Episode 115

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Episode 115
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Episode information

Ben's Birthday Money Making Spectacular! PaulsEgo Talks Shrooms - GMan in a Blonde Wig! - DPP #115

Date of air

May 6, 2015


3 hours, 4 minutes, 20 seconds


G Woman

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Episode 115, also known as The Drunken Bencast, is a Drunken Peasants episode. This was the last episode of DP before going on the month-long Europe Trip 2015.


  • It took place on Ben's birthday. Ben is Christ.
  • Butt King's half-assed "apology" to TJ. (Sound familiar?)
  • The appearance of BeyondPhere.
  • Beauty and The Stallion.
  • The return of FreePressMedia.
  • G Man as a blonde woman.
  • PaulsEgo talking about hallucinogens.


Materials Used

  1. GodTVRadio Show - Public Apology to TheAmazingAtheist He is Right I Was Wrong
  2. Guy apologizes to DP about ED (deleted)
  3. Steven L. Anderson on Kent & Eric Hovind (removed)
  4. Drunken Peasants TJ & Ben Dismiss Complaints about YouTube as "Silly"
  5. 7 year old boy dies (not found)
  6. Parents, teens warned against 'Kylie Jenner challenge'
  7. Why Does John Brown Have to Be a Pacifist? #freespeech
  8. RWW News: Robertson: God Will Punish America (removed)
  9. RWW News: Copeland: Like Bin Laden, But In A Good Way! (removed)
  10. Cult of dusty's confusion....
  11. Handy Peel Infomercial
  12. Handy Thaw (deleted)
  13. Wet Pets

Start of the Show

The show started off with the peasants praising Ben and his glorious cock via verbal fellatio. The peasants got right into the news by discussing a fan's comment intended to expose Ben's money grubbing schemes and how TJ is being used by him.

They played a video where Brett Keane apologizes to TJ about the days when they were both atheist lovers.

They also showed a video about this guy about editing Encyclopedia Dramatica pages. The DP were bored shitless.

The played a video of a lecture of this stupid ass preacher talking about Cunt Hovind and why Eric Hovind is a false prophet and doesn't care for his dad.

This guy with a faggot accent talked about how TJ doesn't care about YouTube's censorship and how wrong it is, but at the same time censored TJ for his language.

Middle of the Show

They got this Australian twat on the show who shamefully promoted her misogynist art.

Then some kid gets EbolAIDS and dies due to alternative medicine.

Then they played a video where teenagers try to make their lips look gigantic. It was fucking disgusting...and stupid.

Free Press Media sang about pacifism.

Next up, Pat Robertson talked about how Christians are being oppressed by the gays to suck their 18 foot cocks and God will punish them in the end.

Copeland talked about having a gigantic orgasm in the church, because it was a miracle from Gaaaaaawwwwdd on the 700 club.

Suddenly, G Man appeared to talk to the Drunken Peasants and the Australian twat. G Man immediately had a sex change on screen and turned into G-Woman to impersonate Bionic Dance. He challenged TJ to a wrestling match. G Man's tactic for winning the wrestling match is shove a banana up his butt (that's not very christian of him). The Australian Twat announced she will make a naked G-Woman T-shirt. G Man also announced he would write a book about the inconsistency of Brett Keane.

They played G Man's video against Dusty Smith. They were in a debate about how atheism causes genocide.

End of the Show

For the end of the show they got PaulsEgo to join them and Ben found Batman's grave. They also went through a fuckton of Stupid Ads

The Beauty (left) and The Stallion (right).

Beauty and the Stallion

Not to be confused with The Beast.

The classic story known as "Beauty and the Beast" gets a wicked contemporary twist in the new reincarnation dubbed "The Beauty and the Stallion". In this version, the beautiful and talented TJ Kirk portrays Beauty, while the ghastly but enigmatic Brett Keane plays the Stallion.

The Story of Their Unholy Love

When the Stallion ruled over the small and scarcely populated land of YouTube atheism with nobility and charisma, there was no other quite like him. However, one day out of the blue, about 6-8 months after the Stallion began his supposedly benevolent reign, a maiden of the South cropped up and started making sharp and on-point atheism videos. She was climbing the ranks among the peasants, and the Stallion described her as 'having energy and charisma'. The fair maiden, also known as 'The Amazing Beauty', was flattered by the Stallion and began speaking with him behind the scenes. We all know this is a code-word for "erotic video exchange". The two inevitably fell in love with each other and danced to a song solely dedicated to their passion for one another.

Unfortunately, their once-invincible relationship deteriorated, as the Stallion betrayed Beauty and broke her lovely, frail heart, and with it her desire to marry the Beast. Beauty bitterly recalls the heartbreak in a recent interview. "I guess [the Stallion] really was a Beast," she said, blinking away the tears. "Ugly on the inside as well."

Despite the tragic end, there is no doubt that there are still intense and fiery feelings between the two former lovers.


  • To be added.


  • To be added.


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