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Drunken Peasants Fan Club

We are going to make this fan club great again! Too long as it been neglected by the other lazy peasants especially terrible TJ he has no strength or stamina!
Scotty Kirk[1]

The Drunken Peasants Facebook Fan Club (DrunkenPeasantsFanClub) is a community based out of Facebook for fans of the Drunken Peasants. Fans often use the group to discuss episodes of the show and share various inside jokes. It was eventually made somewhat official, with Ben, TJ, Scotty and more recently PaulsEgo becoming admins of the group. The group is closed and posts are on admin-approval, meaning membership must be requested in order to join. It was founded by Luke Johnson, though the head admin is currently Drunken Fancy. It is an affiliate of Drunken Peasants United.

Unlike other communities where the peasants are admins (like the wiki or subreddit), this community is not openly endorsed by the peasants or listed in their description. Although it is a ԀP-based fan group, members also discuss general topics relating to ԀP such as feminism, atheism, entertainment, and politics. Some of the debates held within this group are surprisingly civil. As of May 2017, the group has over 7,000 members in total.[2] The group can be found here.

On Drunken Peasants

Scotty was revealed to have had a squabble with members of the fan club on episode 167 over a satirical post he made about Canada, which apparently pissed off some of the people in the Fan Club. Members also claimed that the Kaiser had gone ban-happy over kicking a single dude, despite Scotty also allowing pictures of him being fucked in the ass and other shit to be posted there all the time.[3] The explanation concluded with The Kaiser announcing that he was officially done trying to interact with them after their endless shit-talking and a fruitless back-and-forth. Scotty also commented that he was the most active peasant by far in the community before the whole debacle, after which only really Ben would watch over the group for the following months to prevent doc-dropping or other shady shit, with TJ not really giving a shit about the place at all. During episode 326, it was revealed that the group had been made official following the drama explained further below.

The Big Situation

During January of 2017, Ben made the name of his Snapchat known over a Periscope stream so that some of his followers could add him. Eventually this resulted in some selfies from his Snapchat being posted by a fan in the Facebook Fan Club. Ben announced a few days later that he would like them to stay on his Snapchat and not be surrounded by a comment section, so henceforce people posting pictures from his account would be issued a ban. For a while longer things were fine, as Ben only banned about four people over the issue after a pretty clear warning. Eventually on January 30th, a notorious libertarian admin and professional nigger by the name of Andrew Soto took it upon himself to take advantage of the situation with public drama, against the will of the owner of the group as well as most other admins. Soto attempted to make a false equivalence between Ben's actions and those of Anita Sarkeesian during AnitaGate 2015,[4] even going as far as to demote him from his admin role in the group. As a preventative measure, Soto even demoted TJ who had zero involvement in the situation up until that point.

Even many who had some agreements with Soto were left disappointed to see him deciding to air the dirty laundry for all to see in a laughable display, which ultimately resulted in his demotion to a member once higher ups were contacted, much to the dismay of pretty much nobody (except for some whiny, ever diminishing cunts left standing). Now, all four of the peasants are admins in the group, which even included the reluctant return of our glorious Kaiser.[5] Some other people that the peasants trusted were also brought into the community as admins or moderators to help them run the place, including Shirt Guy and Fancy Badger. By the next day, it was revealed that Andrew Soto had even closed his Facebook account after being raped in the ass by the other fans. The remainder of his sympathizers broke into petty infighting not even a day after the drama.[6][7] In the end, I guess you could say the Fan Club really violated Soto's good old non-aggression principle.

Rules in the Group

  1. No spam. NSFW content must be labeled "NSFW", without thumbnails (unless they are censored).
  2. Keep the trolling, derailing and douchebaggery to a minimum.
  3. Keep posts relevant by posting either stuff related directly to the show, or something of notable discussion and entertainment to the fans.
  4. If you want to become an admin don’t pester the current staff about it.
  5. No blocking Admins or Moderators.
  6. No impersonation/troll accounts without a publicly viewable disclaimer in their profile. Or if it's really, really obvious (we're looking at you, Cena)
  7. No spamming, advertising,or excessive self-promotion.
  8. No distribution of the Patreon-only shows or any other paid content.
  9. No pictures of Ben unrelated to his role on the podcast or in the fan community.


  • Scotty believes most of the group to be trolls,[8] though it's perhaps a more accurate assessment that the trolls are highly vocal group compared to it's actual membership.
  • The description of the podcast in the group's description is from this very wiki. They have yet to update it as we have several times, likely because they are cucks. However, it was finally updated when the wiki's founder became an admin.
  • Some resident editors of the wiki staff are members and frequent contributors of this group, such as Innosflew.
  • The "Notice me, Benpai!" mem originated in this group.
  • Soto has/had his own fan group that formed after the incident, but it folded and now he's disappeared into the void.



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