Episode 267

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Episode 267
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Episode information

Rybi Jenkins Joins Us! - Pokemon Hotline - Crazy Craigslist Ads - and MORE! - Drunken Peasants #267

Date of air

August 8, 2016


2 hours, 16 minutes, 15 seconds

  • Rufus Gutter
  • Rybi Jenkins
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It's like the fucking Brady Bunch!

— Ben's take on the new layout.[1]

Episode 267 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.


  • DP introduces their new layout.
  • Dorn revealed as a tranny.
  • TJ reading Eternal Undying Love.
  • G Man loses some steam.
  • Return of Crazy Craigslist Ads.


Materials Used

  1. Drunken Peasants Fans Are Totally Garbage by Runny Lump
  2. How to kill time while living in a RV or Van (Warning some nihilistic and existential ideas)
  3. Laughing Witch
  4. [Archive Tutorial - How to Report Abusive You Tubers who Violate Rules]
  5. The Secret to Finding God By Brett Keane
  6. So You Didn't Put Your Money On The Line But U Expect Me To Put My Life On The Line?
  7. God does not condone Rape but the secular world does!!!!!
  9. Putting you to death is the kindest thing God can do for you.

Start of the Show

The show started with a remix of Dusty Smith calling DP fans are garbage. They finally revealed a different layout with all the peasants on the side instead of the bottom of the frame. TJ said he recanted his statement that DP fans are garbage. They then decided to talk about Paul's obesity and how it could kickstart his career as a fatass actor. Then TJ decided to talk about Kevin Smith and tweeted a nice request to come on the show when Kevin told TJ to ask him nicely. All of the sudden the stream was broke by Kevin Smith in rage of him criticizing his movies. After getting the stream back TJ ranted about Kevin Smith while also being a dick throbbing fanboy.

After selling T-shirts and meetups they moved on to the Information Segment where they read the page on the Laughing Witch. They then moved on to the Troll or Not a Troll segment where they played a video of some fuck explaining how to pass time with aimless traveling. He boring as fuck so the DP labeled him as not a troll.

They decided to skip DP Action News and skip to the Brett Keane Segment. TJ decided to randomly leave for no reason. The peasants decided to take a call from a man named Rufus Gutter. He talked about his son Dom and how he became a Transgender and decided to name himself Dawn and married some guy named Brett Keane. Rufus revealed there was a Pokestop on Dorn's huge dick. TJ came back just after Rufus left and decided to speculate about this news story that Dorn is a tranny. The peasants played a Brett Keane video about how to False Flag people for an insult. Brett decided to lie about the Youtube TOS and claim that any insult is worth a Copyright Strike. Brett decided to flag a person for calling him a Cunt. TJ read an excerpt from Eternal Undying Love in all its brilliant writing.

Middle of the Show

They played another Brett Keane video about how he is no longer making content on God-believerism, atheism, Christians, Muslims, Pagans, and Jews. The video was boring so they moved on to the Crazy People segment. After ranting about Egghead being a pussy they played a video from Tommy Sotomayor where he showed off his house through his legal defense fund. He also ranted about some Black Power polygamist called Mr. Polite. The DP decided to take Vader and ended up coughing like shit.

They played a video of G Man after so long. He talked about rape for a couple minutes until Ben got bored and they moved on. Paul decided to take Dinoaur out to take a shit. After Paul returned they brought back the Craiglist Ads segment and brought on a chick from the Pimpmunk and Egghead Show who read all the Craiglist ads in her high-pitched anime voice.

End of the Show

They played a video from Mr. Dapperton, who attempted to refute TJ on Socialism. The video was too confusing since it had multiple TJ's at the same time, so they moved on to a Retched video. The video explained why God putting people to death is a good thing, because Earth is shit and Heaven is soo much better.


The worst episodes of DP are still better than Cop Out.

— TJ trying to get Kevin Smith on DP.

It's Dead Time

— TJ reading a brilliant quote from Eternal and Undying Love




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