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Dusty Smith, The People's Autistic Teenage Edgelord's Atheist
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Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Snake Oil Salesman[1]


Birth place

Greenwood, Mississippi; United States


Charleston, Mississippi; United States


Dismissing all valid criticism towards him as "strawman"

Social Networking
Youtube channel





Dusty Smith (Banned. again.)


Cult of Dusty


Dusty Smith


Dusty Smith

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour
  • Grey
  • Brown (formerly)
Body build

Used to be a fat cunt, currently is trying to regain his early 20's bod

— Dusty's catchphrase even though he throws away logic and skepticism on a regular basis
For the record, I'm on AIU's side about online DP fans.
— How he feels about the vast majority of DP fans[2]
Dusty, you've gotten rusty, why are you playing those video games?
— Lazy J sums up up Dusty's existence.[3]

Dusty Smith is the American YouTuber that advocates for atheism and skepticism under the handle of CultOfDusty. He is a former whale person from Greenwood, Mississippi. He previously lived in Denver, Colorado before moving back to Mississippi. He was a friend of the Drunken Peasants, though during late 2016 he made a video accusing TJ and several other members of the skeptic community of being alt-righters, thereby damaging their relationship. Probably his greatest contribution to humanity was his ingenious invention of the T-Shirt.[4] Other notable inventions include the "It was just a prank bro!" technique.


His YouTube channel used to revolve around criticizing Christianity and other types of theism. He is now the YouTube Atheist equivalent of a 12 year old autistic internet troll. Saying shit to piss people off and then passing it off as a prank.

He's begun his own podcast that he calls the Cult of Dusty CoDcast. He has admitted it is a ripoff of DP. It plays more like a very long Dusty video than a low-rent DP clone.

Dusty used to be (somewhat) admired and taken seriously by the atheist "community", but has recently fallen from grace due to his childish tactics and lack of self-awareness. Dusty is an admitted troll, and believes that he can be excused for any dumb shit that he says simply by saying that he was joking. Dusty lost a lot of respect from his fans by attacking all of them who disagree with him as "alt right". Not only does he demonstrate that he has no fucking idea what the alt-right really is, he displays stunning hypocrisy. Dusty has made plenty of attacks on liberals and social justice warriors before. These are the factors that caused him to be kicked off of Facebook and got him into a beef with Matt Dillahunty. Of course, in typical Dusty contrarian fashion, he flip-flops on the issue and starts immediately belittling people who agreed with him not even a month ago.


Not-So Humble Beginnings

Dusty was once a fat Christian motherfucker that believed wacky conspiracies from people like Alex Jones.[5] Him and the manatee were once not so different. And to think that they both switched ideologies. He eventually became an atheist and dropped weight faster than he lost his faith. Because of this, Dusty is now a promoter of the "Logic" Diet which involves actually getting up and doing something (a common alternative to prayer).

During the time Dusty was a fat Christian, he became rich by abusing internet algorithms by copy and pasting porn.[6] He made millions off of using search engines to send users to his websites. Later in 2010 he started a program called adult autopilot which would help people to use the same shady bullshit he's done. The website is currently down (it has been taken down this year) but it's archived and you can look through all the bullshit here. His dirty laundry was shown under the spotlight, when Kraut and Tea made a video completely destroying him and his failure to secure any recognition in the modern YouTube community.[7]

YouTube Channel

Dusty launched a somewhat popular YouTube channel in which he takes on various topics like religion and political correctness. Unfortunately, he uploads rather infrequently because, like many other atheist YouTubers, he has run low on things to say regarding the subject of religion. Dusty has stated on ԀP that he's now bent on reaching a million subscribers, a task that TJ has even yet to achieve. Making videos on a consistent schedule would probably be a good start, Dusty.

In spite of having almost 250k subscribers, his views plummeted to a range of 10 to 50 thousand views. Out of fear of drifting into oblivion Dusty tried cycling through different video formats, but only made himself look like a complete idiot, by posting unoriginal gaming content or a top ten list that a 12 year old could have put together. He was publicly executed and put out of his misery on February 23rd of 2017 by Kraut and Tea, through the video "The Curious Case of Cult of Dusty". His subscriber count has been declining since then at an even higher rate.

Despite his outward personality and love of parties, he has described himself as somewhat of a recluse.[8]

On Drunken Peasants

Dusty originally made several appearances on the show as a mostly well received guest, most notably when he squared off with G Man a few times on the podcast, which usually resulted in some of G Man's most absurd quotes of all time, such as the infamous, "Present me a starving child!". Dusty himself does not regularly watch the show, though he has publicly stated he has a respect for the show. On the contrast, Dusty has also talked shit on the fanbase in the past, though he eventually took this back after attending a fan meetup in New Orleans. Most of his information is second-hand from his girlfriend, who he has described as a big fan.

Episode 100

Dusty was present for the 100th episode special in which he spent the whole appearance getting high and drinking beer, fully embracing the spirit of the show so that he could deal with the peasants' crap. He talked a lot about his decision to stay living in Denver instead of his once planned return to Mississippi. Dusty also talked at length at how he planned to revive his channel and reach one million subscribers (he went on another hiatus a month after, who else but Busty!).

The peasants then brought G Man on the show again to torture Dusty, to which he kept demanding a moderated debate on neutral grounds, even though the two have talked religion to death during former appearances. The peasants were able to prove God was not real because unlike God, Dusty can rip a mean bowl of pan and actually exists. G Man mentioned his then upcoming rap against Jaclyn Glenn, which noticeably niggered Dusty into wondering how anyone could dislike her.

G Man attempts to find common-ground with Dusty by pointing out their shared Pentecostal background, to which Dusty apologizes that unlike himself, G Man is still so brain-washed by the church and encouraged G Man to actually research what he believes. Dusty was later confronted by living slimeball, the "prophet" RanCam Campbell, who seemed to be G Man's secret weapon but actually espoused the most incoherent and ridiculous analogies seen on the show up until the appearance Joseph Martelli.

Facebook Controversy

Dusty made a humorous Facebook post at the expense of Black people and Baltimore protesters. This pissed off the idiotic butt hurt alliance with no sense of humor, also known as Hemant Mehta. Hugo and Jake then cut ties with Dusty. Not because Dusty is the grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, but because he has an annoying southern accent. Clearly, Dusty is very racist and probably wants all minorities to be wiped off the face of the Earth, and out of his water park. That post alone undid 100 years of social progress. The status resulted in a riot held by all 4 black people living in Colorado. Casualties included several butts being hurt.

The response of Jewgo and Snake brought a lot of their standards into question. Some speculate that they might have Mr. 7/11's dick in their ass. Others think they have become too PC for many of their YouTube atheist peers. Either way, it's a bit strange that they'd pull a page out of Ryan Wiley's book. The peasants made light of the event during episode 144.

Episode 144

TJ: Oh yeah! We were gonna make fun of his extended mid-life crisis!
Ben: Oh! Yeah!
— The entire purpose for having Dusty on the episode.[9]

The peasants had Dusty on for a sixth time for episode 144, during which he opened up by mentioning that he has shifted a lot of his attention to Facebook. The peasants later asked about TBR dropping his shirts over the aforementioned joke and Dusty described them as "The Coward Reloaded"[10], questioning why the peasants let the two on their show. Dusty later said that TBR run away from controversy, with the peasants pointing out they aren't above making controversial jokes themselves. The peasants then poked fun at Dusty's extended mid-life crisis and recent return to Mississippi, with Dusty explaining his return to his home state and later describing his time as a Christian nutjob. Dusty disagreed with TJ about living in Mississippi, claiming it wasn't so bad and that it needs more people like him. TJ said that he has lived there in the past and that it's a horrible place to live.

Episode 195


Dusty appeared on episode 195 where he told a story about him and Matt getting into a feud. His narrative: Matt Dillahunty's wife was being a cunt to him at an atheist convention, but she secretly wanted the Dusty's dick. Dusty posted about his wife and his lust for his dick on Facebook and Matt got pissed. Dusty then starting debating Matt's wife when she said only white people can be racist. Matt's wife didn't like what he was saying so she went all ballistic on him. Dusty then posted on Facebook about how she was wrong. In response, Dillahunty's wife deleted all the posts she made about the whole racism thing and her husband got super pissed, straw-manned him, and blocked him on Twitter. Matt told his version of the story on Episode 197.

Zaunstar messaged the Peasants that Dusty was lying and straw-manning Dillahunty's wife. Zaunstar came on the show and debated him over Dillahunty's wife's post.

Dusty claimed that Jaclyn copied Theoretical Bullshit's video because she thought he was hot and thus ended up unconsciously parroting what he would say in her own videos. Dusty compared this to him refraining from watching TJ's videos as not to end up doing the same thing and devolve his videos into a carbon copy of TJ's. It would be a fair point if the whole plagiarism controversy wasn't astonishingly bigger than just Theoretical Bullshit, and Jaclyn admitting to having plagiarized when accused of doing so, both on ԀP and in her apology video that was followed by a shitty SJW video and a collaboration with Onision. The Live Chat, being brutal as always, wanted to lynch Dusty for this satanic act.

Episode 288.5

On this special episode of the podcast they decided to play Dusty's video of him accusing TJ and other Skeptics of being alt-right. The peasant's completely destroyed Dusty on the issue, pointing out how being pro-Trump does not equal Alt-Right.

Episode 290

The peasant's discussed Dusty accusing TJ of talking to him behind his back during Episode 288.5. They discussed how hypocritical he was, since he talked shit about TJ and DP during the Flying Monkey Podcast. The peasants called Dusty disingenuous and anti-logical.

Episode 291

The peasants decided to respond to Dusty's video on what he thinks the alt-right is and where it came to be. Scotty had a huge tangent on how much of a self centered retard asshole who has stooped so low that he's teaming up with Steve Shives. BeyondPhere told dP they were probably orchestrating this response in which TJ replied very harshly. They all agreed Dusty was a fucking idiot. The peasants asked him to drop the bullshit drama and admit he was being retarded instead of constantly doubling down and make up some conspiratorial bullshit.

Going Full Retard

Becoming a Flying Monkey

Dusty lack of virtue-signaling.
His audience on the Drunken Peasants is the fucking worst, they're all just children, man! It's just, some of the biggest idiots I've ever seen are from that show!
— Talking shit on the Flying Monkey Podcast.[11]
On June 21st, 2016 Dusty Smith appeared on AIU's echochamber the Flying Monkey Podcast. There Dusty completley jerked off AIU and claimed that the shit about him doxing is just hearsay (even though it's been proven beyond the shadow of doubt it's real) he also called DP fans garbage and just immature children, though he did admit he finds TJ himself to be intelligent.[12] After the peasants confronted him about it he apologized. During his appearance, he claimed anyone in his audience that doesn't like AiU is probably a regressive.[13]

In August of 2016, in light of the drama involving AiU Dusty has stated on his "facebook show" that he supports doxing people who "slander" them and would do it himself to people who "slander" him if he wasn't too lazy to do so. If he's going by AiU's definition of slander, hopefully he never gets the energy to do so. He also repeatedly pestered Shoe0nHead, Kraut and Tea, and Naked Ape to debate them after they challenged him on his bullshit, with Kraut accepting his offer.

Dusty later stated he wouldn't dox people, and used his classic "it's muh Facebook show" defense.

Not Being a Skeptic on Sexual Assault Allegations

During October when the Trump tape of him talking shit with his friends was released; Dusty immediately made a video making the claim that the video proves he sexually assaulted women. He didn't seem to realize Donald was just having the conversation an average teenage jock has everyday and that he's not really saying he does sexually assault women more that he could. Dusty made a follow up video apologizing for his instant accusation and took the video down. After listening to some hearsay from other people about women coming out accusing him of sexual assault he decided to re-upload the video and delete his apology video and went full anti-Trump. Though Trump very well may have sexually assaulted them, no evidence besides anecdotes have been presented. But of course, Trump must have done it because he's a Republican and Republicans are bad.

Accusing the Skeptic "Community" of Being Alt-Right

Never Go Full Steve Shives.png
What Dusty thinks

On October 26th, 2016 just when you think he couldn't get anymore retarded he decided to accuse TJ, Sargon, Chris Ray Gun, and Armoured Skeptic of "perpetuating alt right bullshit" and that the skeptic "community" is just a bunch of alt righters because a couple of them prefer Trump to Clinton. He very clearly has no fucking clue what the alt right actually is, as he claims that he learned most of what he learned about the alt right from fucking Reddit[14], despite having been linked several times to both our page on the alt right and Sargon's great video on it. In fact, Sargon has made several videos going after the alt right, and even regularly tweets gay interracial porn at alt-righters who attack him on Twitter in order to trigger them.[15] But nevermind that, Sargon thought that Trump is the lesser evil, he's an evil alt-right nazi right winger, even though he said if the democrats chose literally ANYONE else he would probably support that candidate over Trump.[16] But of course who care about facts when you can just push your narrative. It turns out, Dusty called everyone from the skeptic "community" an alt righter even though he self-admittedly haven't even watched a single one their videos, nor he knows them on Twitter.[17][18] Skepticism, amirite?

Dusty: Didnt see it. I dont watch youtube.
Shoe0nHead: ah so you label a bunch of youtubers YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN WATCHED "alt-right" then you preach logic & skepticism? bye
— Shoe0nHead exposing Dusty for the dishonest retard he is[17]
I know how Twitter works but I do not follow any of these people and have no idea what their usernames are.
— Not only he never even watched the content of the people he is accousing of being Alt-Right, he admited he doesn't even follows them on Twitter and don't know what their usernames are. [18]

In his video Dusty also said that SJWs aren't a big problem, and he claims people only make anti-SJW content because it's a goldmine of money and views, nevermind the fact you can make much more money and views with other types of content on YouTube. According to Dusty they should be talking about much more important matters like Islam and make content according to that, then he continued to make a shitty video about a Christian movie, God's Not Dead 2 and after that he made one about The Atheist Delusion.[19] So Dusty, does that mean that the most important matter of our time is God's Not Dead 2 and The Atheist Delusion?

Two days later, Dusty made a response video to the hate he got for the amount of brain cells he killed from his last video. He talked about the "slander" that the skeptic "community" produced of him. He claimed he used to be part of the Alt-Right when he supported Donald Trump. He claimed the entire movement started in the Donald Subreddit and how it's the main source of what the Alt-Right believes. He also claimed that the Alt-Right has nothing to do with white nationalism. His explanation of the Alt-Right is so fucking devoid from reality it made everyone watching want to slap him with the logic he claims to be using. He claimed that being Anti-SJW, Anti-PC, Pro-Trump, and Nationalistic is what qualifies someone as Alt-Right (except even with that inaccurate definition the Skeptics he described still don't fall under that definition). As expected both the Donald subreddit[20] and the Alt right subreddit[21] thinks that Dusty is a faggot who has not a single clue on what the Alt Right is.

According to Dusty, the Peasants betrayed and slandered him for "going behind his back" to make episode 288.5 and make him look like a narcissistic idiot - like he needed their help at all.

The Peasants addressing Dusty's bullshit - Drunken Peasants Episode 288.5
Shoe0nHead - dusty 'what is the internet' smith
Armoured Skeptic - Am I Alt-Right?

Befriending Steve Shives

Steve Shivels.PNG

Yes, you're reading this correctly. As if the entirety of the info above wasn't enough, Steve Shives started to like Dusty for making his video on accusing anti-SJWs of being alt-right. Dusty became one of the only few to ever be unblocked by Steve.[22] Dusty then announced that he has no real beef with Shives and doesn't understand the hate towards him. Dusty then decided to announce that he would team up with the block bot in the future. Like so many other instances, he has no idea what the fuck he's talking about.

Going Full Brett Keane

After Episode 309 Dusty made a video accusing the Drunken Peasants of being lying scumbags, because they cut out the part where he said he didn't want to force people to make videos on climate change. He basically went full Brett Keane both figuratively and in appearance as dusty had a full set of white hair that looked eerily similar to a certain matinee individual.

Thinking He Is the Arbiter of Labels

Since people started paying attention to him less, he again felt that he had to stir up the drama pot. On Twitter he claimed that people who think Hillary would have been as bad or worse than Trump aren't liberals, pulling a No true Scotsman fallacy.[23] When people notified him that he committed a logical fallacy he just pulled an other one, a false analogy fallacy, by asking "If someone claims theyre an atheist but also says they believe in god, is it a no true scottsman to tell them they arent atheist?".[24] Ignoring Dusty's shitty grammar, he doesn't seem to know that the definition of liberalism is more broad than that of atheism. Also, the definition of liberalism doesn't say anything about how you cannot think that one political candidate would be as bad or worse than an other in order for you to be a liberal.

No true Scotsman: Angus declares that Scotsmen do not put sugar on their porridge, to which Lachlan points out that he is a Scotsman and puts sugar on his porridge. Furious, like a true Scot, Angus yells that no true Scotsman sugars his porridge.
No true liberal: Dusty declares that a liberal do not thinks that Hillary would have been as bad or worse than Trump, to which TJ points out that he is a liberal and thinks that Hillary is just as bad as Trump. Furious, like a true liberal, Dusty yells that no true liberal thinks that Hillary would have been as bad or worse than Trump.

Furthermore, Dusty believes that if someone thinks that Hillary would be as bad or worse than Trump, then they are Trump supporters. Dusty also thinks if anyone happens to debunk false claims made about Trump then they are also Trump supporters. Dusty doesn't really care if those people are actual Trump supporters or not, or if they disagree with Trump or not. And this is an other logical fallacy called the fallacy of false dichotomy. He throws around the Trump supporter label like confetti, similarly to how he throws around the alt-right label (which he basically uses as a synonym for Trump supporters).

You see, despite preaching about logic all the time most things Dusty says these days are riddled with logical fallacies.

Getting Rekt on the Show

PaulsEgo: "The heel is usually in on the joke."
Dusty Smith: "Yeah so?"
PaulsEgo: "So how are you the heel?"
Dusty Smith-Awkward silence situation-
— A perfect summary.

After stirring shit with the peasants they finally got him on Episode 313. During the entire first-third of the episode he did nothing but back-peddle on his opinion on the peasants and their fans. He went from calling DP and their fans lying scumbags and children to sucking their dicks. Dusty also made an ass out of himself admitting he still had no idea what the alt-right is. After the show the entire Dusty drama died down and most of the people in the "Dusty was right" camp fucked off.

Dusty Smith Today

Dusty Smith has decided to shift from him talking about politics and religion and has instead focused on virtual reality gaming. Such great content like him slapping trump with dicks with his VR headset is way more relevant than the SJWs all these skeptics talk about these days. Because of his great quality content Dusty Smith on average loses 62 subscribers a day.

Let's play a game. Spot the videos after his drama videos against other YouTubers where Dusty talks about climate change, or any equally or more important matter. Oh wait, there isn't any...

Losing Subscribers

Ever since he returned to YouTube, Dusty has been steadily losing subscribers. This is likely to how out of touch he is in general. He makes content no one cares about and when he does make content about something mildly relevant he fucks it up and gets all of the facts wrong. This has caused many of people to unsubscribe from his channel over time. He blames this on the fact that his audience at least was alt-right using his skewed definition which basically boils down to any Trump supporter on the internet, and even then not all of the people criticizing him for his views on that topic were Trump supporters, but of course facts don't matter to Dusty, what does matter is his victim complex and how he's persecuted by the evil alt-righters on YouTube. It also didn't help that you took a two fucking year hiatus from YouTube, Dusty. This Dusty does acknowledge but mostly brushes over. Your audience has moved on, get with the times or get out.

A video responding to his channel dying was played on episode 341. TJ explained that it wasn't Youtube's shitty algorithms that was causing him to lose subs it was because he's retarded and boring and pretty much teared apart all his retarded excuses.

How to Argue According to Dusty

  1. Say whatever contrarian shit you find that you know will piss your audience off.
  2. Once people call you a retard, declare that you're either joking or double down on the issue and claim slander.
  3. Once the tension has settled down just rinse and repeat.

In a Nutshell

Kraut and Tea - The Curious Case of Cult of Dusty


"I had the conviction to speak out on what I believe is right despite the consequences. That was once applauded before groupthink took over." - Dusty's reaction to the responses he got to him calling the skeptic "community" a bunch of Alt-Righters.[25] You are so stunning and brave Dusty.
its just part of the show. I piss people off, they tweet about me, my numbers go up. Been doing it for years.
— Dusty in a nutshell. Then he goes around accusing other people for doing it only for the money and the views. Projection much?[26]
I dont want you. You are an embarrassment to me. Stick with DP.
— Dusty to one of his fans for slighty disagreeing with him.[27]
If Hillary's vagina is really as magical as she claims it is she should really let scientists study it.
— Dusty on Hillary's vagina.[28]
All you DP children try so desperately hard to be edgy & different but you all act exactly the same. Easy to spot.
— Dusty talking shit about DP fans.[29]
I've gotten literally thousands of messages like this. THIS is what the community has become. 100% guaranteed this is a DP fan.
— Still talking shit about DP fans.[30]
If you are still using the word "cuck" as an insult, could you do me a favor and please stop being my fan? Your fans represent you to the world and I REALLY don't want you people representing me. You are so fucking embarrassing.
— Dusty to his fans. So according to Dusty the fans of a content creator are the representation of that person, so everytime he shit talked about the DP fans or insulted DP fans he was actually talking about the Peasants, according to Dusty's retarded logic at least.[31]
Sorta disappointed that Drunken Peasants purposely chose to talk about me behind my back when they know I'll come on & defend myself anytime
— Oh really Dusty? Interesting, because we don't rememeber TJ being in your video where you accused him of being an Alt-Righter to defend himself. It's almost like you are projecting.[32]
Dusty: I heard DP chose to rip me again last night. They know Ill go on ANY TIME so theyre choosing on purpose to talk about me w/o me being there.
SwordofStorms: Like you talked about TJ without him being there? Seems fair to me as long as we're being consistent.
Dusty: Ahh admin at DP wiki. That explains it.
SwordofStorms: Dissmissing someone based on what podcast they enjoy? How logical of you.
— Dusty dismissing the argument of one of our staff with an ad hominem.[33][34]
A lot of people have asked me to do response videos to Armored Skeptic and Bearing. It would be incredibly silly of me to get into feuds with cartoon characters. While they can hide behind their toons and throw rocks at me, for me to fire back would make me look like a dumbass arguing with cartoon characters. It's nearly impossible to come off well having a feud with a cartoon. It makes you look silly. Just ask Hillary. They use their characters as a shield to hide behind and until they step out from behind them its a no win situation to try to throw stones back.
— Dusty continues to stir the drama pot.[35]
So it just hit me, I really am a "cuck"! I denied it to myself for awhile, but I'm now realizing...I definitely AM a cuck.
— The most honest confession Dusty ever said.[36]


Dusty always likes to pretend that he is hip with the kids, even though he is just a retarded old fuck who doesn't even understand how internet culture and internet memes work.
  • He believes talent is measured in T-shirt sales.
  • He claims he grew up in a mostly black town.[37]
  • He has had positive experiences on acid.[38]
  • He was a Christian for over 30 years.
  • His father was an atheist before he was one himself.
  • Dusty is heteroflexible, as evidence in episode 100, where he claimed he might let a guy blow him.[39]
  • Shortly after the death of Star Trek actor, Leonard Nimoy (the actor who played Mr. Spock), Dusty commented that he was "too busy getting laid" to ever watch Star Trek. This comment caused TJ to ask him "why not have both?".
  • G Man usually calls him Cult or Culty.
  • He defended Jaclyn Glenn from some of the hanky panky "I wouldn't subscribe to her, but I would fuck her" comments. It was clearly just a ploy to get in her pants.
  • He said if Jaclyn's boyfriend broke up with her, Dusty would date her.
  • He enjoys sloppy blowjobs.[40]
  • He has lost numerous friends and family members due to his YouTube channel.
  • He was planning to do a crossover with Creationist Cat, but it looks like he...pussied out!
  • At some point he was considering moving back to Mississippi (the worst possible choice anyone in Colorado could make), but eventually came back to his senses after he smoked some pan. Then moved back to Mississippi anyway.
  • He was on a long hiatus of videos while he was taking acid and trying to figure out where his life is going. But he then returned to full-time video making. He has stated his goal is to finally reach a million subs.
  • He has met Stone Cold Steve Austin on some shit tv show.
  • He said he considers all black Christians to be uncle tom house negros.
  • He isn't afraid to confront asshole street preachers and call them out for their bullshit.
  • Dusty has a 17 year old girlfriend, but it's legal in his state. Dusty is the next Jared Fogle.
  • Due to a hereditary trait on his mother's side, Dusty's hair is whiter than the lines of cocaine Jenny McDermott used to snort (and possibly still does). He would usually dye it, but now doesn't care anymore.
  • Dusty ejaculates pure Bubonic plague as stated by TJ on Episode 21.
  • After dealing with leftist dishonesty about Donald Trump he officially denounced his liberalism on May 8th of 2016.[41] Then after shorty he took a 180 degrees turn and became even more retarded by accusing the entire skeptic "community" of being evil Alt-Righters, befriended Steve shives, and became a Shillary supporter.
  • He has appeared on Devon Tracey's Flying Monkey Podcast. They seem to be best buddies.
  • Every time he makes a retarded tweet you can see AIU or AIU fans white knighing him in the replies.
  • Considering he supports Devon Tracey's doxing and Steve Shive's support for "calling out" anti-SJW atheists, it could be theorized that he is a secret Jesuit clone using the DNA of both.
  • He is literally autistic.[42]
  • Apparently anything that is implied when picking apart his arguments is apparently a strawman.
  • He's the 'Heel' of the Drunken Peasants.

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