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What kind of man dipeth his balls into cooking oil for a woman?

— PaulsEgo during episode 321.[1]

BananaGate 2011 or simply BananaGate, is the name for a famous internet sex scandal and a series of videos of TJ doing various lewd acts including sexual intercourse with a banana, pouring hot oil on his dick and wearing a ball gag. TJ made them originally for a girl he was interested at the time and sent it to two others, which lead to it being eventually leaked out on the internet sometime during mid-late 2011. According to him, the girl had become a radical feminist who released the video after a disagreement they had about rape culture. If you look closely enough, you can see a watermark for Wondershare, indicating G Man was likely the one who filmed the videos.

A sequel to BananaGate is rumored to be in production after TJ claimed he would make another one on Reddit during 2015. It will apparently feature a Crucifix and be titled The Benpire Strikes Back.

On Amazing Atheist

TJ made a video on his Amazing Atheist channel on October 31, 2011 talking about the whole ordeal while eating a banana.[2] TJ has showed no remorse for doing any of those things, citing his already infamous reputation on YouTube. The banana has since become someone of an icon on his channel, appearing in the background of a few videos including The Worst Show Ever.[3] During episode 205, TJ described the banana as trademarked by his channel and believes that Brett Keane should be forced to pay up for featuring one.

On Drunken Peasants

The event comes up occasionally on the podcast but it never phases TJ, who is long over the drama. It was discussed at length during episode 321, during which the peasants played TJ's original response video to the situation during an edition of Cutting the Fat.[4] Some idiots believe that TJ leaked the videos himself for attention. Other people debating TJ often bring up BananaGate to get a rise out of him when they have nothing of value to offer to the conversation. A hot and sweaty repeat of BananaGate is speculated to have happened in the back room of Bananenbar during the peasants' trip to Amsterdam.

TJ made it very clear during episode 242 that BananaGate be played in a montage to some sad music live on Drunken Peasants in the event the TJ ever dies a violent death, even going as far to suggest HotOilGate be included during the final goodbye to TJ.[5] G Man once claimed that Brett Keane "stole his virginity" in a sense when Keane showed him the videos, Ben then mocked G Man's poorly thought out phrasing, claiming all he could think of was Brett penetrating G Man's virgin, chocolaty hole while they watch TJ's infamous video.


Scotty: Hey TJ.
TJ: Yeah?
Scotty: What's your favorite form of democracy?
Scotty: A banana republic.
— Those fighting boys during episode 85.[6]

Brett Keane took away my virginity when I first saw this.

G Man's poorly worded comment regarding BananaGate.

At least my last name wasn't BananaBottom.

— TJ's response to Anthony Wiener's sexting scandal.

It's like TJ Bananaseed. He goes across the lands throwing banana seeds, hoping banana trees will go so that he can one day shove them up his ass.

— Scotty Kirk[7]

If life gives you lemons, fuck life!

— One of the coolest people featured in DP history.[8]

Ass Banana

Ass Banana

Ass Banana is a fan-made piece of music centered around BananaGate which samples Ben, TJ and Scotty.[9] The song contains several references to bananas and TJ's ass. An extended version was released on SoundCloud.[10]

Ben and Scotty provided the sampled material in a discussion about editing out of context. It was made by YouTuber Cory Cooper. Cooper once commented that he fucked a banana while making the remix for inspiration. TJ danced seductively to Ass Banana during the 100th Episode Special. It has been played a few other times on the show when TJ feels like dancing.

TJ fucked-

TJ fucked a-

TJ fucked a Banana (4x)

TJ...fucked a...banana!






This shit is bananas!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! (8x)

Do it again!

Baaannnnaaaa! (26x)


  • During episode 85, Ben told Mercedes Carrera about BananaGate, who revealed that she herself has fucked a banana.
  • This has nothing everything to do with the suicide of the chairman of United Brands Company.
  • TommyFromTheBronx used the video to get laid with his girlfriend.[11]
  • It has a theme song.[12]
  • Ray Comfort has been known to watch BananaGate while furiously masturbating and praying to God.
  • TJ also deepfried his balls in vegetable oil.
  • The chocolate sauce was Hersheys