Episode 254

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Episode 254
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Episode information

Logicked Joins Us - Warren and Clinton Lesbos? - Stupid Ads Returns! - Drunken Peasants #254

Date of air

June 27, 2016




2 Hours, 19 Seconds



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Episode 254 is an episode of the Drunken Peasants.

Materials Used

  2. Steve Shives
  3. Ben from the Drunken Peasants using steroids?
  4. Brexit people Argue (not found)
  5. Hillary and Elizabeth Team Up (not found)
  6. Gauntlet - Scotty Cena Living in Shadows #BKAlwaysRight (Private Video (may become public again))
  7. Pt 2 Why Kyrie Irving Was Right 4 Only Inviting Non-Black Women To His Party!
  8. Urine Therapy: Top 3 Reasons to Drink Your Own Urine
  9. Some Gun Advocate (not found)
  10. Relationships and Girls rant! and what girls lack (Post Show)


  • The unveiling of the new Individijual Brett Keane segment Situation

Beginning of the Show

The show started out by them shilling the Toledo meetup and showing some of the promotional material for the meetup and after shilling the shirt they then brought on Logicked who decided to mansplain the culture in Canada and said some weird ass Canadian shit.

After 10 minutes of Communicating a Canadian they played Logicked reccomended video of 7 mind BLOWING miracles from ALAAHHH from Islamic cuckhold Adam Saleh, the same fuck who attempted to censor Amos Yee. He went full retarded by saying Allah's name appears on the land of Africa and became a full on numerical conspiratard by claiming that the palms of the hands is Arabic numbers that can be divided to the birth and death of Allah or some shit. He also claimed a bent tree, some surviving Mosque from a tsunami, and a baby calming down to Islamic music as proof of Allah's miracles. Logicked pointed out this type of retarded sophistry to prove their shitty religion as the reason why he feels like debunking Islamists, because they're that retarded.

They moved on to the Info segment where they read the DP wiki's article on Steve Shives. They then moved on to the Troll or Not a Troll where some weird faggot who claimed Ben from DP was using steroids. The Drunken Peasants labeled him as a Troll.

Middle of the Show

They then moved on to the New Segment where they started by playing a CNN interview when a CNN interviewer and some British man argue over Brexit. TJ and the peasants were so apathetic they moved on. They played a video about Clinton and Elizabeth Warren planning to attacking Trump. TJ claimed that Elizabeth and Hillary are either lesbian couples or clones. They then moved on to Trump Playing golf and changing his opinions on issues. TJ and Scotty kept debating on whether or not Trump will win.


They moved on to a new segment called the Individual Brett Keane segment where they played a Brett Keane video where he talked about Scotty (who he mistaken for Scotty Cena) and how he's an irrelevant dumb obnoxious piece of shit who does nothing but lives in TJ's shadow. Scotty made a bet for Brett to make a video admitting he's a lying piece of shit and keep the video up for a thousand days for $1000.

They moved on to Crazy People segment where they played a Tommy Sotomayor video where he spends a while singing some shitty rap song and then rambled on about the song he just played and then made a point about how black women are violent hoes. Paul then used anecdotes to refute Sotomayor's racist assumption of black female violence.

End of the Show

They played a video giving 3 reasons to drink piss. It was nothing but complete and order alternative medicine bullshit. The guy claimed that Piss could cure fucking cancer. They moved on to some boring fuck about Gun Control and why it's bad. The Peasants and Logicked talked about Canada for a couple minutes.

Post Show

In the post show they talked about shit and titled the episode, and eventually got to a brief discussion about the word "cuck" and other AIU-isms; they mocked and impersonated AIU for a bit. The rest of the post show was them watching a video from The Beast. The video was the same old shit from the Beast, he claimed he's a nice guy and he wants an attractive girl. The Peasants mocked how The Beast took three minutes to articulate a bullshit idea, his fatness, and the hole in his wall. TJ's girlfriend made a brief appearance at the very end of the post show, and facetiously commented on the attractiveness of The Beast.



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