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TJ's First Love.
TJ's First Love.
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TJ's dildo of choice





Birth place



TJ's asshole.


Being shoved up TJ's asshole


— Four of the most powerful words in the universe.
The Banana (informally known as "The Atheist's Nightmare") is the colloquial term for the fruit of plants in the genus Musa. Bananas grow in tropical climates and originated in southeast Asia and Australia. They are elongated fruits that usually turn yellow when ripe. It fits perfectly inside an human's hand and even some other places. As a result, the banana is considered one of the greatest example of God's existence according to Ray Cumfart.


Hey, atheist. Why did you shove a banana up your butt?!

— G Man's first question to The Amazing Atheist
Many people, including the Leprechaun and Paul, travel far and wide to search for the sacred banana that the Amazing Atheist put in his ass, though TJ once claimed that he simply threw the banana away after he fucked it. There is a fringe theory by fans that the banana was returned to the kitchen and eaten by an unsuspecting Scotty. Legend claims that if you find the banana, you will be granted with unfathomable power that allows you to become God.


Main article: BananaGate 2011

In 2010, TJ met the banana at the Copacabana, to which the two immediately took a liking to each other and went back to TJ's house to make love. They moved in together and filmed their sex tape in 2011 that was eventually leaked.


  • Popular cuntbag Onision claims to be a banana in his most popular video entitled "I'm a Banana." Onision goes throughout his daily life knowing that his kinsman have been lodged up TJ's ass.
  • Bananas are sacred in many uncivilized monkey cultures, including that of the chat.
  • A banana once replaced Scotty as the third host of the show. Scotty Cena must have been out that day.
  • Gay Cumfart has used bananas to prove the existence of God many times.
  • Ray Cumfart has used bananas to consecrate TJ's rectum.
  • TJ danced to the "TJ Fucked a Banana" song during episode 100.[1]
  • Scotty Cena loves bananas, and brings them with him to the show.
  • The previous wiki had a banana on the edit button and it still features prominently on our homepage. We're that devoted.
  • TJ is the God-King of bananas, while Freelee the Banana Girl is the goddess.[2]