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Drunken Peasants
The peasants' current logo, as of 2017
The peasants' current logo, as of 2017
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Ben & TJ


January 5, 2014


Bellevue, Washington

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Drunken Peasants


Drunken Peasants


Drunken Peasants




The Drunken Peasants Podcast


Drunken Peasants

The Drunken Peasants Podcast is satirical in nature, and while we do occasionally delve into serious issues and discussions, our primarily purpose is to entertain and amuse. In other words...don't take this SHIT too seriously.

— The disclaimer read aloud by TJ at the start of every episode.

Coming to you live, from the frigid armpit of America. This is The Drunken Peasants Podcast with Ben and TJ, bringing you opinions of the news from an altered perspective!

See full intro here.
For a full timeline of of the podcast, scroll over for the good parts here.

The Drunken Peasants (also known simply as ԀP) is a podcast focused on news, entertainment & politics airing from Bellevue, Washington. The hosts are Ben, TJ Kirk, Scotty Kirk, and Paul. The peasants like to pick apart current events in a fun and entertaining way, as well as bring on various guests, respond to other videos online, mock general stupidity going on in politics and popular culture, interact with their dedicated community, and set out to ԀP the internet from an altered perspective. The show has lasted for over three years, but has already collected a large following and countless inside jokes.

The peasants have had arguments with many people, including: a Christian walrus and his posse, a black guy with a corduroy fetish, a crying little bitch who "exposes evil", a deplorable piece of shit with a math degree, an attention horse, a gobsmacking overcooked Hitler, a faithful Christian who sucks of guys behind the porn store, a fear-mongering preacher cashing in on stupidity, a doc-dropping kangaroo, a race card-throwing garage enthusiast, and a pro-slavery black person who denies the existence of starving children.

The YouTube channel managed to hit 140,000 subscribers and 40,000,000 views by 2017. ԀP is so popular that there is even a wiki based on it.


  • Ben — The technically-inclined mononymous co-host of Drunken Peasants, along with TJ, Scotty, and PaulsEgo. He was the one who originally came up with the idea to create a podcast[1] and he has always been the driving force of most behind-the-scenes work involved in the show since it's inception. TJ has also described Ben as the star of the show.[2] During his free time, Ben is a luchador-themed gimp and is often locked in his basement while the show is off-air. He often plays the role of the straight man in staunch contrast to TJ's more eccentric and blunt personality.
  • TJ — A professional ranter, author, and the creator of the YouTube channel simply titled, The Amazing Atheist.[3] Throughout his time on YouTube, TJ has passionately and consistently delivered videos for over a decade, primarily regarding politics, religion, social events, and popular culture. In addition, he is a beloved co-host of the Drunken Peasants [4] alongside his tech bitch and fellow founding member Ben, his younger and more nasally brother Scotty, and the yin to his yang, Paul.
  • Scotty — TJ's younger brother who primarily contributes to the podcast through passionate, nasally rants and displaying the most raw sex appeal of anyone on the podcast. Scotty frequently bickers with his brother live on the show and has the spotlight alongside Ben to roast TJ during the segment, Cutting the Fat. He was initially intended as a regular guest of the show, but he has since stolen the hearts of many fans and became a full host. His first appearance was episode 2.
  • Paul — A YouTuber and official Brett Keane historian that serves as the fourth co-host of the Drunken Peasants. Essentially a shorter and fatter TJ, Paul has garnered renown among the community for whole-cloth being an eternally stoned yet lovable piece of human garbage with a knack for story-telling. His first appearance was episode 17. The show is helped immensely by his presence, as it would have gotten stale to just watch three liberal commies from Ohio talk to each other.


Main article: Segments

Drunken Peasants is divided into many segments. As the show has gone on, the segments have contributed more and more to the show's structure. Originally the show only involved two segments at most per episode, though the show has evolved over time to a more segment-based format, as a result segments are important to understand how the show works. Segments rotate in and out throughout the history of the show. The intros are always made by the talented motherfuckers in ԀP's fanbase.


Main article: Mems

Mem is a collective term for inside jokes and slang words relating to Drunken Peasants. The podcast has been around for a few years, though a large collection of different mems have already been made throughout it's history and are fully embraced by the community. To truly enjoy the juicy, stoner humor of the podcast, understanding the show's inside jokes is key to an ideal DP experience. Many mems have come and gone, with some occasionally making a return. By far the most iconic and well known mem within the community is Smoke Pan Everyday. The most popular of mems are immortalized onto the peasants' merchandise.


Main articles: Episode Guide & Timeline

The show was first aired on January 3rd, 2014 and has been going strong for nearly three years, having surpassed over three hundred episodes as of December 2016. As a result, the show has a long history of videos that have be comprised into a comprehensible episode guide by the wiki, updated with the fine details of each podcast and a link to each individual episode page. Highlights or major events in the show's history are all recorded onto the wiki's timeline for all to see throughout the remainder of human history. Any unorthodox episodes of the podcast are categorized under specials.



The Drunken Peasants have become entangled in numerous long-standing online feuds with other YouTubers who have taken massive umbrage with ԀP's ethics and viewpoints, which is probably why TJ has issued a disclaimer at the start of every video to remind people that ԀP's primary intent is to abuse amuse. The ԀP fandom have taken these feuds and playfully fashioned them into sagas, comparable to the ones featured on Dragon BallZ. Here are some examples of people the peasants have had arguments with:

  • Brett Keane The feud between TJ and Brett existed before ԀP's very conception and has crossed over to the show. They used ԀP as a forum to debate on religion, morality and science. Aside from this, Brett Keane's videos are featured periodically on the show. The Brett Keane Saga can also be seen as a precursor to the G Man Saga, though it ultimately ended up lasting much longer.
  • G Man G Man was introduced to the peasants through Brett Keane and it was G Man's mad debating and rapping skills that made him stand out from amongst the Masters of Stupidity. This resulted in G Man taking on other notable figures on ԀP such as Thunderf00t, Jean-François Gariépy and Creationist Cat. The G Man Saga can be considered no longer in play as G Man as actually become a friends of the peasants, despite their differing views.
  • Vigilant Christian The Vigilant Christian Mario's conspiracy theory videos have been featured probably more than other YouTuber's on the Drunken Peasants and Mario himself has made videos attacking both TJ and ԀP. Ben has tried to get Mario on the show for a long time, but he kept cancelling at the last minute. The Vigilant Christian Mario finally came on the show in episode 149.
  • Ryan Wiley Ryan Wiley's videos regarding feminism and the atheist YouTube community have been featured a number of times on ԀP and landed him a guest appearance in episode 34 to discuss things he said about Jaclyn Glenn and her position in the atheist community. The Ryan Wiley Saga ended in episode 123 when Ryan made a video deciding to no longer involve himself in anymore online dramas. This was proceeding another video where he officially announced that he would no longer respond to the peasants.
  • Tim Black The feud started when ԀP featured a video of Tim's criticizing TJ for telling children how to come out to their parents as atheists. After a number of responses from one to another, Tim Black made a guest appearance on the show and got along quite well with the peasants. Despite disagreements regarding the Chapel Hill shooting, Tim Black nevertheless remains a close ally with ԀP and even gave them a shout-out on live television. The man is a genuine champ.
  • Jenny McDermott Jenny is one of ԀP's few long-running female enemies and their feud began when she threatened to DMCA them after the peasants misinterpreted her poorly-executed satire. Jenny's status as attention whore, drama whore and all-round retarded scumfuck have landed her several appearances on the podcast where she'll then complain about being harassed by ԀP fans, even though she was the one sticking her neck out just to get noticed.
  • Atheist Roo Devon Tracy's war against ԀP started when they played and argued against a video of his criticizing Jaclyn Glenn's video on racial politics. This resulted in a vicious war on Twitter with Roo's fanboys swarming like locusts at anybody who insults their master and general. Atheist Roo is not willing to go on ԀP to have a discussion about this, but still insists on picking fights on Twitter with middle school-level insults and Photoshop.
  • Vegan Gains This all started when the notorious vegan YouTuber attacked Trisha Paytas for her body-positivity videos and when he joked about murdering Mr. Repzion. This landed him a guest appearance in episode 150 after a couple of back-and-forth, and Vegan Gain's relationship with the peasants is currently set to neutral.



Main article: Fan Community

The Drunken Peasants, being a popular YouTube podcast with a dedicated fanbase, has a number of notable sub-communities run by fans of the show and sometimes co-operated by the peasants themselves. All of the communities listed here are officially recognized by the peasants or were at some point in the past. The peasants will occasionally bring up members of these communities during the podcast, being that they like to utilize fan-made material on their podcast where it fits appropriately. They are mysteriously all led by Drunken Fancy, who brought each of the official communities together under Drunken Peasants United.

  • Discord — A chat formed as a result of the YouTube chat being limited to during the show and the IRC Chat being run by assholes. There's also individual text and voice channels for gaming, mems, watching the show live, and more. This server is officially partnered with Discord and is also endorsed by the peasants, being listed in the description of each show since episode 326. The peasants also have a Patreon perk for smoke sessions with the fans in the Discord.
  • Wiki — A fan-developed pancyclopedia for all things relating to Drunken Peasants. The editors of the wiki have tirelessly worked from within our slave pens to deliver the information you need from an altered perspective. The wiki has been around for only about two years, though it has already compiled a large amount of trivia and inside jokes with a dedicated staff.
  • Fan Club — A Facebook-based community for fans of the show to gather. Fans often use the group to discusses episodes of the show and share various inside jokes or related mems. It was eventually made official, with Ben, TJ, Scotty, and Paul now being active admins of the group. The group is closed and posts are on admin-approval, meaning membership must be requested in order to join.
  • Subreddit — A community on Reddit for fans that not only watch the show, but often like to engage in further analysis of the podcast among peers. The lead moderator is Drunken Fancy, though Ben & TJ also have moderator status and comment from time to time. A notable amount of figures in the community have also made posts here. The subreddit is one the largest community hubs to share videos, art, and discussions of the show.
  • Steam — A group of fans based on Steam closely related to the Discord server, both of which are used together to host gaming events.
  • YouTube — This chat is a total hellhole widely recognized by the peasants as the degenerate backwash of their fanbase. The chat is often spammed by the fans for hours on end while the peasants do their show in hopes that precious Benpai or Cheejay will finally notice their shitposting, though their dreams are rarely fulfilled as the peasants only acknowledge the bullshit in the chat these days when it reaches it's peak.


  • The pre-cursor to the show was known as the No Bullshit Podcast.
  • The main theme was composed by Canadian metal artist, Berserkyd. With clips inserted from the podcast's history.
  • The peasants sell a wide array of merchandise. Their Teespring can be found here.
  • The only way to send videos to ԀP is through a private message on the ԀP Facebook page. TJ explains this at the start of every episode dating back to 110.
  • There is an IMDB page on the Drunken Peasants. The storyline section contains the summary of the show found on the wiki's frontpage in a previous revision.[5]
  • There is a TVTropes page for Drunken Peasants.[6]
  • The original logo was actually created by TJ.[7]
  • Episode 295 is the longest episode of the show,[8] this usurps the previous longest episode (Episode 28) by over two hours.[9]
  • Scotty Cena once filled in the role of Scotty while his counterpart was in Canada. Scotty Cena was mysteriously assassinated around a year after his introduction, he was eventually revived, before being slaughtered again live on camera by Scotty during February of 2017's private show.[10][11]


Fan Art

(Feel free to tweet your own art to The DP Wiki Twitter, if you would like it added to this gallery.)


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