Episode 11

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Episode 11
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Episode information

Bra That Only Unhooks For Love - S E Cupp Is Stupid - And More

Date of air

February 13th, 2014


Galen Hallcyon


3 Hours, 40 Minutes, and 39 Seconds


Galen Hallcyon

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Episode 11 is an episode of Drunken Peasants. It was the second episode to feature the appearance of Galen Hallcyon.


  • The return of Galen.
  • A bra that comes off only for true love.
  • The continued antics of Sarah Elizabeth Cupp.

Material Used

  1. Zoo Kills Marius the Giraffe in front of Kids and Feeds Him to Lions
  2. Jack Hanna Rips into COPENHAGEN ZOO for Killing Marius the GIRAFFE
  3. Bill Maher vs. S.E. Cupp (not found)
  4. Man pays money to turn his daughter straight (not found)
  5. Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable
  6. Al Franken on the Comcast/Time Warner team up (not found)
  7. Rush Limbaugh on the gay football player (not found)
  8. Toledo Mayoral Candidate Ben Konop Heckled at Press Conference
  9. Shooting down drones from your backyard
  10. Topless woman offends people (not found)
  11. True love braw (not found)
  12. S.E. Cupp's bullshit (not found)

Start of the Show

Ben claimed John Cena as the worst wrestler ever. They then brought Galen to defend S.E. Cupp (how fitting). They talked about how Scoopy is garbage.

Middle of the Show

To be added.

End of the Show

They answered some fuckin' questions.


  • To be added.


  • To be added.