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Drunken Fancy


Drunken Fancy & Innosflew


Drunken Fancy

  • January 28th, 2015 (Original on Wikia)
  • May 8th, 2016 (Current Domain)



Delivering Drunken Peasants information from an altered perspective.

The ԀP Wiki. Bringing you ԀP history from an altered perspective.
Drunken Fancy[1]
I was impressed that some people had so little to do in their lives that they would like literally capture every moment of our show and transcribe it.
— TJ during episode 141.[2]

If you need to get in touch with any wiki staff, you can find our list of staffers here.

Being an amazing wiki, The Drunken Peasants Wiki, also known simply as The ԀP Wiki, is a fan-developed pancyclopedia for all things Drunken Peasants. The wiki is currently maintained by a faculty of 7 users: 3 bureaucrats, and 4 admins. The editors of the wiki have tirelessly worked from within our slave pens to deliver the information you need from an altered perspective. The wiki has been around for only about two years, though it has already compiled a large amount of trivia and inside jokes with a dedicated staff.

Even though we stridently look down upon attention whores as evidenced by the very content on this wiki, we here at the wiki are actually the most whorish people encountered by ԀP in existence. We're very attentive about our recognition by ԀP and its associates that we cum our pants whenever the wiki is mentioned on the podcast and feel the need to write about it on the wiki. Currently we the only independent domain on the internet owned by the Drunken Peasants and a proud affiliate of Drunken Peasants United.

Unfortunately, there's a dark secret to the wiki. As was exposed by Brett Keane, we're secretly a cult of child slaves that TJ keeps locked up in his basement, forced to edit the wiki on shitty Windows 95 desktops with dial-up internet. We get beaten if we don't edit enough.


The Original Wiki

The wiki staff first came to be during the 28th of January, 2015, when the wiki was formed by Drunken Fancy. There is no way he could possibly handle an entire wiki on ԀP by himself, so he enlisted the support of some black guy (Fralab) and a 9/11 first respondent (Bullshit Police) to help create the database. They were originally members of the previous wiki, but had to leave to form one that was devoid of any trolls and pencil-dicked cunts that ruined the other, with the three working day and night to transfer articles and add new content. Over the months he also recruited the other egg bitch, a gender-fluid exoskeleton, the world's most fabulous neckbeard, Scarce's Hungarian doppelganger, an unfair playing card, a smarmy bastard, and some other fucks. BP was eventually tired of all the people being appointed admin that it was decided that they'd stop promoting people willy-nilly.

Suddenly in May 19 - out of nowhere - two cocksuckers brutally murdered BP in cold blood. The reasoning for this was apparently because of violations against Wikia guidelines, but we all know what it really is; it was fascism.

His sudden death wounded the morale of the remaining admins and some even reconsidered whether he should go on. They then got over it after a week or so. Through ethical journalism and non-stop pan jokes, they DP'd ԀP.

A DP Wiki Situation

A mentally challenged dwarf under the alias of John McCain managed to join the staff at some point, at that time still disguised a fan of DP. He worked on the wiki for a while before he decided to ask the Drunken Peasants to change the entire show in an open letter. He recruited a bunch of other gullible sheep to hate the podcast and help him write it. He was later shrekt in a video response by TJ, which was featured on a private show. Little did the other staff members know that John McCain was plotting to turn the wiki into a hub for his own rhetoric, making articles about things thought up on his acid trips. Humor mostly consisting of Photoshopping the heads of him and his friends onto celebrities and the kind of jokes you would hear on Fox News bumpers.

They fucked Jenny McDermott and were never seen again.

Attention (2).png

The Current Wiki

Shortly after the situation, balance returned the the ԀP Wiki, new staff who are all loyal fans of the podcast have been recruited by Fancy Badger, who was able to save the wiki from John McCain. Shortly after, over two hundred pages of bullshit were purged from the wiki including pages like the infamous Carlton Banks.

Then our admin Innosflew, like the crazy fucking work-driven Hungarian communist he is, bought and made a new wiki, this wiki, where we'll be free of wikia's bullshit and be able to do whatever the fuck we want like ban staff whenever or post pr0n, even though dealing with trolls will be harder.

Now we're fine and we have plenty of admins and don't need anymore so anyone who thinks they can climb the ladder by doling out tons of edits and become an admin will have more luck ejaculating a pensioner's cock (unless some of current ones leave, then maybe we'll consider it). We also currently honor two very key members of this wiki who helped shape it from the beginning, or damn near it, as honorary founders. The two in question are BP and Fralab.

Innosflew working on the new wiki.

In A Nutshell

Dp wiki in a nutshell.png


  • History is written by the victors.
  • We're attention whores!
  • Fancy Badger has been on the wiki for the longest time (about nearly two years).
  • The only thing worse than our sense of humor is Alfred's photoshop abilities.



If you have good photoshop skills (or even shitty ones as visible below) and want to make a silly/disturbing/homoerotic piece of art involving any members of staff, feel free to post it here


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