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The Cold
Ben seen during the 2016 Toledo meetup. Photography by Aerial.
Ben seen during the 2016 Toledo meetup. Photography by Aerial.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Host of The Drunken Peasants
  • Official DP Tech Bitch

None (atheist)


Drunken Peasants



Birth date

May 7th, 1981

Birth place

A hospital


Seattle, Washington


Smoking pan everyday.

Social Networking
Youtube channel

Drunken Peasants


Drunken Peasants


Drunken Peasants


The Drunken Peasants Podcast

Physical attributes
Eye colour


Hair colour



3.552 oz.


5' 9

Oooh. Feck yeeeaaah!

— Ben's catchphrase.

Coming to you live, from the frigid armpit of America. This is The Drunken Peasants Podcast with Ben and TJ, bringing you opinions of the news from an altered perspective!

— Ben at the start of every episode.

Ben, self-styled as The Cold, is the technically-inclined mononymous co-host of Drunken Peasants, along with TJ, Scotty, and PaulsEgo. He was the one who originally came up with the idea to create a podcast[1] and he has always been the driving force of most behind-the-scenes work involved in the show since it's inception. TJ has also described Ben as the star of the show.[2] During his free time, Ben is a luchador-themed gimp and is often locked in his basement while the show is off-air.


Uhhh, moving on.

— Ben at least once during every episode of the podcast.
Ben is the host who does all the behind-the-scenes bitch work and manages the Drunken Peasants' YouTube channel and social media. He is essentially the backbone of DP that keeps the show running. Ben's chilled out demeanor and comparative optimism serves as a foil to TJ's more eccentric and blunt personality. Paul has commented that Ben has strong argumentative structure and often wins through attrition.[3] Ben's cackle is among the most iconic sounds on the show and he's probably the biggest stoner on the podcast, able to clear out a fully loaded Vader in a single hit. Physically, TJ has noted Ben's physically small stature on the show and his Asian-styled[4] tattoos, most noticeably on his left arm which is a full sleeve. He is known for having a strong affinity for punk rock and he himself is a guitar player.[5]

Other personal interests shown on the podcast include; Star Trek, hockey,[6] and WWE Wrestling. He has also played a ton of games varying from Star Trek Online to Madden.[7] Ben is a fan of Howard Stern and has regarded him as an inspiration, despite Stern being out of touch in regards to podcasts these days.[8] He is said to be pretty fit and once claimed to run three miles a day.[9] Dusty Smith has described him as skilled with talking to women.[10]


Ben is from Toledo, Ohio[11] as first mentioned during his appearance on The Pimpmunk Show[12] and has described it as "the most ghetto city in Ohio".[13] He also attended Catholic school during his youth,[14] which later pushed him to the religion of Communism for a brief period. At some point during his life he also took part in amateur wrestling.[15] Ben has lived much of his life in Ohio, but lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a period of several years. During earlier episodes, he brought up a band he once joined while living there entitled So Called Murder.

He eventually became an atheist with views comparable to the other hosts and later befriended TJ through their mutual friend, Holly. For most of the show's lifespan, he lived in Columbus, Ohio nearby TJ and Scotty, where Ben's house was declared hallowed grounds after the formation of the podcast. In August of 2016, Ben and the other peasants moved to Seattle, Washington and began to hold the show in TJ's house until they were able to rent out a new studio.

On Drunken Peasants

I don't fuckin' know!

— Ben when something on the show is being a pain in his ass.

The peasants have often eluded that Ben was the one who came up with the idea of Drunken Peasants, a YouTube channel that currently has over 100,000 subscribers and 15,000,000 views. He handles almost all the technical sides of the podcast including; social media management, the overlay and videos played during each given show, editing the videos, and smoking the most pan. He sometimes uses soundboards on the show and disliked when Egghead tried to take his gimmick.[16] He occasionally gets white girl wasted on the show (most notably seen during episode 28 or the climax of episode 300). Drunken Peasants scholars speculate Ben's blood to be at least 80% ABV. Ben also considers the show to be "a danger to his liver" due to all the alcohol they consume.[17]

There was for a long time a controversy over what Ben's face looked like as he never appeared on camera. Ben was briefly caught unmasked live on the podcast and has done a few streams on RAGE FEED without it, though he still sometimes wears his luchador-style mask to add to his show persona. Ben formerly used a hockey mask to hide his identity but he found it was sweaty, leading to his new choice in a wrestling mask. He has since incorporated several different wrestling masks to keep viewers guessing. When not wearing his mask, he often has aviator glasses on similar to those of PaulsEgo. His reasoning for retirement of the mask is that it was uncomfortable for long periods of time, while he originally wore it just to annoy people who wanted to know what he looked like.[18]

Ben's trademark laugh of is probably the most beautiful sound in the universe. Scientists have observed it and found that it has the ability to cure cancer, ISISbola, and many other diseases. It was voted the best sound in the universe by every rational person ever. However, his villainous laugh sounds just like Wario's.


Main Article: AnitaGate

While Ben was out on the town, he forgot to check his fucking privilege and decided to externally rape Anita Sarkeesian's by taking a photo with her in the background. A journalist for the Daily Kos soon discovered that not only was taking this picture a crime punishable by death, but that Ben had actually been stalking her for over 85 years, following her all over the world. He was quickly arrested and put on trail for his crimes. The trail lasted years, as completing the trial was one of Anita's fundraiser goals. In the end, Ben was found guilty. He was then castrated and hanged for his crimes.


Main article: BenPlex

BenPlex is a dietary supplement intended to give you muscles and shit like Ben. The peasants first pitched their idea for BenPlex during episode 268, a miracle cure that lets you lose weight by doing absolutely nothing. TJ revealed it was all a scam, but speculated that the fans would buy it regardless to appease Benpai's wishes. BenPlex is actually an amalgamation of black market drugs the peasants found in a strip-club with Dusty Smith during their meetup in New Orleans.

Puking Dog

An average day on the Drunken Peasants Podcast.
Main article: Puking Dog

During episode 272, TJ nominated Puking Dog from the DP Action News intro for president and Ben announced himself at his running mate.[19] Dog-Ben 2016 ran a hard fought campaign in the 2016 presidential election, but the movement was ultimately shattered when the two came into political differences. Puking Dog ended up endorsing Hillary Clinton as mentioned during episode 279,[20] which significantly damaged it's political reputation. After the election was over, it was shown that some members of the DP community actually did end up vote for the Puking Dog, though Ben was not among them as he was likely politically scarred by his running mate's actions and instead voted for Jill Stein.


Genocide is fine as long as you're killing the right people.

— Ben's impression of Bugs Bunny.
Ben frequently performs impersonations on Drunken Peasants. The following is a list of individuals he has impersonated:


Welcome to the Drunken Peasants Podcast, where we DP the fuck out of the Jews news!

— Ben opens up an episode of DP.
TJ: Ben is a nigger?
Ben: Haha, yes I am!
— TJ and Ben on Drunken Peasants

Suck it like Obama. Suck it like John Kerry.

— Ben during Episode 2.

I imagined Brett Keane taking your virginity while you watched TJ's banana video.

— Ben on Episode 39 after G Man's poor phrasing
Ben as seen during Eggs 2: Bricks 3.

Pat Robertson advocates children putting Satan's testicles in their mouth.

— During Episode 44

Oh, Wild Bill. You're the gift that keeps on giving.

— Ben professing his love for Wild Bill during Episode 52.

I'm choking Onision with my snake-cock and I have an awesome pair of tits!

— Ben during episode 94.[24]

If only employers would let their employees do cocaine. Productivity would go through the fucking roof.

— Ben's plan to make America great again on episode 100.[25]

TJ's getting drunk. I can tell.

— Ben during episode 100.[26]

Even the fish head thinks you're a weirdo.

— Ben talking to TJ on episode 100.

Uh. We're gonna have to bomb California and uh... we're gonna fuck em' up, because they decided to leave.

— Ben's impression of Obama on the 100th episode special.

Would they have rednecks in the future?

— Ben on Episode 143.
Ben with Vader.

I knew Obama shouldn't have pardoned those Turkeys!

— Ben during Episode 181.

TJ, remember that post you made about not having any pan?

— Ben exposes TJ.

Let's see you try to run a podcast!

— Ben takes on his detractors.

Weed. It does a brain good.

— Ben tells it like it is.

Time to make some money. Time to make some money. Time to make some money on the Drunken Peasants Podcast.

— Ben during the shilling segment.


— The most iconic cackle on all of DP.

Maybe if I wear my wife's underwear and twerk in front of the camera...

— Ben gives Tim a suggestion if he gets low views.[27]
Ben with mask at the Toledo meetup.

By the way, folks. Please hit the like button.

— Ben on almost every episode.

Put a camera on a banana and you'll be all set.

— Ben's back up plan when there's no TJ present.

I gotta babysit this big motherfucker here. Make sure he doesn't fall in a canal.

— Ben describes his responsibilities on the Europe Trip.

I blame Cena for all the problems that just occurred.[28]

— Ben rightfully blames Cena for his subpar gameplay.

I'm garbage. I will admit it. I died during the fucking tutorial.[29]

— Ben dies during the tutorial in the South Park game..

I'm gay.[30]

— Ben reveals the truth.

Big Fuck Records.

— Big. Fuck. Records.

I am garbage. You are trash. Ben is Mid-90's Kevin Nash.

— A poem by TJ about Ben

Elves live in my shoes! See? My shoes exist, so there must be elves there![31]

— Ben gives an example of an unfalsifiable hypothesis.
Ben: Forty years of wet dreams
TJ: Doesn't sound too bad...
— Ben and TJ on aging in the Bible.

She rigged it against herself!

— Ben's existential view of Hillary Clinton's loss during episode 295. [32]
Ben on the set of the The Amazing Atheist channel.


  • Neb[33]
  • Mask Guy
  • Ben Ghazi (by TJ)
  • Gender Bender (by TJ)
  • Benpai[34] (by adoring fans)
  • Rey Mysterio Looking Motherfucker (by Brett Keane)
  • BenGay (by himself)
  • Beezy Weezy[35]
  • Bennywise[36] (by Paul)


  • Ben is the cold.
  • The episode where Ben gets the most trashed he's ever been in the show's history was episode 28, as noted many times by the peasants.[37] The only episode to come even close has been episode 300 or episode 307.
  • Ben is of Irish, Polish & Québécois descent.[18]
  • He has expressed interest in serving as the VP to Puking Dog.[38]
  • Ben is known to have three dogs:[39] Hera, Theia, and Athena. They are all named after pagan gods.[18]
  • Ben is the only peasant who voted in the 2016 election. He voted for Jill Stein.[40]
  • He has been called fat by association.[41]
  • Ben doesn't enjoy being called Benpai.[42]
  • Ben drives a 2014 Dodge Charger.[43]
  • Ben's most expensive guitar is a Gibson Firebird.[44]
  • Paul has mentioned that Ben stays up all night and is somehow always the first one awake.[45]
  • He considers Anthony Fantano to be a good friend of his, they also share a love of punk rock.[46]
  • Ben after destroying TJ's sex donut.
    Ben mentioned that he likes to do acid during episode 100.[47] The peasants later did acid prior to episode 291, after their move to Washington.
  • TJ revealed in episode 115 that 99% of the DP profits go to Ben. The other 1% is split between TJ, Scotty & Paul.
  • During the trip to Europe, TJ tried to fuck Ben with a banana.[48]
  • He has made some guest appearances on The Pimpmunk Show.
  • His favorite animated TV show was The Maxx.[49]
  • Ben's favorite wrestler is Randy Savage.[50]
  • He considers Howard Stern to be one of his heroes, though he objected to his more recent Feminist leanings, as well as his open dismissal of podcasts as a profitable medium.
  • Ben has also stated that he is friends with the main singer of Sex Twister.
  • Repzion seemed surprised by Ben's age.[51] We think he's a sexy motherfucker.
  • Ben has sleep apnea.
  • TJ wore Ben's masking during episode 43.[52]
  • Ben was formerly an adherent of Catheterism, but he doesn't practice anymore. He described it as "painful."
  • Scotty and TJ have also been known to taunt him by saying his real name is "Ben Cena".
  • In the early days of DP, Ben added a segment to the show where he was graphically sodomized by John Cena. This segment was met with mixed reviews, and was discontinued after 13 episodes.
  • It is an ongoing joke that Ben tends to assume everyone featured in the Troll or Not a Troll segment is a troll.
  • During earlier episode of the show, Scotty and TJ would pretend to be John Cena fans just to annoy Ben.
  • It turned out Ben's hatred was so strong that he couldn't even pretend to like Cena as an act.
  • He has his own shirt featuring communism.
  • Ben is very finicky about beer. He dislikes Budweiser and prefers European brands.
  • His birthday, May 7th, has been celebrated on a few episodes of the show.



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