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  • Mike Michaud
  • Mike Ellis
  • Bhargav Dronamraju
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Showcase people's Doug Walker's reviews of movies and video games

Channel Awesome is an inappropriately-named company based mostly in the review and critique of various forms of media including; video games, movies, television, music, etc. It was founded by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju, but the star member of the company is Doug Walker, better known as his internet review character, The Nostalgia Critic.

It formerly operated the website "That Guy With the Glasses" before it was replaced by a website simply named "Channel Awesome." Despite the name change, they still seem to want the whole site to revolve around Doug and plaster only his face on the home page. There are a few talented people left on the site, but most of them have left due to "creative differences."

TJ formerly produced content for Channel Awesome under the pseudonym of The Distressed Watcher. As such, The fans constantly ask TJ about it, even though he hasn't been associated with the organization for many years. They do the same shit with DP's favorite anime. If you're genuinely curious about TJ's time on the website, many of his videos are archived on YouTube.[1] All of TJ's old videos could still be found on Blip, before the website was formally taken down in August of 2015.


Here are some well known SJWs members of the site:

  • Doug Walker / Nostalgia Critic (active)
  • Cinema Snob (active)
  • Linkara (active)
  • Nostalgia Chick (retired, but still creating content for the site)
  • Spoony (Fired for making a rape joke)
  • Phelous (left TGWTG)
  • Obscurus Lupa (left TGWTG)
  • JesuOtaku (left TGWTG)
  • JewWario (Committed Suicide)
  • Todd in the Shadows (left TGWTG)


LordKaT, a former producer, airs out all the company's dirty laundry here:

Distressed Watcher

Hi! I'm the Distressed Watcher! I review the previews and tell you which trailers are failures!
— Distressed Watcher's most well known tagline.
TJ's story with Channel Awesome.
The Distressed Watcher is a now defunct online review show that was hosted by TJ Kirk. The show was on Channel Awesome in 2011 and was, after a year, discontinued for reasons of Channel Awesome being a not-so-awesome haven for SJWs and Feminists. Cody Weber also helped create content for the show. While TJ in particular has said he has no harsh feelings about being told to leave, many of the other content producers who left the site have accused Channel Awesome of scamming their fan base and treating their content creators like shit. Many of his videos were lost when Vimeo was taken down, though some remain archived on YouTube and can be found here.

The Distressed Watcher maintains many of the same of quirks and style of The Amazing Atheist with the twist of being about popular culture instead of religious fucktards. The following are some series produced by Kirk while under the handle:

  • Reviews - Pretty self explanatory, but TJ tended to be more cerebral in his comedy instead of being only about the lulz. This effectively meant he was the George Carlin of Channel Awesome.
  • Top 10s - Meticulously crafted and guaranteed to piss you off, TJ's top tens were one of the highlights of The Distressed Watcher show. His most contoversial top ten was Top Ten Gayest 80s Music Videos. This Top Ten put him in hot water with the Channel Awesome community. Probably because they're a bunch of self-righteous cunts who feign sympathy for faggots.
  • Trailer Failure - TJ reviews trailers of upcoming films, judging how well they draw the audience and sell the movie. This was the most popular and well received series that Distressed Watcher produced. Typically he would review 3 trailers per video, but sometimes he'd review more or less.
  • Sour Note - His Music review series where TJ gives his commentary on popular songs, usually joined by the likes of Cody, Scotty or Holly. Nearly every song reviewed would be shit and the series is almost completely lost to time.
  • Ask Skeletor - The Mighty Skeletor takes a break from trying to conquer the universe to answer questions submitted by his loyal fans.

Doug Walker

I’ll be honest. I only joined TGWTG back in the day because I wanted to work with Doug Walker (AKA The Nostalgia Critic). I find him sort of prudish, but extremely likable and funny. I had this fantasy that we’d become best friends and we would eventually star in a buddy cop comedy together.
— TJ Kirk recalls his time working with Doug's website.
The Critic mentions TJ.
Doug Walker is a popular American online critic of various media, notably television and movies. He is arguably the most famous and most well received internet reviewers on YouTube and the internet as a whole. Online, Doug is very popular with fans and was initially most well known known for reviewing nostalgic movies he grew up watching. However, he eventually ran out of that content and now reviews all kinds of different movies, having broken his previous reviewing rules to expand his reach.

Doug Walker is one of the founders of That Guy with The Glasses and creator of his online web review series, Nostalgia Critic, initially started back in 2007. He actually tried to retire the show in 2012 and replace it with a fresh idea called Demo Reel, but the original series was brought back by popular demand in February of 2013. The revival combines his traditional reviewing style with comedy skits inspired by Demo Reel.

Though he hasn't made a single guest appearance, TJ has attempted to get him on the show through his Tumblr and expressed a longtime desire to collaborate with him.[2] He has mentioned TJ in one of his reviews.[3] Doug is also one of TJ's favorite content creators on the internet and has mentioned him several times in Q&A videos on TJdoeslife. He has also mentioned there has for over three years been a parody video of the Nostalgia Critic in the works.[4]

TJ himself was also once a contributor to Doug's website under the alias of The Distressed Watcher. While he was a popular contributor on the site, TJ once commented that his darker tone convinced them to ease him off the website.[5] The NC once mentioned TJ in one of his reviews among his other fellow TGWTG.[6]

WTFU Movement

The #WTFU (Where's The Fair Use?) is a movement founded by Doug to prevent the abuse of false flagging and copyright strikes on YouTube.[7] It began when Doug made an NC video exposing the corrupt system on YouTube. The video included guest appearances from big name YouTubers including I Hate Everything and YourMovieSucksDOTorg, who told their story of how they were sexually abused by Derek Savage. Following this, a fuckton of YouTubers tweeted it out on Twitter including TJ, Sargon of Akkad, MundaneMatt, and several others. The movement unfortunately withered away with minimal impact and YouTube still continues to fuck with several content creators.

The SJW Side

Doug has unfortunately been partially infected with the SJW virus and because of this has sprinkled some arguably pro-feminist messages in his recent videos. He has criticized MRA's by labeling them as just a bunch of whiny sexist children who never talked to girls (even though that perfectly describes most feminists as well). He has also made fun of meninist, but has acknowledge that the phrase is just a blanket term in his Ghostbusters review. He has also spouted the wage gap myth in his Catwoman review as one of the many "valid" complaints of feminists.

He isn't all bad, giving a fairly nuanced viewpoint on the appropriateness of humor through one of his Nostalgia Critic editorials.[8] However, he also had a full on SJW standpoint regarding his review of Mad Max - Fury Road, but also poked fun at feminism for having a double standard for liking male celeberties just because they look good.[9] Doug has himself has described himself as politically neutral, able to poke fun at anything he sees as ridiculous.[10] He has taken jabs at Tumblr for the amount of sexualities and genders they make up and how offended they get over nothing. He has also made jokes at the expense of safe spaces and PC culture during a review in September, 2016 [11] and his Ghostbusters review took a huge jab at the SJW backlash against anyone who didn't like the movie.