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Drunken Fancy


Drunken Fancy


Blowing up.

The DP Subreddit will be blowing up after this one!
— Egghead

The Drunken Peasants subreddit (/r/officialdp) is a community based out of Reddit for fans of Drunken Peasants that not only watch the show, but like to engage in further analysis of the podcast among peers. It is one of the largest community hubs to share videos, art, and discussions of the show. Many of the assets utilized on Drunken Peasants, including the intros to various segments, originated from the subreddit. There are also political or religious videos relating to the ԀP community, some of which have ended up on the show. The peasants will also bring up a thread from the subreddit in passing, with fans discovering cool shit all the time.

All of the peasants believe the subreddit to be picky fucks and often poke fun at them for all the drama and circle-jerking that goes on there, despite still being capable of producing good things from the community. The lead moderator is Drunken Fancy, though Ben, TJ & Paul also have moderator status and comment from time to time. A notable amount of figures in the community have also made posts here, including Hugo & Jake. It is an affiliate of Drunken Peasants United.


Vs. Egghead

During Egghead's own show and on his DP appearances (peaking with episode 275), he complained about the ԀP subreddit posting mean things about him throughout every episode he appeared in. Unsurprisingly, this has led to more hilarious posts shitting on him. Certain redditors started a "#HangEgghead" campaign, though it fell apart after everyone in the movement was distracted by some goat porn. The dislike of Egghead eventually extended to Rybi Jenkins following the gofundme scandal in September of 2016, leaving some vocal detractors to complain anytime she is even acknowledged on the podcast or subreddit.


The subreddit acts like good episodes are bad. So when we make an actually kind of bad one, to them it's an abomination.
— TJ following episode 307.[1]
Many people on the subreddit are known for a common though not quite universal hatred of the StrainsULove segment. The peasants have expressed disdain on the show of the subreddit offering often hollow "critique" on the issue, though the peasants have also made moves to improve the segment by taking some advice to heart, explaining more about the various strains and having people more knowledgeable to teach them and their audience about it on the show.

The negative view of the segment reached a height following episode 307, where discussion of pan was a prominent topic throughout a decent chunk of the podcast (the detractors would argue too much). A fair amount of people on the subreddit declared the show a travesty and worse than 9/11 while chiefly laying the blame on PaulsEgo, despite him visibly giving an honest enough effort to hold the whole show together while Ben was feeling sick that night. PaulsEgo later went on a massive rant regarding the situation during an October 10th edition of Highdeas.[2]

New Standard

In the weeks following the peasants' disdain, the current two subreddit mods decided to hire more moderators to help them maintain the subreddit and avoid further drama. A ton of people sent in applications, which after a few weeks were to be finalized by. First mod to be promoted was Fancy Badger at the behest of PaulsEgo, TJ Kirk, and Pure Opinion.[3] During the first fifteen minutes of being promoted, Fancy turned the community in a fascist dictatorship by enforcing the rules that were there the entire time and making good friends with the mods. Weeks later, the application processed was finished for the regular users, who were then promoted to regular moderators,[4] while it was decided Fancy would be promoted fully to a lead moderator. Ever since, shitposting on the subreddit has been more contained into a mega-thread system for a large scale discussion of relevant, often controversial topics relating to the show.[5] The moderators were also selected across as variety of timezones intentionally, as such the peasants rarely have to do any moderation themselves.

Blowing Up

"The DP Subreddit is Blowing Up!" and other variants, are a phrase coined by Egghead being inflated enough to think that the Drunken Peasants subreddit cares enough to talk about every little topic that has happened on The Egghead Show. It is a real quote by Egghead on several of his livestreams that was quickly noticed and mocked by the peasants, with Paul unable to comprehend that a human could say something like that. As usual, Egghead has tried to embrace other people's mocking and tried to make it part of his persona, which has backfired significantly. It has since become a popular mem and is mentioned whenever someone talks about the subreddit. Runny Lump has also made a song about the mem.[6]

Staff Structure

Drunken Peasants:

Lead Moderator:



  • Several prominent figures in the community have done AMAs on the subreddit including; TJ (twice), PaulsEgo (twice), BeyondPhere, Juniper Gin, and even Hugo & Jake from The Bible Reloaded.
  • The ԀP subreddit has several affiliated subreddits listed in the sidebar, including; TAAOfficial, TheBibleReloaded & SecularTalk.
  • TJ asked them for suggestions regarding episode 200.[7] He also asked for feedback in Paul's inclusion as a host of the show,[8] proving that he doesn't care about their opinions.
  • You can find a link to the subreddit in the description of most Drunken Peasants episodes.
  • The subreddit mods are also mods in the Discord server.[9]
  • The subreddit formerly had a rule banning any posts with Ben's face. The rule has since been lifted.
  • Despite not being a dictatorship and pretty open to most opinions of the show, they still have some guidelines.
  • They have a monthly calendar to keep track of all the shows. We do that now.
  • During episode 265, TJ threatened the subreddit with promise of war and pillage. However, he has mentioned there are times where he genuinely does enjoy going there as shown during episode 277.
  • It was mentioned during TJ's second appearance on Joe Rogan.[10]
  • The peasants have done occasional readings of complaint posts found on the subreddit, usually featuring dramatic music for the perfect touch.


The banner of the subreddit which is also nicely animated.