Episode 24

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Episode 24
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Episode information

NFL Cheerleader Jiggle Contests - 4th Graders Selling Weed

Date of air

April 26th, 2014


Galen Hallcyon


3 Hours, 7 Minutes, and 36 Seconds

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Episode 24 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It features the sixth appearance of Galen Hallcyon.


  • The rise of Galen Hallcyon.
  • NFL Cheerleaders shake their tits.
  • Elementary school kids smoking dope.

Material Used

  1. Hercules - Disappointed
  2. Bill O'Reilly Interviews Kevin Sorbo ("God Is Not Dead")
  3. Bill O'Reilly SCARED by Richard Dawkins
  4. Clippers owner racist (not found)
  5. Stowaway teen on plane (not found)
  6. Man Killed by Pope John Paul II Statue Collapse
  7. S.E. Cupp on healthcare (not found)
  8. Pastor's son claims he visited heaven
  9. 4th Graders Accused of Dealing Pot: 4th Grader Sells Pot In Northern Colorado
  10. Cheerleaders sue team, claim 'jiggle test'
  11. Hannity - Stoned America

Start of the Show

The show started out by playing Ben's favorite song My Time Is Now and made a theory about Denver the Last Dinosaur.

They played a clip of Kevin Sorbo being a terrible actor.

Next they played a video of Bill O' Reilly interviews Kevin Sorbo for his blockbuster masterpiece God's Not Dead. Kevin Sorbo warned us of the evil atheist in universities. Kevin also promoted his wife's shitty book.

They proved Bill O' Reilly's christian bias (he has one, who knew) by playing another interview with Richard Dawkins where he basically switched the burden of proof on the atheist and pull out the "X, Y and Z were atheist" argument.

Then. they played a news story of the Clippers team owner caught making racist remarks.

Next, there was a news story about some stowaway kid on a plane.

Another story was covered about some catholic statue crumbling and killing some man.

Next up, they played S.E. Cupp and how it's the worst time for Obamacare.

Lastly, they interviewed the father of the son who told the absolutely true story of how he went to heaven. His evidence was that he recognized a picture.

Middle of the Show

After that they played a rumor about kids selling pan without any evidence. Of course the parents were horrified and just want to their kids to live in a fantasy land.

They took a break.

Next the played a news story of cheerleaders being underpaid and forced to do some stupid jiggle test to see how much cleavage is moving. This is obviously the work of the patriarchy.

Next up they played some Fox News story on the dangers of marijuana and how it could kill you.

Then Sean Hannity brought a panel of conservative assholes ranting about how weed is evil. It was a clusterfuck of Fox News stupidity.

End of the Show

They took a break.

They answered some stupid boring questions for the last 3rd of the show and got Galen to make it even worse.


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