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The Lesbian Thespian
Personal Details
  • Filmmaker
  • Photographer
  • Music Producer

None (atheist)


Late 20s Dead

Birth place

Keokuk, Iowa




Dead as fuck.

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Cody Weber





Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour

Dirty Blonde

There's no job like a blowjob!
— Cody reflecting on his time working with TJ

Cody "Lesbian-Thespian" Weber formerly served as TJ's director, business partner, sex partner, and professional leech. His recent activity has do with giving college lectures, and working on a photography project called Forgotten Iowa. He is infamous in his hometown and pretty much all of Iowa, even after his incredibly violent demise. Even puppies avoid his touch.

He also has his own YouTube channel, but really, who gives a fuck?[1]

On Amazing Atheist

He was TJ's right-hand man on his his main channel from 2010 to 2011 and even directed TJ's very own documentary film, Amazing. Cody has impressive photography skills and directing skills, although he sadly uses those skills for evil instead of making full use of his talents. Cody decided to go on vacation somewhere instead of directing TJ's videos, and TJ told him not to come back to his house ever again due to his inactivity.

After being demanded by fans of what happened between Cody and TJ, TJ revealed that he was helping Cody with his "Anal Horizons". Cody had revealed to TJ that his ultimate fantasy was to feel a throbbing mammoth dong in his rectum, the act eventually leading to Cody's own demise. Arriving on the scene to see what Cody had done, TJ nonchalantly strolled off to smoke some pan, leaving Cody to bleed out while dangling on the mammoth's penis. He now spends his days as a lifeless corpse (well, moreso than before), happily unmarried to his sexy as fuck girlfriend, Caitlyn Jenner.

On Drunken Peasants

Cody is brought on occasion by the fans. TJ has made it very clear that Cody will never appear on the show because he's a huge faggot and traitorous shitbag. However, stories regarding Cody have been brought up on occasion and a video of his has even been played, being that he made a sizable role in shooting many of TJ's own past videos. Some rare examples of TJ mentioning Cody include:

  • Episode 101 - TJ said that people used to send him erotic fanfiction between him and Cody.
  • Episode 115 - Cody was mentioned when a commentator claimed that TJ would eventually "go the way of Cody" after being used by Ben.
  • Episode 139 - The hosts played a video by Cody and discussed the strange fact that he died after making a video about how he's not dead.
  • Episode 221 - During the Post Show, TJ shared an amusing story about Cody ordering biscuits and gravy from a McDonald's while stoned.
  • Episode 258 - Cody was mentioned during the reading of the Amazing page on this wiki in passing, due to his role in directing the film.
  • Episode 259 - The week after's featured page coincidentally happened to be HATE WEEK!, Weber was mentioned again for his involvement. TJ mentioned the many ways he ate shit and died.
  • Episode 296 - After TJ was questioned about the RV trip, it was revealed that Cody stole the money, but was raped by a rhino and had fallen into a pit of lava.
  • Episode 341 - In the Cutting the Fat segment, a 2011 video of Cody and TJ answering fan questions was played. TJ said he wished that he and Cody had fucked after the filming of the video.

The Many Deaths of Cody Weber

It is entirely likely that TJ himself has masturbated profusely to this list and possibly contributed to it. Wash your hands.

  • Cody Weber died in a surprise Nukakke attack by Jesuit clones of Brent Spiner and Vladamir Putin.
  • Cody attempted to stuff the dwarf planet Pluto into his rectum. His anus was far from prepared, his flesh bits exploding across the cosmos.
  • Cody Weber drank bleach by mistake, believing it was his his own father's sperm.
  • Cody watched Left Behind and castrated and shot himself as a result.
  • Cody Weber fell into his own rape dungeon and starved to death.
  • Cody Weber was smothered to death under Brett Keane's fat ass.
  • Cody Weber was killed by a horde of weeaboos for insulting anime.
  • Cody Weber was killed in a meth lab explosion.
  • Cody Weber died when Tommy Sotomayor shot him down after a spontaneous diss regarding Tommy's garage.
  • Cody Weber tried to smoke lettuce and then spontaneously died of AIDS.
  • Cody Weber was slain by Jesuit sleeper agents for being anti-Semitic
  • Cody Weber died when the IRA caught wind of his Imperialist sympathies and threw him into a volcano.
  • Cody Weber tried to stand up and be counted to show the world that he was a man, but was hit by a train.[2]
  • Cody Weber was hit by a gay pride float that happened to be speeding by at 89 miles an hour.
  • Cody died of childhood obesity.
  • Cody Weber was aborted by his mother. 108th trimester, to be exact.
  • Cody Weber tried to attack Brett Keane's Family and was killed in retaliation.
  • Cody Weber was raped by Bubba the Black Jesuit. While licking Bubba's butthole, a shitload of feces exploded out of his ass and suffocated Cody.
  • Cody Weber was killed by millions of sentient tacos and burritos while taking a trip to the sun.
  • Cody Weber was sodomized to death by velociraptors.
  • Cody Weber choked to death when a hippo he was rimjobbing had explosive diarrhea.
  • Cody Weber died when he was sucked into the black hole that is Sara Avery's vagina.
  • Cody Weber was gunned down by an English rifleman in the fields of Verdun, 1916.
  • Cody Weber was killed when his girlfriend accidentally bit his dick off while she was giving him a blowjob.
  • Cody Weber was beaten to death by Frankie MacDonald when he interrupted Frankie while he was recording one of his magnificent videos.
  • Cody Weber died when he was shown a picture of the Beast's ding dong.
  • Cody and TJ went to McDonald's, and while TJ was paying for his extremely expensive combo meal, Cody went into the playground section and was promptly and swiftly ganged up on by a bunch of kids in the ball pit. His UFC fighting techniques were no match for small children's raptor-like attacks and he was swiftly killed and his body was hidden in the ball pit, and is still at the bottom of the pit to this day.
  • Cody Weber died in a house fire and his remains were eaten by six hundred and sixty six velociraptors.
  • Cody Weber was attacked by an army of gay frogs where he was fucked in the ass, eaten alive, digested, and then his body parts got shited out which was used to harvest a field.
  • Cody Weber was killed because Moses wanted to kill all the men, women, and boys, but keep the little girls for himself.
  • Cody Weber was killed by Jenny McDermott because she was making satire.
  • Cody Weber was killed when he interrupted Monkey King Bambina's dance with his lover. Monkey King Bambina decides to crush Cody with his testicles that weigh as much as planets.
  • Cody Weber was eaten by PaulsEgo after he made fun of PaulsEgo's magnificent jowls.
  • PaulsEgo beat Cody to death with his jowls.
  • Chris Christie ate Cody Weber after finding out that Crispy Creme went bankrupt. (Due to Chris eating the entire supply)
  • Cody Weber was killed by Bobby Jindal during an exorcism.
  • Cody Weber died after being flushed down the toilet while TJ took a diarrhea dump after eating taco bell, mcdonalds, and Brett Keanes family.
  • Cody died of rabies after being bitten by the cutest puppy in the world.
  • Cody was shown TJ's porn blog and exploded from jizz overload.
  • Cody Weber died of Super Cancer, Ebolaids, yeast from the beast infection, and explosive diarrhea.
  • Cody took a shit and died when he pooped all of his organs out.
  • Cody Weber died after a poodle ate his soul.
  • Cody Weber died when he saw Razorfist's glorious transexual cock.
  • Cody Weber died after the Beast accidentally suffocated him with his fat rolls. The last word he ever heard were, "Size doesn't matter".
  • Cody Weber died after serious PTSD from watching Bricks 3: Eggs 2.
  • Cody Weber once stuck his dick in a toaster, at first, he was stuck, but he was slowly being cooked, and after twenty hours, he burst into flames. His death was covered longer than that of Michael Jackson, when he was mocked by the media, TJ initially defended him, but over time, TJ has been vocally anti-Cody, regularly digging up his corpse and eating off pieces.
  • Cody was once raped to death by a triceratops. Cody went to Jurassic Park and snuck into the triceratops exhibit and started fisting his asshole, telling them "You can hit this". The triceratops obliged and 3 hours later all that was left of Cody was a gory mess on the triceratops dino dick. (According to TJ, triceratops have three penises)
  • The triceratops in the exhibit wouldn't fuck Cody. Cody died of a broken heart as a result.
  • He he took a selfie, and died after seeing the results.
  • Cody was torn apart by several Bubba clones, after he licked all of their buttholes, of course.
  • On his way to a secret Atlantic City road trip arranged by the Peasants Cody was captured by vengeful Lenni-Lenape Indian spirits and raped to death in a sacrificial ritual.
  • Cody Weber died when Scotty Cena was fucking him in the ass. He kept fucking progressively harder and harder so Cody would be humble. However, Cody was just so full of himself, and his shitty art, that all the ass fucking just wasn't working. Scotty Cena fucked with all his might until Cody's insides were liquefied. He was the only one to be fucked in the ass and not be made humble, and paid for it with his life.
  • Cody Weber fell into a lake of lava and burned to death.
  • Cody was killed by wolves with raging hard-ons. They drowned him in their semen.


  • Cody has claimed to be run off of Youtube by the site's copyright system.
  • TJ confirmed there will never be a reunion with Weber. [3]
  • He has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Good.
  • He was cursed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when he blasphemed TJ.
  • When asked about whether Cody would ever come on DP, TJ simply answered "no".
  • Cody would go on DP, but knows it would be too awkward. This was according to a comment thread. I know it isn't a reliable source, but if you've come for reliable information, you've come from the wrong place.
  • He is undeniably the biggest piece of human garbage on this planet or otherwise.
  • He recently has not been uploading videos that don't have to do with his "Forgotten Iowa" Project.
  • Cody once owned a sex dungeon in the house that he and TJ lived in, he once had several hundred children residing there, but due to his stupidity, they escaped. One day however, He found a hobo who would go on to be known as Ben, he kidnapped him, and kept him there for four years. TJ found Ben and cleaned him up, renamed him, and covered his disfigured face.

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