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Drunken Peasants

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Drunken Fancy


Drunken Fancy


Drunken Fancy


May 29, 2016


A central hub for live discussion in the Drunken Peasants community.

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Uhh... 3 buck theater.
— The proper greeting to use on the server.
Let your scalps breathe over at the DP Discord, my niggas!
— PaulsEgo on Highdeology.[1]
The Drunken Peasants Discord server (Discord.gg/dp) is a community based out of Discord exclusively for the degenerate and sensual fans of Drunken Peasants. It was founded by the creator of the Drunken Peasants Wiki, Drunken Fancy. The chat is run entirely by people of note within the fan community. A number of other community figures are present in the chat including PaulsEgo and Ben. Many guests of the show also hang out in the chat with their own special role, including Repzion, JF, Pimpmunk, Mistress Gin, and BeyondPhere. The server is officially endorsed by the peasants, as well as partnered with Discord. It is an affiliate of Drunken Peasants United.


— Members of the server having an attack from the 'tism.
The server was first founded in June of 2016 after a former fan-server was taken over by trolls and spammers, leading to a bold and imperialistic move by members of the Drunken Peasants Wiki, who formed their own server and later gained the favor and support of members from other DP communities, including; DP Subreddit, Drunken Peasants Fan Club, and others. After being linked across every corner of the DP universe, the server steadily increased in regular users. Eventually, the server was officially recognized by the peasants themselves. Under a month later, the server became officially partnered with Discord and received many new customization options.

On Drunken Peasants

It was finally recognized by the peasants officially during episode 323 in January of 2017, where Paul also offered verbal fellatio following discussion of a meetup. It was mentioned by Paul again during episode 323 told a story in which Hymnalysis tried to shill to him once again. Following drama within the Drunken Peasants Fan Club, the Discord was added alongside it to the description during episode 326. During episode 331, when Hymnalysis made a guest appearance, Paul mentioned the story of him shilling within the Discord chat a second time and during the same episode the server was mentioned again as one of the many fan communities led by Fancy Badger. During episode 333, PaulsEgo revealed that a popular patron named The Bunyip had posted his cock in the #nsfw-photos channel, which led to an influx of members during the live show.


The Discord is divided into roles with different rights, privileges and powers that come with them.

  • Community Leader: This role is reserved only for the first in command on the server, who manage all of the DP fan communities. Currently, it is held by Ben, TJ, Paul and Fancy.
  • Head Admins: They consist of SwordofStorms and Innos who are second in command after the Community Leaders and keep watch over the server.
  • Admin: The helping hand of the community leaders and head admins that keep the chat clear from unwanted spam and ban people that break the rules.
  • Moderator: Less powerful admins that can send people into King Manatee's Court. They are also able to delete posts as they see fit, if the rules have been broken.
  • Bourgeoisie: A role designed exclusively for close friends of the peasants or staff of the fan communities. This role grants you a purple name and access to the "The Bourgeoisie" voice channel.
  • Fancy's Pleasure Squad: A less exclusive chat for people who earn a positive impression from some of the discord staff, some of which may eventually be promoted into the Bourgeoisie someday. This role will grant you a blue name and access to the "Pleasure Squad" voice channel.
  • P.L.U.M.B.O: This role gives you access to the P.L.U.M.B.O. voice channel. This role is given out by Paul. Usually people who play games with Paul receive this role.
  • YouTuber (1K+): The prerequisites to get this role are having an active YouTube channel(s) with multiple videos and with at least 1000 subscribers. This role doesn't grant you any privileges or permissions, but will turn your name red on the server.
  • Guest: If you have been a guest on the show you will get this role, but it wont grant you any privileges or permissions.
  • $50 Patron:This role is given to $50+ patrons of DP and will exclusively grant them access to the Smoke Sesh voice channels. Allowing them to smoke a fat dube with the Peasants. This is done by linking your Discord account to your Patreon account via your Patreon account settings.
  • Proletariat: People who have no roles at all. They are at the bottom of the power pyramid and only have access to channels that don't require a permissions to enter. Based on the discretion of the staff you may ascend to a higher role.


The national currency of the Discord Server is the Banana. Bananas can be gained in the text chats by picking them by typing the command ".pick". Bananas can be gained by gambling in a specifically designed text channel. You have the option of playing a slot machine, tossing a coin, rolling a die to double or even tenfold your bananas. Caution is advised though. Many different people have fallen into the trap of banana gambling addiction. There have been cases of people doing disgusting and sub human things just to get a faint scent of a banana.

Bananas can also be used to claim people as so called "waifus". This term derives from old Japanese and means "sex slave". Waifus are essentially a watered down version of human slave trade. People claiming each other and actually representing somewhat of a normal relationship is something very rare. It is much more common for one person who has a lot of bananas to claim multiple people. Once you are claimed by somebody you can't divorce them. Your only hope is to wait for someone to save you by buying you for a higher amount of bananas, that is gracious enough to set you free afterwards.


  • There's indivijul text and voice channels for mems, watching the show live, and more.
  • PaulsEgo has expressed interest in using the server for gaming with the fans, as described during an edition of Highdeology.
  • Luis hangs out in the server and often goes off into unwanted tangents about historical figures like Kirkdolf Scoopler.
  • Luis also loves to penetrate everyone with the 12 inch cock of knowledge whilst giving history lectures on the Discord.
  • There's a ton of emotes for the various mems of DP, including Pan and Glanderson Booper.
  • There are three separate NSFW channels for posting porn. One for photographs, one for Hentai, and one for Furfaggotry. There used to be only one, which was mostly clustered with furry porn, but this disgusting problem was rectified in the great #nsfw split of 2017.
  • There's a helpful bot by the name of Al Gore's Rhythm that contributes to the chat by planting nanners, giving you juicy pr0n, and introducing new members.
  • During episode 323, Paul told a story of how Hymnalysis tried to shill to him again within the voice chat.
  • A picture of Bunyip's angry cock is pinned in the #nsfw-photos text channel, as mentioned by Paul.
  • The former roles "Drunken Peasant" and "Community Leader" have been merged together in a structural changing of the server.




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