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This article contains NSFW (Not Safe for Work) material, such as nudity, pornography, etc.
Phere IRL
Phere IRL
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Drawing some boobs.

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Beyond Phere




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Red (dyed)[1]

The only thing they know about me now... is mounds!
— Paul doing an impression of Phere.[2]
I'm calling you from the land of shit internet.
— Phere during episode 136.[3]

BeyondPhere, colloquially known as Mounds, is an Australian[4] artist most well known for her softcore erotic art. She has submitted several questions to the Drunken Peasants,[5] made three guest appearances, and has remained an active member of the community for years. She is legendary among ԀP fans for stellar artwork, controversial tweeting, and her mounds. Her views are very clearly expressed on her often sensual Twitter feed. She is also a very good friend of PaulsEgo.

She is a supporter of GamerGate and has been very critical of political correctness in the past. This has led credible scientists to postulate that she is most likely a man in disguise or, at the very least, a self-hating woman.

On Drunken Peasants

Debut Episode

BeyondPhere debuted as a patron guest on episode 115. She used the opportunity to introduce the fans to her artwork and shill some other things. While she gave some interesting commentary throughout the episode, she once mentioned that she had a hard time finding an opportunity to speak among such strong and frankly erotic personalities like the Drunken Peasants. She already had some notoriety in the community prior to her guest appearance, as the fans have supported her art for a while.

Second Appearance

Phere made her long awaited second appearance during episode 136. Her internet was shit and the peasants assumed she must be on vacation in North Korea. She gave commentary on a Butt King video, an angry black man, an ungrateful brony problem child, some cock gobbling feminists, and Cunt Hovind the bovine.

Third Appearance

Phere made her third appearance on episode 164 as a guest for the full episode. They discussed Phere drawing her love for DP on her ass and tits and the sexual tension reached a record high for the podcast. Highlights being her take on Jaclyn Glenn's plagiarism and reading a few stupid ads.

Further Mentions

Following her guest appearances, she has been mentioned by the peasants several times being that she is well-known and remains active in the community:

  • Episode 210 - Paul mentioned seeing her vagina situation prior to the Los Angeles Meetup 2016, which ultimately led to Paul telling the other peasants about it which ended up with TJ giving her the nickname "Mounds".
  • Episode 260 - Paul explained that Phere has an open distrust of Mexican food.
  • Episode 270 - It was mentioned that she planned to draw up a tattoo design for Egghead, which was part of his thousand dollar subscriber goal.[6] This never came to fruition, likely in part to the drama surronding Egghead's GoFundMe scandal.
  • Episode 292 - Paul mentioned Phere being his only cultural connection to Australia and compared what she's said about living there with that of their guest at the time, Bearing.

Los Angeles Meetup

Main article: Los Angeles Meetup 2016

Phere joined the peasants during their meetup held in Los Angeles while dressed as Velma. She was soon dumbfounded to see homeless people and shanty towns all over the place. Phere was disgusted by the experience of being in America and will likely kill herself before ever coming here again. During the trip she was introduced to Mexican food by PaulsEgo and saw a Latino in real life for the first time ever. PaulsEgo also managed to get a glance at her mounds during their stay in a hotel together, prior to the meetup.[7]

Egghead Controversy

BeyondPhere wasn't present live on the show during episode 275, though she played an active role on Twitter and in the YouTube Chat. Prior to the show, she was collaborating with Galen Hallcyon and agreed with his intention to roast Egghead live on the show. Following the show, she engaged in a Twitter war with Rybi Jenkins due to differing sides on the issue, to which TJ suggested should end with the two making out. She was later given a more serious offer to talk about it with Rybi on the show, though the two of them refused and have since ended the drama. The two of them apparently worked things out privately as some point, as described by Phere on the DP Subreddit.[8]

Dusty Controversy

During episode 291, TJ called out BeyondPhere for insinuating in the YouTube chat that the recent drama between Drunken Peasants and Dusty Smith was at least partially manufactured. TJ further described her as a pain in the ass for trying to get a rise out of people and claimed she reads too deep into much of what they say. TJ mentioned Phere declining to be on the show to have a discussion with Rybi as once offered to her on his own Twitter account during their conflict, citing it as a grievance he has had with her. Scotty was visibly angered by the situation and suggested Phere be kicked from the chat. Paul was very hesitant to get into a disagreement with her, as he considers her to be a close friend and accepts her as she is.

Following the situation on the show and some rampant speculation on the DP Subreddit, Phere made a post there discussing her opinions in detail so that people wouldn't context her out of take.[9]


Phere's drawing of ԀP and their guests.
Easy to vent like that when you have no spine.
— BeyondPhere's take on Brett Keane.
Welcome to the place where nothing happens, we don't even have tumble weeds.
— BeyondPhere's YouTube channel description.
I've never seen a Latino.
— BeyondPhere
...if you don't like that, get someone else to suck your dick!
— BeyondPhere 2015. 10/10 Best Quote.
Keen for Keane!
— BeyondPhere's latest campaign.
No, ignorance is bliss but I'd rather be pissed.
— Her response to the question "Would you sacrifice your intelligence to be happy?" asked to her on AskFm


  • Her profile picture is based on a beta version of the Bosmer from Elder Scrolls.
  • PaulsEgo does an entirely accurate impression of her, utilized whenever she is brought up on the show.[10]
  • Scotty once called her a drug addict.[11]
  • She wants to fuck marry Chris Ray Gun. The feeling mutual.[12]
  • She made a video about cultural appropriation in July of 2015.
  • On November 25th, 2015, Phere was alerted to the fact that there was a giant fucking venomous 'Straya spider over her head, during a stream with PaulsEgo. After much deliberation on her part, she finally put the video of the event on her YouTube. She recently moved out of East Kubumfuck, so there's less deadly spiders.[13]
  • Paul has commented on her being especially short.[14]
  • She prefers drawing women because she finds them more appealing.
  • Mercedes Carrera is her waifu.
  • She was informally known as The Boob Lady back when submitted questions for the old Q&A Segment.
  • Roughly 30% of her Twitter is clever commentary and the rest is sexy women. You should go follow her.
  • She praises God everyday that she isn't Canadian.
  • She was the first guest on the [NAME REDACTED].
  • She's seen a latino.[15]
  • She is the author of several fanfics, including Fallout and Skyrim.
  • Her real name is Razorfist J. Offvideo.
  • She considers S.E. Cupp and Jenny McDermott fuckable, provided they don't talk.
  • She hates Devon Tracey and once drew I <3 DP above her tits because TJ told her to.
  • Every ԀP fan at some point has expressed interest in fucking her.
  • The demand for a porno between Mercedes, Phere, Sexmasterka, and Velma is higher than that of the demand for most oil reserves on Earth.


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