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We got this image from Total Drama Wiki, just like he did
We got this image from Total Drama Wiki, just like he did
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Bearing Bear





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I'm a vulgar, sarcastic brown bear from Australia who enjoys hanging out with friends, long walks along the beach and cocaine fueled hooker parties.

— Bearing's description of himself.

Bearing Bear is a talking brown bear from Australia who gained a large fanbase on YouTube (which he refers to as his "cunts") for making pwnage videos on SJWs. He started his channel in 2015 and has already gained over 325,000 subscribers and cunting. He recently opened a second channel called Patrick, where he semi-regularly uploads music and hangout streams. Bearing is currently in a relationship with a sow named Sugartits who still manages to be less hairy and less beast-like than most feminists and also operates her own channel.Description

Feminists may know him as an evil misogynist bully who intentionally sends his fans to harass the people he's responded to, even though Bearing cannot possibly control the actions over hundreds of thousands of people and has left disclaimers denouncing harassment as well as not leaving the link to the original video. One of his most vocal opponents is Fisti Splinters, a social scientist with an ego the size of Mount Rushmore. He has collaborated with Sargon of Akkad,[1] Liberal Lunacy,[2] a gigantic faggot[3] and others. Some people he has made videos refuting include popular SJWs like; Laci Green,[4] MTV's Franchesca Ramsey, The Young Turks, disgusting pig Clemintine Ford, and other lesser known fucktard Kevin Logan.

On Drunken Peasants

Bearing made his debut appearance on episode 292, though his appearance was announced on episode 288.5. During the first few minutes DP had him on the call, he sounded like he was flying an airplane in the middle of a fucking hurricane. Shortly after, they managed to get him on the show with audio intact and had him give an introduction. He made fast friends with PaulsEgo.

During his appearance, he revealed that everything BeyondPhere taught Paul about Australia was a lie. Paul talked to Bearing about his first impressions of his channel and said the music featured on his Soundcloud was amazing. Paul contrasted his very lively music to his rather analytical videos and tone. He later gave his take on some news stories covered by the peasants, including a college professor in Canada who was refusing a mandate to calls trans-people by their preferred pronouns. Ben also subjected him to a Halloween-themed edition of Feminist Slam Poetry and a video by Devon Tracey.

Channel Suspension

On December 5, 2016, Bearing channel got suspended and taken off of YouTube after he received 3 consecutive strikes - only being sent an email about the first because Youtube's algorithm is shit. Apparently, the reason he got suspended was because he used the bear from Total Drama as his avatar, because apparently using just one thing from a show counts as copyright infringement. Multiple YouTubers, including TJ and Sargon made videos addressing the situation. A brief Twitter debacle later emerged between YouTubers as more information came out about why the copyright strike was given, notably between TJ and Armoured Skeptic. TJ later made a rather lengthy post on Tumblr clarifying his final words on the issue.[5]

On December 8, 2016, Bearing finally responded by saying he just looked up a cartoon image of a brown bear without knowing it was from Total Drama Island. When he did discover its origin, he altered the image into him sitting on an arm chair.


  • Jenny McDermott made an attention-whoring video on Bearing predictably accusing him of wanting to silence feminists via harassment.
    • Bearing responded by offering to have her on a live stream. Like a human soul, Jenny didn't have the balls to do it.
  • He is a self-described workaholic.[6]
  • He has said he respects and admires TJ during a livestream with Sargon.[7] He has also said he watched all the TJ's videos.[8]
  • He uploads his music to Soundcloud,[9] which PaulsEgo is a huge fan of.
  • Devon Tracey tried to kick him out of a YouTube chat once for intentionally triggering him with pro-Trump stuff.
  • The peasants contrasted his views with David Pakman who they featured the week prior, making a point that they are welcome to people on the show even if they may not agree on everything.
  • He was always stoned in high school.[10]
  • He considers his most despised feminist to be Clementine.[11]
  • He has said the start of his channel to be a valuable mistake.[12]
  • He has done hangouts with Kraut and Tea in the past, during one of which he "learned" some German.[13]
  • He is featured on the flag of California.
  • He has expressed interest in visiting the greatest nation on Earth.[14]
  • He is proof of the Mandela effect.[15]
  • He finds Christmas to be cringey.[16]
  • He has been falsely accused of being a rape apologist, just like almost any anti-feminist to exist. He considers this the worst accusation that has ever been made against him.[17]
  • Much like BeyondPhere, there is a deadly spider living around his home.[18]
  • Some cuck is trying to report him to the Austrailian police force. There is no point in this god damn shit