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Dave Rubin
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Personal Details
  • Commentator
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  • Comedian

None (atheist)


The Young Turks (formerly)



Birth place

New York


Los Angeles


Giving Cenk the middle finger

Social Networking
Youtube channel

The Rubin Report

Physical attributes
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Hair colour


Dave Rubin is a former TYT affiliate and lifelong bitch. He has a crisp well produced talk show called The Rubin Report which is part of the Ora TV network, Larry King's venture which hired Rubin from RYOT news.

The Rubin Report takes the form of a talk show and used to be an affiliate of TYT before he decided to leave them because they didn't agree on everything with him. Jaclyn Glenn, Sargon of Akkad, Chris Ray Gun, Blair White, Thunderf00t, Gad Saad, and Milo Yiannopoulos have all appeared as guests on the show.


Before working with TYT he hosted the Six Pack podcast on Sirius XM Radio and back in 1999 was an intern for the Daily Show. Rubin also created TYT140 where he broke down topical news stories within 140 seconds much like the character limit of Twitter. 

He left TYT because he didn't agree with Cenk Uygur about Sam Harris and rather than air his grievances and confront the issues, he cut and run. He's also a stand-up comedian and besties with Rosanne Barr, believe it or not, who also co-founded several comedy clubs in New York.

On Drunken Peasants

TJ and Sargon briefly discussed Rubin's leaving TYT and Sargon's discussion with Rubin in episode 141.

He later appeared as a guest on Episode 250 where he and the peasants had a great discussion about ideas, the regressive left, and the current state of American politics.


  • The Rubin sandwich is named after Dave Rubin. Not to be confused with the Reuben sandwich, the Rubin sandwich is a clump of hideous brown hair thrown atop some white bread.