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Butt King's posse

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Brett Keane is a STALLION and is always right

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Master of Stupidity

You're the most used and abused ass on YouTube.
Paul's Ego to Brett during the Religion Debate.

The Masters of Stupidity (formerly known as Brett Keane's posse or Brett Keane's Island of Misfit Toys[1][2]) are an unholy alliance and revolving door of YouTubers affiliated with Brett Keane. The term was coined by the Drunken Peasants to describe Keane's ballwashers, whoever that may consist of the current week. Members come and go frequently because of the backstabbing nature of Keane,[3] though the original and most iconic posse was first featured during the Religion Debate. Many members of the group are devout Christians, though one particular exception would be Jenny McDermott.

Current Members

  • The Drunken Peasants' forces take on their eternal rivals, The Masters of Stupidity.
    Brett Keane - The spiritual leader of the Masters of Stupidity, Keane is only able to keep friends for about a week before they find out about his deceitful behavior. He used to be a member of the YouTube atheist community, but was cast out after his shady tactics were uncovered.
  • CheDubs - Brett Keane's personal salad tosser that has no real personality or opinions of his own. Despite being a complete sheep, he's at least able to be self-deprecating unlike most other members of the group. CheDubs provides oral sexual favors to Brett Keane in return for the position as the Robin to his Batman situation.
  • TrueEmpiricism - Some faggot that only exists in the group to fulfill the race quota and believes God to live in his hamper. Despite claiming to be an expert on science, he is among the most scientifically inept members of the whole posse. He mispronounces words and chalks it up to his Native American heritage, proving he's just another race-card thrower no better than Tommy Sotomayor.
  • Polly Morris - Some loser that waits in Brett's hangouts for hours just to get a word in edge wise. In typical Brett Keane fashion, he cannot pronounce anything correctly. He slandered Dusty by saying that he's dating an underage girl. The Peasants had a field day with him, but he has never reappeared on the podcast since. Originally, he had small page on this wiki, but it was removed due to the fact that he's too irrelevant. This entry is his niche, apparently.

Former Members

  • G Man - The most popular Master of Stupidity who is well known for his sick rapping skills. He gets in a feud with Brett every ten minutes and has left and come back to the posse multiple times. He tends to be more chill the farther in proximity his is from Brett. Currently he is in such a shitchuation.
  • GalaxyDreams - An ex-Christian and a friend of G Man. She appeared during the first Religion Debate. She eventually was convinced by the arguments of the Drunken Peasants and became an atheist in May of 2014. G Man was angry at her decision and has predicted that Galaxy Dreams will come back to Christ soon, which has yet to happen in well over two years. Despite their differences, they remain good friends. TJ mentioned that she had potential, more so than any other of Keane's posse, to rise above taint stupidity. Her YouTube channel is currently inactive.
  • McKenzie Heritage - A two-time guest on the 100th Episode Special as G Man's second minion. She was by far the most sensible of the three, but the most irritatingly boring as well. Also she is the only Christian in the group who accepts established scientific facts like for example biological evolution. She then DMCA'd Butt King and lead to his channel being deleted. The peasants had her on the 106th episode to discuss the issue. Brett Keane accused her of being a secret atheist and a liberal.
  • NephilimFree - A good friend and "scientific consultant" to G Man and formerly Brett Keane, eventually bringing him into conflict with the Drunken Peasants during the Religion Debate 2. He has since left Keane's posse due to differences about a flat Earth or some shit.
  • Jenny McDermott - The only person on YouTube that can (kind of) rival Brett's scumfuckery. While this sounds like it would make for an unholy alliance, Brett and Jenny turned on each other by the end of week 1. They only became friends over their mutual hatred of DP, anyway.
  • Joseph Martelli - A match made in heaven for Brett. After getting over his insane paranoia of the Manatee out to get him like everyone else (give it at least a month, pal), Joseph joined the "I Hate ԀP Club" after Brett was moved by his elegant videos of food, sidewalks, homophobia, harassment and firearms on bibles while Joseph said he was coming to Columbus. Brett further applauded Joseph's retarded stunt of bravely and Brett helped cut together a biased "incriminating" video of "evil atheists" chasing him. When all that happened was a few people walked towards him and he ran scared and crying to the police. Brett even compared Joseph to Leonidas "taking on 200 evil atheists and living to tell the tale". He broke up with Brett after Brett gave him the wrong dox to the peasant's current address and caught him talking shit about Joseph in a recent hangout. No doubt the poor Manatee is now on Martelli's extensive hit list.

Unknown Current Status

These are people that have been involved with Brett Keane, but it's unclear whether or not they're still in cahoots with Brett.

  • ShannyIsMe - A woman who literally doesn't believe that moon exists and tries to justify it as only being a light source. She attempts to use her own family in an attempt to prove that God is real and has been called out for her bullshit by other Christians during Google Hangouts. She is mostly retired from YouTube as of 2016. She returned to the YouTube situation under the name "Shanny ForChrist". She has the magical ability to make Ben die of laughter, as demonstrated on Episode 327, when Ben couldn't stop laughing because of all the moles on her face. Proof that God's creation situation is always perfect.
  • RanCam Campbell - An unsurprisingly  Canadian evangelist that fears the Illuminati and has a raging boner for Dusty Smith. He has a long and convoluted backstory, though for some reason all videos regarding this have been removed from YouTube.
  • Bewildered Ape - It goes without saying that whatever Jenny does or sides with, her familiar is not far behind to white knight her in every single comment section. He maintains a good standing with Keane despite being an atheist like Jenny and they often offer each other dick-sucking in the comment sections.

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