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Being an amazing wiki, The Drunken Peasants Wiki, also known simply as The ԀP Wiki, is a fan-developed pancyclopedia for all things Drunken Peasants. The wiki is currently maintained by a faculty of 7 users: 3 bureaucrats, and 4 admins. The editors of the wiki have tirelessly worked from within our slave pens to deliver the information you need from an altered perspective. The wiki has been around for only about two years, though it has already compiled a large amount of trivia and inside jokes with a dedicated staff.

Even though we stridently look down upon attention whores as evidenced by the very content on this wiki, we here at the wiki are actually the most whorish people encountered by ԀP in existence. We're very attentive about our recognition by ԀP and its associates that we cum our pants whenever the wiki is mentioned on the podcast and feel the need to write about it on the wiki. Currently we the only independent domain on the internet owned by the Drunken Peasants and a proud affiliate of Drunken Peasants United. Unfortunately, there's a dark secret to the wiki. As was exposed by Brett Keane, we're secretly a cult of child slaves that TJ keeps locked up in his basement, forced to edit the wiki on shitty Windows 95 desktops with dial-up internet. We get beaten if we don't edit enough.

You can read more about the Drunken Peasants Wiki here.