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Leader Of the Skeptic™ Community
Ego Intensifies.
Ego Intensifies.
Personal Details
  • YouTuber
  • Canadian scum
  • Skeptic™
  • Egomaniac

None (skeptic™)

Political philosophy

Rational Skepticism™



Birth date

August 11th, 1984

Birth place

The Great Forge



  • Using uh, skepticism to uhhh three buck theatre.
  • Accusing any channel under 100k subscribers of being a clone of him.
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Black slits

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Steel Helmet

See what I did there? I uh, I debated Chris' position...uhh I...used counter his arguments.

— Skeptic showing how much of an intellectual heavyweight he is

The Armoured Skeptic™ AKA Gregg is a YouTuber who started out making videos against Atheism and Flat Earthers, but has since devolved into a political illiterate with a god complex. He emphasizes that he is not a political activist and has been featured on a couple channels, such as TheBibleReloaded's and MrRepzion's.


Lots of you're favorite YouTubers are normal middle ground centrists.

— Armoured Skeptic projecting the fact that he's a lightweight retard.

He started out making atheism videos responding to retarded low hanging fruit that even Jaclyn Glenn could refute. Since his channel gained tons of subscribers over the years for a channel about atheism and skepticism he started developing a massive unhealthy ego. He loves boasting about how much of an enlightened alternative rationally skeptical centrist™ he is, in actuality he is just a dumb ass who tries to stay neutral on every political issue without any understanding of the facts and statistics. When he's not making an ass out of himself politically he spends most of his time responding to flat-earthers and creationists to make himself look less intellectually dishonest.

His channel was created on February 24th, 2014. He also runs 2 more channels, one called Armoured Media where he does film reviews and another channel called Armoured Gregory where he does more raw and personal videos.

He made a guest appearance during episode 147 where he officially unmasked and uncovered his chiseled and slightly-lickable face to the world (after already having his face revealed by some shit-stirrer earlier on).

It is suspected that's McDermott has not made videos toward Skeptic lately because after revealing his face, Jenny has been masturbating ever since. As has the rest of the female population.



He used to be part of a cultish version of Christianity known as Messianic Jews, where some of the members did animal sacrifices and cherry-picked a lot less of the bible than normal Christians. The Armoured Skeptic describes the members as very nice people, but extremely deluded. Then, after watching videos from people like Thunderf00t, TJ, and Dusty Smith, he questioned his beliefs and ended up becoming an atheist.

In his first 6 months of being an atheist, he was part of a cultish version of Atheism, Atheism+ (basically atheism + feminism). He left because he criticized some ideas coming from the community of the holy and divine Atheism+, which resulted in him getting doxxed and called a rapist, which almost made him lose his job. Basically, he was subjected to the group's punishment for apostasy. This led him to create his account to somewhat combat some of the members of Atheism+, but that is not the direction his channel went in.[1]

Accusing Everyone of Being a Skeptic Clone

On December 22nd, 2016 Amoured Skeptic made a video on his Armoured Greg channel basically accusing tons of skeptic YouTubers of being clones of his channel. He also talked alot of shit about how he's the greatest and most popular skeptic™ of all time. Logicked and other yotuubers in the Skeptic Community have made response videos tearing him apart and exposing him as an egotistical and stubborn bafoon who has no respect for anyone who isn't above him in subscriber count or isn't ShoeOnHead.

Not Understanding Anything

On May 17, 2017 Gregg made a fool out of himself by making a video responding to the whole JonTron controversy from his rational skeptic™ perspective. He completley made tons of mistakes on issues in Japan, Europe, and other conflicts and mostly just tiptoed around and said "it's complicated". He then decided to claim that a majority of the skeptics were enlightened centrists that don't take a stand on most issues (not projecitng at all here).

On Drunken Peasants


Invited to the Show

He was briefly talked about in episode 78 when a fan asked DP if they knew him and if they'd consider getting him on the show. They immediately objected upon discovering that he was Canadian. The Armoured Skeptic has expressed some interest in being on the show according to a Facebook post of his. The fans had for a long while also expressed interest in him coming on, though the peasants had not made a move on the issue, presumably to having difficulties contacting him and his extreme Canadianness.

In episode 139, they said they were going to have him in the future. It was announced in Episode 145 that he would come on the show in September 2nd of 2015.

Guest Appearance

Armoured Skeptic made his marvelous introduction in episode 147 and used this as an opportunity to finally unmask, this led to thousands of women in the audience suffering a serious case of pussy-wettage upon seeing his face. The event was officially named "The Great Flood" at the start of September, 2015 by the Drunken Peasants Wiki in the "Armoured Skeptic" article.

This was just after Jenny McDoormat revealed some personal information about him in an attempt to muddy his reputation, only succeeding to further lower whatever's left of her own. This act of view-whoring was discussed in episode 146.


1 out of every 10 people are gay and that kinda weirds me out. I've had sex with 10 people, so statistically at least one of those dudes was gay

— Armoured Skeptic
  • He identifies as part of the Metalkin gender/race.
  • He is featured on the Richard Dawkins Foundation's website as a "secular star".[2]
  • He has been a member of two cults: Messianic Judaism and Atheism+.
  • He is currently lovers with Shoe0nHead, another Youtuber.
  • When the act of love is performed between Skeptic and Shoe it is referred to as "mutual polishing".
  • He was diagnosed with a learning disability as a child, which was later discovered to be misdiagnosed depression.
  •  He was excommunicated from Atheism+ as a result of criticising the banning of Thunderf00t from Freethoughtblogs.
  • He has his own wiki.[3] It pales massively in comparison to this one.
  • RationalWiki lists Skeptic under "Controversial YouTubers" because he doubted Joss Whedon's alleged reasons for leaving Twitter and claims he is pro-GamerGate (even though he identifies as neither pro- nor anti- GamerGate). This is probably because RationalWiki fucking sucks.
  • He raped Jenny McDermott several times via Facebook messages and dishonestly calling her pretty.
  • According to the above genius. Armoured Skeptic is "MRA-lite" even though he once-badmouthed MRAs and doesn't like to form biases against people based on labels (which is why he befriended her in the first place).
  • He is considers himself libertarian even though he doesn't want to identify as one.
  • He wore a collared shirt during his appearance on DP. (coughs)
  • He actually showed his face once he started his Armoured Media channel, but retracted that decision before it could compromise his anonymity. Jenny used this as an excuse to show his face even though he clearly didn't want that.
  • Skeptic has appeared in many of Shoe's videos since the initial partnership, the act of them being in each other's proximity has led to TJ actually weeping for the first time in his life.
  • The levels of cute generated by the love between them is so great, it is banned in most countries/continents.
  • He has a massive metal penis.




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