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David Pac-Man
About to eat some ghosts.
About to eat some ghosts.
Personal Details

YouTuber, Radio show host, political commentator



Political party




Birth date

February 2, 1984

Birth place

Buenos Aires, Argentina


American - Argentinian

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Youtube channel

The David Pakman Show




David Pakman Show



Is it Pakman or Pac-Man?!
Ben asking him what's on everyone's mind during episode 289.

David Pakman is an Argentinian-born YouTuber, Internet personality, and political commentator/activist. He is a more intelligent and sexier version of a young Kirk Cameron. He is most prominently known as host of the internationally syndicated radio-show, The David Pakman Show, as well as having nearly the same name as an 80's arcade character. He has been a naturalized citizen of the United States since the age of five. He often calls himself a liberal or progressive[1] and is one of the more left-leaning people featured on the Drunken Peasants to date.


Pakman moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the United States with his family at the early age of five.[2] Following which he spent much of his early life in Massachusetts. He eventually graduated from the University of Masachusetts for economics and communications. He worked several jobs before becoming the host of his own radio show. According to the Davie-Brown Index, Pakman has the highest brand awareness of any video game character among American consumers, recognized by 94 percent of them.[3]

The David Pakman Show

The David Pakman Show began in 2005 on Valley Free Radio,[4] for much of the show's tenure it was hosted in Massachusetts. During 2013, the show was moved to New York City before being relocated to Boston in 2015.[5][6] Despite having a low opinion of most conservative talking points, Pakman has had people from all political stances on his show for interviews.[7] He has said his most popular interviews have been with people he radically disagrees with.[8] The show is daily and lasts about an hour.[9]

On Drunken Peasants

He finally made his guest appearance for episode 289, during which he gave a brief introduction and explained the confusion with some people thinking he called Drunken Peasants an illiberal podcast. TJ further asked him about people who abstain from voting, which he claims tends to help right-wing candidates, though he concludes that in general everyone should vote.

Pakman later claims that a Donald Trump presidency would take the country in a terrible direction and that it's best to take the Hillary Clinton instead, to which TJ & Paul give some valid concerns they also have for a Hillary presidency. Pakman ultimately compares her reign as not much worse than a third-term of Obama, though he agrees there wasn't a huge difference between whether Hillary or Trump would end up starting a war. Paul gives his own opinion that he believes it's a waste of time to vote for Clinton and sign his name in her support as an endorsement of sorts, just because she's more liberal than Trump on some issues. Pakman talked about all the shit going on the in YouTube Chat, including some people that were calling him a cuck and a Zionist.

Pakman and the peasants discussed the wage gap and TJ's channel shift to talking about social justice. Pakman mentioned that he has been called an SJW over Black Lives Matter, though he openly admits that individuals in the group have used shady tactics while believing it detracts from actual points. TJ eventually asked Pakman if he looked forward to seeing all the butthurt Trump supporters if he loses, to which Pakman presumes there may be some violence in small pockets depending on the circumstance. The peasants eventually concluded his segment on the show and moved on. They all sarcastically claimed he was a beta male cuck as soon as he got off the show.


  • The peasants mentioned Pakman's debut appearance during episode 287 and episode 288.5.
  • His first appearance on a cable news station was actually Fox News, where Pakman talked about the Mozilla CEO stepping down for anti-gay comments.[10]
  • HLN once misidentified him for a neo-Nazi KKK member.[11]
  • He is ethnically Jewish though has described himself as mostly being raised secular, while still holding ties to the cultural and social side.[12] Despite this, he has been criticized several times for being pro-Israel,[13] to which Pakman explained that most mainstream media has a bias to Israel, while independent media often just paints Palestine as a victim.
  • He has described himself as a straight ally of the LGBT community.[14]
  • He has done a segment of his show in which he pretended to be a conservative for a few minutes.[15] Pakman commented that it made him feel physically dirty.
  • Rush Limbaugh has mocked Pakman on his show and even did a shitty impression of the guy.[16] Pakman made a video responding to the incident, where he spent the entire time making a disgusted face like Rush ate all of his power-pellets.
  • Mercedes Carrera made two appearances on his show.
  • He has has a theme song.[17]
  • He has a subreddit.[18]




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