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Chris Ray Maldonado
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Everything is sexist! Everything's offensive to people like me.
— A line from one of Chris' parodies.

Chris Ray Gun (also known as Zoom-in-Face Guy) is an upcoming skeptic YouTuber who specializes in excellent political rants, satirical music videos, and some mostly irrelevant gaming videos. His voice is God-like, all while espousing way more compelling commentary than any deity.


A shit ton of his content involves parodying Social Justice Warriors, so he and the peasants are a natural fit. He is also the apex of patriarchal slavery over women that uses his dulcet tones in an attempt to indoctrinate impressionable young women that can't resist his singing voice. In all serious, he's a genuinely cool dude with content worth checking out. During August 2016, he made a YouTube video going out of his way to break all YouTube's new bullshit rules that were clearly pandering to advertisers.

On Drunken Peasants

The peasants eventually brought him on for a debut appearance in episode 241.[1] The peasants introduced the concept of his channel to the viewers and talked about some of his videos before getting into the show. TJ initially referred to him as a faggot in their midsts.


Much like the palpable racial tensions in the United States, today we're black and white.
— Chris during the Ray Gun Recap.[2]
Aw geez, you know I saw this movie and I didn't see anyone who looked like me... and now I'm flying a plane into a couple really important buildings! I don't see the lapse in logic here! Welcome to me!
— Chris' impression of an SJW.[3]
Hey! Hello everyone.
— Chris doing his gay intro.
That level of mental gymnastics would be way too far out of reach.
— Chris talking about stupid SJWs.
Sign me up for the laugh factory!
— He really means the insane asylum.
LGBTQ is it's own oxymoron.
— Chris speaking some very true truth.
I'm no fan of Christianity.
— Wow Chris, we didn't know that one bit.
We need to address facts.
— Chris trying to get people to be more intelligent.
I'm making it rain good times.
— Chris obviously sells weed.
I sincerely hope you all get cancer. "But Chris, don't you think that's a little mean, that you're wishing cancer on people? Doesn't that seem a little bit overboard?". If you're gonna disregard someone's humanity to the point where you're willing to gang up on them and beat them down for having a different political view than yours then that gives me the high ground, that gives me the grounds to disregard your humanity. Fuck you.
— Chris after watching a video of a small gang of negroids attack a Trump supporter. [4]


And we can see why.
  • He has roughly 360,000 subscribers, but you should go increase that number.
  • He is basically every drunken peasant into one. Just skinnier.
  • He is in fact 'not a racist', so by that Chris 2016.
  • He even has his own shirt.[5]
  • He drinks bleach everyday and lived to tell the tale. Like a real man.
  • He's Puerto Rican.
  • He currently does not have an outro[6]
  • He doesn't know how to shill his t-shirts[7]
  • Chris currently lives with two other people in LA who don't seem to like him very much.[8]
  • Chris has a snapple problem.[9] Snapple actually responded to this tweet by stating that they have weekly meetings[10]



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