Episode 21

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Episode 21
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G Man And The Masters Of Stupidity!!! - Plus Much More!!!

Date of air

April 3rd, 2014


3 Hours and 30 Seconds

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Episode 20

Religion Debate 2

Episode 21 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It was the first episode to feature one of G Man's epic raps.


  • G Man's killer rap.
  • Dusty's video on how to annoy a street preacher.
  • An archived Butt King video.

Material Used

  1. Atheists OWNED Rap!!!!!!
  2. A deleted Brett Keane video (not found)
  3. Capitalism leads to suicide (not found)
  4. Fort Hood shooting 2 (not found)
  5. Shooter psychology (not found)
  6. Fort Hood guy talks about that shit (not found)
  7. How To Annoy A Street Preacher
  8. Why don't politicians understand women?
  9. Some person on Alburquerque protest (not found)
  10. Dads Breastfeeding Campaign Goes Viral
  11. David Letterman: I'm retiring in 2015
  12. Guy writes retirement letter to boss (not found)

Start of the Show

The show introduces with SkeeJ, an amalgam of Scotty and TJ, taking over the show. The peasants then masturbate furiously over their achievement of reaching 10k subscribers and announce the upcoming sequel to the Religion Debate. The peasants talked about G Man's amazing ministry and played one of his raps for the first time, Atheists Owned.

Next they played G Man's musical masterpiece, Atheist Owned. It was such a masterpiece that Scotty claimed it to be the best rap ever and converted to Christianity after listening to it. TJ said that the song proves there is no god. Ben said it makes ICP look like Mozart.

They then played a video of Brett Keane making stupid demands for the Religion Debate and ԀP didn't even see the video before or follow any of the shitty rules Butt Cream makes. They also listened to the Final Jesus and had to suffer through Butt Kings shitty production values.

After that, they played a video of some people all committing suicide because of work. Next they played a video about the sequel to the Fort Hood shooting Fort Hood 2. TJ used this story to boast his Anti-Gun agenda. They played another video of Obama talking about how he secretly did it.

Middle of the Show

They played another video of some Mexican scum talk about living in Fort Wood.They then took a break.

They returned to watch a video of atheist preacher Dusty Smith talk shit to a street preacher. ԀP supported Dusty's militant atheism. TJ interrupted the video with the Denver the Last Dinosaur theme song.

Next they played TJ's best friend S.E. Cupp talking about how politicians treat women. ԀP were too busy fapping to her to realize her stupidity. They then played some video about that boring Albuquerque shooting.

End of the Show

At the beginning of the end, they played a video of a dad's breastfeeding as an excuse for immoral pleasure according to TJ. Strangely most of the people who did were ex-military. Then they played a video of David Letterman retiring. TJ said it was long overdue. They then played a video of some shit retiring and writing a letter to his boss.

They took a short break after that and then they answered some boring ass mother fucking pan sodomizing stupid spineless vagina eating questions.


  • To be added.


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