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Daniel Dumbcunt
Lookin' like a total tool.
Lookin' like a total tool.
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Daniel Daltonis an American conservative-libertarian YouTuber and creator of the channel StateOfDaniel (aka State Of Denial). Comparable to an Asian Ryan Wiley with somehow even less charm, a few of his videos have been featured on the Drunken Peasants, though he hasn't even been mentioned in a long ass time. Daniel exhibits mannerisms often associated with closeted homosexuality. While this does not necessarily mean that he is homosexual, it does validate it as a possibility. This is especially ironic, as his favorite politician espouses homophobic philosophies.

Daniel is the type of right-winger that believes Sarah Palin has the real solutions and that should tell you something about him. He also has expressly used Pascal's Wager as evidence for the existence of God, along with several other overused arguments used by idiotic Christians. He is not very active on YouTube anymore and rarely makes videos, but when he bothers to put one out you can expect it to be just as shit as the last.

On Drunken Peasants

Daniel was featured in a special mini episode of the Drunken Peasants on March 20, 2014, which was a test of their new system which allowed TJ to have a camera. The episode is featured below, in the gallery. He later appeared in episode 75 where he asked atheists how to prove Abraham Lincoln existed. He basically compared that to God despite Lincoln's existence having mountains of evidence, unlike Gawd.

Daniel's next appearance was in episode 81, where he talked about how Hillary would be good for the nomination since she would be easily defeated by whoever gets the Republican/Libertarian nomination. He also talked about how Sarah Palin is truthful and reliable. Daniel appeared a few episodes later, in episode 87, where he gave four bullshit reasons on why to believe in God. The best reason he had was, no joke, Pascal's Wager. Daniel was far too boring to make into a consistent target of ridicule and he barely fucking uploads videos these days anyway.

Daniel appeared over 60 episodes later, in episode 153, where he listed all his reasons for Bernie Sanders being a bad candidate. The video was pretty bad. He has yet to appear since.


  • He's friends with Brett Keane.
  • TJ first made a video about him in March 2014 as a response to one of his videos about evolution, which Daniel made a response to.
  • Vadim Newquist has also made a video response to Daniel, in which Daniel got fucked.



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