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I pray thee to allow some brats to finally climb forth from her sausage wallet.

— A line from Biblical Baby Mamas.[1]

DarkMatter2525 is an atheist YouTuber well known for his satirical and crude animations mostly poking at religion. He has been around on YouTube for long as fuck (since 2008). While he is mostly known for animation, his live guest appearance was pretty good.


He's among the most popular members in the atheist community, at one point rivaling TJ's main channel in subscribers. His most famous character is an angel-baby with a fig named Jeffrey who points out glaring flaws in God and his nature, both of which are featured prominently in most of his videos. He has another side channel for non-animated videos, Darkantics.

On Drunken Peasants

TJ has cockteased the fanbase regarding an appearance of DarkMatter2525 for years and he was mentioned by TJ and VenomFangX during their debate on Episode 45. DarkMatter2525 appeared in episode 185 during WatchMojo's Top Ten Controversial YouTubers. He was ranked at #7. TJ said he has tried getting DarkMatter2525 on the show many times, and that he sees DarkMatter2525 comment on many of his videos.

DarkMatter2525 made his first guest appearance on episode 261 of the Drunken Peasants, during which he had a strong opinion of Black Lives Matter. He later explained his opinions on Milo being banned from Twitter and how the guy was seen as a public scapegoat for the abuse being hurled at Leslie Jones, star of the new Ghostbusters movie and concluded banning him would only direct more hate to Jones. He also tore apart Steve Shives.

During his appearance, he offered to knock his dick against the microphone if the peasants got enough live viewers during the show.


  • He served in the military and is a veteran.
  • His Jeffrey character is frequently used as his avatar.
  • TJ nearly jerked off to one of his cartoons.
  • He flew a plane at seven years old.[2]
  • He was present on WatchMojo's list of controversial YouTubers, reviewed by the peasants.
  • He is known to cover the face of the dark lord Muhammad in censor boxes.
  • He has had Thunderf00t in one of his cartoons and they seem to be on modest terms among each other.


Secret Lives of Atheists
If Man Obeyed God
Biblical Baby Mamas
How God Favors Evil
The Thing God Doesn't Know



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