.


I don't want to defend Egghead.
— Paul, this episode in a nutshell
I'll thank pretty much anyone for being on the show...except for Brett Keane.
— TJ
Well yeah, fuck him.
— Scotty


  • TJ was wearing a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hat during the show.
  • The Galen-Egghead debate made our staff feel very uncomfortable.
  • Eggtits does, in fact, beat children.
  • It turns out the person who threatened to rape Egghead was actually Galen.
  • Galen was deliberately trying to make Egghead emotional in their "debate".
  • Egghead is as pussy-whipped as Steve Shives.
  • Egghead did Columbine.
  • It turns out that Galen put a Louisiana Swamp Voodoo Curse on the show to stop the show.


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