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Drunken Peasants United
The current logo, as of 2017.
The current logo, as of 2017.

Fan community union


Drunken Fancy


Drunken Fancy


April 19th, 2017


Keeping communication throughout the greater Drunken Peasants community.

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Youtube channel

Drunken Peasants United








Drunken Peasants United

Drunken Peasants United (also shortened to The DPU or DP United) is a fan run union of sub-communities of the Drunken Peasants. It was initially formed with the intend to bring together the fan community and keep a line of communications among officially endorsed communities to prevent admin abuse like had been seen multiple times in the past spanning back to the old IRC Chat and in the other communities up until the formation of the DPU, prior to them all being made fully official.


It was founded by Drunken Fancy and officially declared on April 19th of 2017.[1] By the time it had been named officially, this organization had already been working together indirectly going back to the start of 2017. At least one of the peasants has admin privileges in any affiliated community. The DPU now also has a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the latter of which it acts as a sister channel for Drunken Peasants to host and promote fan-made content submitted to the channel.


  • Discord - A chat on Discord curated by many people experienced in the other fan communities. It is both endorsed by the show and an official partnered Discord server.
  • Fan Club - A community based in Facebook for fans of the show to share common interests relating to the podcast. It was unofficial for a long time, until being linked in the description in late 2016.
  • Subreddit - A hive of fans located on Reddit that enjoy engaging in in-depth analysis of the podcast. They are known mostly by the peasants for blowing up.
  • Wiki - The wiki is a fan-developed pancyclopedia written by the pan-infused minds of various fans of the podcast, with most articles open for anyone to edit.


  • The initial concept was conceived by SwordofStorms.
  • The DPU is responsible for the only independent domain on the internet owned by the peasants, the DP Wiki.
  • There's a YouTube channel where we upload various assets for the show sent to us by fans.
  • It has an especially big following on Twitter, with over seven thousand followers.
  • We have a Patreon that we barely shill, it is mostly to maintain this wiki.



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